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Hello there! It is so nice of you to stop by my profile page!
Let me introduce mys elf! As you may know, I am Pachiubunni, I also have the same user on the Fandom Wikiaz!
I like a TON of things and that includes manga (Yotsuba&! and all the anime I listed), anime (Pandora Hearts, Noragami, Charlotte, Ouran High School Host Club, Himouto Umaru Chan, Your Lie in April), drawing, eating, sweets n cakes, cooking n baking, my pets, creative arts, food technology, food, sour fruits like green apples n mangoes, reading, drawing, painting (arts in general), cute n cool stuff, pokemon, wattpad, fanfiction, piano, guitar, music, fun activities, friends and my family (of course).
I also love this website, mangasaurus as well as another GREAt anime streaming website called Animelab!