Ch.1: Negativity King Shin52 pages
Ch.2: Riu's Prince53 pages
Ch.3: Messenger of Blood47 pages
Ch.4: X-Ray39 pages
Ch.542 pages
Ch.6: Luck and Money44 pages
Ch.7: Nahara Family Circumstances35 pages
Ch.8: The Nahara Family Secret33 pages
Ch.9: The Truth of Nahara's Family41 pages
Ch.10: Kujou's Determination47 pages
Ch.11: The Formation of En Passant39 pages
Ch.12: White and Black Meet42 pages
Ch.1336 pages
Ch.14: The Road to King29 pages
Ch.15: Friend28 pages
Ch.16: Role26 pages
Ch.17: User of the White Flames29 pages
Ch.18: Giving Love to a Rafflesia35 pages
Ch.19: The Other X-Ray36 pages
Ch.20: To the Throne Succession44 pages
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