Vol.1 Ch.1: The Awakening of the Dragon51 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: A Patient We Can Kill32 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: The Interns of Japan28 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: The Reality of Surgeons26 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: A Different Breed24 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: Hospital-Acquired Infection23 pages
Vol.1 Ch.7: A Living Human29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: An Escaping Life36 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: A Doctor's Use of Violence24 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: The Price of Changing Hospitals30 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: The Death-Bringing Pacemaker27 pages
Vol.2 Ch.12: The Professor's Selected Model25 pages
Vol.2 Ch.13: Those Who Leave the Departament25 pages
Vol.2 Ch.14: Clinical Trial of an Anti-Cancer Agent25 pages
Vol.2 Ch.15: The Will of the Patient27 pages
Vol.3 Ch.16: The Quality of Life31 pages
Vol.3 Ch.17: Suicide Patient25 pages
Vol.3 Ch.18: A Patient Without Insurance30 pages
Vol.3 Ch.19: The Dilemma of a Medical Student30 pages
Vol.3 Ch.20: Consumed Interns25 pages
Vol.3 Ch.21: Routine Professor's Conference29 pages
Vol.3 Ch.22: Image Training28 pages
Vol.3 Ch.23: Assistant25 pages
Vol.4 Ch.24: Katou's Ten Stitches30 pages
Vol.4 Ch.25: A Live Sacrificial Patient27 pages
Vol.4 Ch.26: Batista Patient Number One25 pages
Vol.4 Ch.27: Thesis vs. Patient25 pages
Vol.4 Ch.28: Two Days Before Batista25 pages
Vol.4 Ch.29: The First Batista Operation26 pages
Vol.4 Ch.30: Beating Cardiac Muscle28 pages
Vol.4 Ch.31: Dynamic Visualization28 pages
Vol.5 Ch.32: Medically Ultra Vires Act30 pages
Vol.5 Ch.33: Violation of Medical Practitioners' Law26 pages
Vol.5 Ch.34: Batista Operation Complete25 pages
Vol.5 Ch.35: Hospital Ethics Committee26 pages
Vol.5 Ch.36: Nurses and Doctors25 pages
Vol.5 Ch.37: Medical Society Instigator25 pages
Vol.5 Ch.38: Doctor on Call25 pages
Vol.5 Ch.39: Shift26 pages
Vol.7 Ch.48: Near DOA29 pages
Vol.7 Ch.49: Perfect Teamwork25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.50: Concealment of Medical Malpractices25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.51: Dropout27 pages
Vol.7 Ch.52: Professor's Recommendation25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.53: Preoperative Evaluation25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.54: Palpation25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.55: Tripartite of Medicine25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.56: Reformer27 pages
Vol.8 Ch.57: Proponent29 pages
Vol.8 Ch.58: Mallory-Weiss25 pages
Vol.8 Ch.59: N.Y.H.A. Classification24 pages
Vol.8 Ch.60: Disc25 pages
Vol.8 Ch.61: Electoral Reform Committee25 pages
Vol.8 Ch.62: Co-Worker26 pages
Vol.8 Ch.63: Operating Room No. 925 pages
Vol.8 Ch.64: The Leak26 pages
Vol.8 Ch.65: A Professor's Qualification26 pages
Vol.9 Ch.66: The Second Enemy30 pages
Vol.9 Ch.67: The Allies25 pages
Vol.9 Ch.68: Those in White Coats26 pages
Vol.9 Ch.69: The Extraodinary Reunion of Professors27 pages
Vol.9 Ch.70: On Stand By29 pages
Vol.9 Ch.71: Clinical Experience32 pages
Vol.9 Ch.72: The Crucial Moment26 pages
Vol.9 Ch.73: The 3rd Batista Procedure30 pages
Vol.10 Ch.74v2: Beyond Expectations34 pages
Vol.10 Ch.75: Secret Information27 pages
Vol.10 Ch.76: Support27 pages
Vol.10 Ch.77: The Deliberation Game29 pages
Vol.10 Ch.78: Silence27 pages
Vol.10 Ch.79: Assessment27 pages
Vol.10 Ch.80: Leaving the Room27 pages
Vol.10 Ch.81: Hands28 pages
Vol.11 Ch.82: Reverse Position31 pages
Vol.11 Ch.83: The New Batista27 pages
Vol.11 Ch.84: Operation Over29 pages
Vol.11 Ch.85: Raising the Curtain On the Election Campaign27 pages
Vol.11 Ch.86: The Election Administration29 pages
Vol.11 Ch.87: That's That27 pages
Vol.11 Ch.88: Strategy27 pages
Vol.11 Ch.89: The One Who Came From the West28 pages
Vol.11 Ch.90: The Third Man29 pages
Vol.12 Ch.91: Online30 pages
Vol.12 Ch.92: Secret Weapon25 pages
Vol.12 Ch.93: Complete Organ Removal28 pages
Vol.12 Ch.94: Wrong Choice28 pages
Vol.12 Ch.95: Whirlpool of Power30 pages
Vol.12 Ch.96: Odds and Ends27 pages
Vol.12 Ch.97: Disadvantages27 pages
Vol.12 Ch.98: Don't Go30 pages
Vol.13 Ch.99: Dice30 pages
Vol.13 Ch.100: An Ordinary Person's Radiance28 pages
Vol.13 Ch.101: Brainwashing27 pages
Vol.13 Ch.102: Level27 pages
Vol.13 Ch.103: Ijuuin's Strength28 pages
Vol.13 Ch.104: The Request27 pages
Vol.13 Ch.105: Departure27 pages
Vol.13 Ch.106: The Arena29 pages
Vol.14 Ch.107: The Strongest Armor31 pages
Vol.14 Ch.108: Returning the Favor28 pages
Vol.14 Ch.109: Proposal29 pages
Vol.14 Ch.110: Keeping Silent28 pages
Vol.14 Ch.111: Milk29 pages
Vol.14 Ch.112: What I Want28 pages
Vol.14 Ch.113: Mourning28 pages
Vol.14 Ch.114: Privilege29 pages
Vol.15 Ch.115: Goodbye30 pages
Vol.15 Ch.116: Getting Ahead27 pages
Vol.15 Ch.117: Head of the Family27 pages
Vol.15 Ch.118: Hurdle27 pages
Vol.15 Ch.119: Urgent First Aid28 pages
Vol.15 Ch.120: ABDC27 pages
Vol.15 Ch.121: Ken, Pa27 pages
Vol.15 Ch.122: Bad Weather30 pages
Vol.16 Ch.123: I'm not a hero, but30 pages
Vol.16 Ch.124: Coming Out27 pages
Vol.16 Ch.125: The Kid26 pages
Vol.16 Ch.126: Idiot27 pages
Vol.16 Ch.127: Salute28 pages
Vol.16 Ch.128: A Glimmer of Righteousness29 pages
Vol.16 Ch.129: Consciousness 3027 pages
Vol.16 Ch.130: Good Night27 pages
Vol.16 Ch.131: Wake up29 pages
Vol.17 Ch.132: Bereaved Family29 pages
Vol.17 Ch.133: Glasses27 pages
Vol.17 Ch.134: Women27 pages
Vol.17 Ch.135: Morning Sickness27 pages
Vol.17 Ch.136: Childbirth and Childcare27 pages
Vol.17 Ch.137: Observing27 pages
Vol.17 Ch.138: Lingering Affection28 pages
Vol.17 Ch.139: A She-Devil26 pages
Vol.17 Ch.140: The Call27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.141: Priority28 pages
Vol.18 Ch.142: No Meaning25 pages
Vol.18 Ch.143: Follow27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.144: Changing Positions28 pages
Vol.18 Ch.145: Resolution27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.146: Balancing Life and Work28 pages
Vol.18 Ch.147v3: No Chances of Winning28 pages
Vol.18 Ch.148: LO27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.149: 12.3126 pages
Vol.19 Ch.150: Guest30 pages
Vol.19 Ch.151: Closer than Ever26 pages
Vol.19 Ch.152: Cohort26 pages
Vol.19 Ch.153: Armed Forces24 pages
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