Ch.1: The Man Who Was Called ''Piggy''51 pages
Ch.2: Cinderella does not smile36 pages
Ch.3: The Simple Job of Exchanging Addresses37 pages
Ch.4: Yoshino's Magic Show33 pages
Ch.5v2: A Student's Duty Is To Study38 pages
Ch.6: Love Story Prescription34 pages
Ch.7: Right Now There's A Crisis Point There35 pages
Ch.8: Mysterious Cat30 pages
Ch.9: A Virtuous Bomb33 pages
Ch.9.5: Investigative Report of Aki Adagaki17 pages
Ch.10: Stress and the Poolside35 pages
Ch.11: Everyone’s Q&A34 pages
Ch.11.5: The Great House Servant’s Pedigree17 pages
Ch.12: Charge! House Vist War!33 pages
Ch.13: Tsunade Island Incident Part 132 pages
Ch.13.5: The Tsunade Island Affair Part 212 pages
Ch.14: Tsunade Island Incident Part 333 pages
Ch.15: The Tsunade Island Affair Part 437 pages
Ch.16: It's Not You38 pages
Ch.17: The Lost Child Of A Lost Child33 pages
Ch.18: Though It's Said With Love And Affection31 pages
Ch.19: The Doubtful New School Semester20 pages
Ch.20: Another Masamune-kun34 pages
Ch.20.1: Kojuurou Wants To Become A Dandy17 pages
Ch.20.2: Adagaki-san, Challenge In The Dead Of Night15 pages
Ch.21: The School Festival Conspiracy31 pages
Ch.22: Plan Name F34 pages
Ch.23: Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 132 pages
Ch.24: Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 217 pages
Ch.25: Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 317 pages
Ch.26: Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 432 pages
Ch.27: Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 529 pages
Ch.28: The End of the Show; The Start of the Festival27 pages
Ch.29: Don't Let Go of the Mic, Even if it Kills You37 pages
Ch.29.5: Masamune-kun's Sour Grapes20 pages
Ch.30: Paris and the Mademoiselle who is an O33 pages
Ch.31: I wonder what (a) love (comedy) is like33 pages
Ch.32: Free Time Means Freedom33 pages
Ch.33: Sorceress and Fatty, Man and Woman29 pages
Ch.34: The Princess' Confession30 pages
Ch.34.5: At Times, Men Challenge Their Difficulties16 pages
Ch.35: Piggy's Memorial22 pages
Ch.35.2: Piggy's Memorial (2)19 pages
Ch.35.5: Something Fascinating Today11 pages
Ch.36: Turning Up Once Forgotten32 pages
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