Vol.1 Ch.1: Three Dynamite Sisters53 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: High-Wire Act Atop the Skyscrapper31 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: A Problematic Love (Ai)33 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: Japanese Prefer Blondes ()26 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: A Deadly Perfume32 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: Who Wants to Adopt a Cat23 pages
Vol.2 Ch.7: The Master of Theft Appears29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: One Pesky Rodent23 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: Father's Memento22 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: I Love Hitomi19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: The Cat to the Rescue!25 pages
Vol.2 Ch.12: The Ghost of the Cat23 pages
Vol.2 Ch.13: Father's Portrait22 pages
Vol.2 Ch.14: Brace Up for Mars, the War Goddess26 pages
Vol.3 Ch.15: The Hawks that Descend from the Sky27 pages
Vol.3 Ch.16: Ambush of the Hounds of Evil24 pages
Vol.3 Ch.17: Ai Against the Armored Dogs22 pages
Vol.3 Ch.18: Cat's Eye is a Woman's Name20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.19: I Wish this World Would Last Forever22 pages
Vol.3 Ch.20: Only Ten Minutes!26 pages
Vol.3 Ch.21: What Are We Going to Do with This Blockhead23 pages
Vol.3 Ch.22: Hands Off My Diary!26 pages
Vol.4 Ch.23: The Two Asatanis27 pages
Vol.4 Ch.24: The Guest Under the Snow22 pages
Vol.4 Ch.25: Little Hurricane19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.26: I Wasn't Born to be a Thief22 pages
Vol.4 Ch.27: The Two of Them, Back-to-Back26 pages
Vol.4 Ch.28: The Lost Memory24 pages
Vol.4 Ch.29: The First Rule of Being a Thief20 pages
Vol.4 Ch.30: Everyone Has At Least Seven Bad Habits21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.31: Always Take the Digital Fingerprints20 pages
Vol.5 Ch.32: A Detective Bit a Cat27 pages
Vol.5 Ch.33: Scattershot Detective25 pages
Vol.5 Ch.34: Ghost Cat23 pages
Vol.5 Ch.35: Kung Fu Copper24 pages
Vol.5 Ch.36: The Magic Hand20 pages
Vol.5 Ch.37: Triple Crash19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.38: Competition from the Cat!24 pages
Vol.5 Ch.39: He's a Detective!22 pages
Vol.5 Ch.40: Love Countdown27 pages
Vol.6 Ch.41v2: My Bodyguard30 pages
Vol.6 Ch.42v2: When It Rains21 pages
Vol.6 Ch.43v2: Ai the Delicate Schoolgirl22 pages
Vol.6 Ch.44v2: Red Love Letter23 pages
Vol.6 Ch.45v2: Love Letter from the Cat24 pages
Vol.6 Ch.46v2: A Rather Dangerous Witness21 pages
Vol.6 Ch.47v2: Anything for a Scoop!21 pages
Vol.6 Ch.48v2: A Persistent Imp20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.49v2: To Beard a Skunk27 pages
Vol.7 Ch.50: Embraced by the Wind28 pages
Vol.7 Ch.51: Last Shot!21 pages
Vol.7 Ch.52: Lovers for a Day25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.53: Another Broken Heart23 pages
Vol.7 Ch.54: A Splendid Getaway23 pages
Vol.7 Ch.55: Surreal Messenger25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.56: A Spirit Passing22 pages
Vol.7 Ch.57: The Perfect Date26 pages
Vol.8 Ch.58: Super Gambler46 pages
Vol.8 Ch.59: For Your Happy Days43 pages
Vol.8 Ch.60: It's Love Don't Go20 pages
Vol.8 Ch.61: Leave The Poor Girls Alone!43 pages
Vol.8 Ch.62: Tanker-Jacking47 pages
Vol.9 Ch.63: Ai's Merry Christmas30 pages
Vol.9 Ch.64: A New Year's Ball22 pages
Vol.9 Ch.65: Pieing the Knot23 pages
Vol.9 Ch.66: The Legend of the Snow Woman108 pages
Vol.10 Ch.67: An Invitation from Runan Island147 pages
Vol.10 Ch.68: The Sweet Life22 pages
Vol.10 Ch.69: Baking Crooks the Cat Way27 pages
Vol.11 Ch.70: Miniskirts in Full Bloom27 pages
Vol.11 Ch.71: Formation of the Cat's Eye Special Unit!!23 pages
Vol.11 Ch.72: Mischief is Such Sweet Sorrow23 pages
Vol.11 Ch.73: The Spoecial Unit's Fighting Spirit21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.74: A Man's Vow21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.75: Whose Is That Engagement Ring Anyway21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.76: Love-Crazed Men's Quarters23 pages
Vol.11 Ch.77: One-Man Proposal21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.78: The Forgotten Proposal23 pages
Vol.12 Ch.79: Put the Ring On!27 pages
Vol.12 Ch.80: A Dangerous Third Love!58 pages
Vol.12 Ch.81: Cross-Counter for Love21 pages
Vol.12 Ch.82: Blondie20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.83: Take Me Forever!22 pages
Vol.12 Ch.84: Hanky-Panky Verboten!22 pages
Vol.12 Ch.85: A Fiancé from the Past23 pages
Vol.13 Ch.86: Bad Dream on a Summer's Night23 pages
Vol.13 Ch.87: A Dangerous Proposition22 pages
Vol.13 Ch.88: September Daydream19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.89: Cassette Letter19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.90: I Love You20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.91: Not a Kid!19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.92: A Three Billion Yen Morsel19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.93: A Little Bird That Can't Fly20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.94: A Heavy Trigger22 pages
Vol.14 Ch.95: Burn the Past24 pages
Vol.14 Ch.96: The Right to be a Lover19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.97: Kisses In the Dak!!20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.98: A Love That Transcends Time19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.99: Teacher Panic!20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.100: Rui's Boyfriend20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.101: Love Montage20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.102: A Passionate Kiss20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.103: A Cop's Business Suit21 pages
Vol.14 Ch.104: A Courageous Decision19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.105: A Fabulous Fib26 pages
Vol.15 Ch.106: So You Say He's Sexy20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.107: That's Your Head of Household20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.108: Three Men Together Add Up to One20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.109: Panties Are Scary!!22 pages
Vol.15 Ch.110: For Someone's Sake22 pages
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