Vol192 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1: His Name is Baki!!46 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1-8194 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: The Finals Begin!!31 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: Suedou's Peril!!21 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: Beyond Cheap Shots!!21 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Aim for the Face!!20 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: Last Rush!!19 pages
Vol.1 Ch.7: Head of God's Mind Hall Orochi Doppo20 pages
Vol.1 Ch.8: Follow Baki!!21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.923 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1021 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1121 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1221 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1321 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1421 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1521 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1621 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1720 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1821 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1920 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2020 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2119 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2219 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2320 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2421 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2519 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2619 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2719 pages
Vol.4 Ch.2821 pages
Vol.4 Ch.2922 pages
Vol.4 Ch.3025 pages
Vol.4 Ch.3121 pages
Vol.4 Ch.3221 pages
Vol.4 Ch.3323 pages
Vol.4 Ch.3421 pages
Vol.4 Ch.3521 pages
Vol.4 Ch.3621 pages
Vol.5 Ch.3727 pages
Vol.5 Ch.3821 pages
Vol.5 Ch.3921 pages
Vol.5 Ch.4019 pages
Vol.5 Ch.4121 pages
Vol.5 Ch.4221 pages
Vol.5 Ch.4321 pages
Vol.5 Ch.4421 pages
Vol.5 Ch.4522 pages
Vol.6 Ch.4624 pages
Vol.6 Ch.4721 pages
Vol.6 Ch.4824 pages
Vol.6 Ch.4921 pages
Vol.6 Ch.5021 pages
Vol.6 Ch.5121 pages
Vol.6 Ch.5221 pages
Vol.6 Ch.5321 pages
Vol.6 Ch.5423 pages
Vol.7 Ch.5528 pages
Vol.7 Ch.5620 pages
Vol.7 Ch.5718 pages
Vol.7 Ch.5820 pages
Vol.7 Ch.5919 pages
Vol.7 Ch.6019 pages
Vol.7 Ch.6118 pages
Vol.7 Ch.6223 pages
Vol.7 Ch.6323 pages
Vol.8 Ch.6426 pages
Vol.8 Ch.6517 pages
Vol.8 Ch.6619 pages
Vol.8 Ch.6718 pages
Vol.8 Ch.6825 pages
Vol.8 Ch.6919 pages
Vol.8 Ch.7019 pages
Vol.8 Ch.7118 pages
Vol.8 Ch.7222 pages
Vol.9 Ch.7324 pages
Vol.9 Ch.7419 pages
Vol.9 Ch.7518 pages
Vol.9 Ch.7618 pages
Vol.9 Ch.7719 pages
Vol.9 Ch.7820 pages
Vol.9 Ch.7919 pages
Vol.9 Ch.8019 pages
Vol.9 Ch.8123 pages
Vol.10 Ch.8227 pages
Vol.10 Ch.8325 pages
Vol.10 Ch.8420 pages
Vol.10 Ch.8522 pages
Vol.10 Ch.8624 pages
Vol.10 Ch.8721 pages
Vol.10 Ch.8824 pages
Vol.10 Ch.8920 pages
Vol.10 Ch.9023 pages
Vol.11 Ch.91: All Alone27 pages
Vol.11 Ch.92: Ando the Giant enters21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.9322 pages
Vol.11 Ch.9420 pages
Vol.11 Ch.95: Trembling Baki21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.96: Going to eat!!21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.97: The Brain drug Endorphins21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.98: Exceed a clear distinction20 pages
Vol.11 Ch.99: Ring of Fire25 pages
Vol.11 Ch.100: Shoot the Monster24 pages
Vol.11 Ch.101: Combat power of the wild21 pages
Vol.12 Ch.102: Beyond the fear and pain21 pages
Vol.12 Ch.103: I will defeat him!!!29 pages
Vol.12 Ch.104: Going to Meet the great Ape!!!21 pages
Vol.12 Ch.10521 pages
Vol.12 Ch.10620 pages
Vol.12 Ch.10721 pages
Vol.12 Ch.10821 pages
Vol.13 Ch.10926 pages
Vol.13 Ch.11018 pages
Vol.13 Ch.111: Provocative!!19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.11221 pages
Vol.13 Ch.113: Tha Guy Is Coming!!20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.114: Eruption20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.11521 pages
Vol.13 Ch.116: The secret behind the tattoo19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.116.5: Side Story The story of Yumegi31 pages
Vol.13 Ch.117: extraordinary grip26 pages
Vol.14 Ch.118: Those chosen by God20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.119: The power of the fist19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.120: Not yet!!18 pages
Vol.14 Ch.121: True Form19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.122: The conclusion and arrival20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.123: The man who arrived on time20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.124: Ogre21 pages
Vol.14 Ch.125: At the Akezawa household23 pages
Vol.15 Ch.126: First Encounter26 pages
Vol.15 Ch.127: Second Encounter21 pages
Vol.15 Ch.128: Third Encounter21 pages
Vol.15 Ch.129: Bonds21 pages
Vol.15 Ch.130: An object to play with20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.131: Challenging Yujiro19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.132: The strongest troops21 pages
Vol.15 Ch.133: War19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.134: Invisible Enemy21 pages
Vol.16 Ch.13526 pages
Vol.16 Ch.136: The Greatest Sharpness19 pages
Vol.16 Ch.137: A Declaration20 pages
Vol.16 Ch.138: Skunk21 pages
Vol.16 Ch.139: This is war29 pages
Vol.16 Ch.140: Team20 pages
Vol.16 Ch.141: Gaia reveals himself21 pages
Vol.16 Ch.142: Multiple Personalities20 pages
Vol.16 Ch.143: Full Potential23 pages
Vol.17 Ch.144: Going all out as well25 pages
Vol.17 Ch.145: A soul that bears no love21 pages
Vol.17 Ch.146: Bloodlust X 10018 pages
Vol.17 Ch.147: Movement without shackles24 pages
Vol.17 Ch.148: Plain Strength19 pages
Vol.17 Ch.149: Static in the air20 pages
Vol.17 Ch.150: A fear of water and the grass21 pages
Vol.17 Ch.151: Crossing the boundaries of Death20 pages
Vol.17 Ch.152: If I were to die21 pages
Vol.18 Ch.0183 pages
Vol.19 Ch.16225 pages
Vol.19 Ch.16319 pages
Vol.19 Ch.16421 pages
Vol.19 Ch.16520 pages
Vol.19 Ch.16619 pages
Vol.19 Ch.16717 pages
Vol.19 Ch.16819 pages
Vol.19 Ch.16921 pages
Vol.19 Ch.17031 pages
Vol.20 Ch.171: That Is Hanma Yuujiro18 pages
Vol.20 Ch.172: Once, A Mother18 pages
Vol.20 Ch.17318 pages
Vol.20 Ch.17417 pages
Vol.20 Ch.17519 pages
Vol.20 Ch.17619 pages
Vol.20 Ch.17719 pages
Vol.20 Ch.17819 pages
Vol.20 Ch.17949 pages
Vol.21 Ch.181: Going to the underground Arena35 pages
Vol.21 Ch.182: Orochi Katsumi18 pages
Vol.21 Ch.183: The belt of the strongest21 pages
Vol.21 Ch.184: The biggest tournament19 pages
Vol.21 Ch.185: The festival has begun56 pages
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