Ch.1v3: One Punch19 pages
Ch.2: Crab & Job Hunting17 pages
Ch.3v2: A Disastrous Being21 pages
Ch.4: Dark Undergrounders21 pages
Ch.5v3: Itch Explosion21 pages
Ch.6: Saitama25 pages
Ch.7: Mysterious Raid17 pages
Ch.8v2: You Mean This Guy23 pages
Ch.9: House of Evolution24 pages
Ch.10: Modern Art32 pages
Ch.10.5v2: Tankobon 1 Extra 200 Yen22 pages
Ch.11: The Key to His Power23 pages
Ch.12v2: Paradise Group25 pages
Ch.13: Speed26 pages
Ch.14: Don't Know You23 pages
Ch.15v2: Hobby & Work26 pages
Ch.16v2: Passed the Exam24 pages
Ch.17.1: Sparring [1]33 pages
Ch.17.2: Sparring [2]14 pages
Ch.18: Business Activity20 pages
Ch.18v3: Business Activity20 pages
Ch.18.5v2: Recollection of a Summer24 pages
Ch.19v3: No Time for This28 pages
Ch.20.1v3: Rumor [1]17 pages
Ch.20.2v3: Rumor [2]24 pages
Ch.20.5v2: Tankobon 2 Extra Brushing Up Yourself14 pages
Ch.20.6v3: Special Story27 pages
Ch.21.1v2: Giant Meteor [1]31 pages
Ch.21.2: Giant Meteor [2]17 pages
Ch.21.3: Giant Meteor [3]24 pages
Ch.21.4: Giant Meteor [4]46 pages
Ch.22v3: Voices38 pages
Ch.23.1v3: Threat from the Sea17 pages
Ch.23.2v2: Threat from the Sea [2]9 pages
Ch.23.5v2: Tankobon 4 Extra Prison29 pages
Ch.24.1v2: Sea King55 pages
Ch.24.2v3: Sea King [2]29 pages
Ch.25.1v2: Glimmer of Hope14 pages
Ch.25.2: Glimmer of Hope [2]17 pages
Ch.26: Beat-Up but Shining28 pages
Ch.26.5: Volume 5 Extra Things One Cannot Buy29 pages
Ch.27v2: Because It's Raining23 pages
Ch.28: B-Class22 pages
Ch.29v3: S-Class23 pages
Ch.29.5: Volume 6 Extra Salmon21 pages
Ch.30v2: Great Prophecy28 pages
Ch.31.1: From Space [1]15 pages
Ch.31.2v2: From Space [2]18 pages
Ch.32v4: Counter36 pages
Ch.33.1: Guys Who Don't Listen [1]36 pages
Ch.33.2: Guys Who Don't Listen [2]6 pages
Ch.34.1: Are You Stupid [1]23 pages
Ch.34.2: Are You Stupid [2]22 pages
Ch.34.3: Are You Stupid [3]12 pages
Ch.34.4: Are You Stupid [4]23 pages
Ch.34.55: [Special]31 pages
Ch.35.1: The Power of Boros [1]19 pages
Ch.35.2v3: The Power of Boros [2]39 pages
Ch.36v2: Crash28 pages
Ch.37.1: King [1]15 pages
Ch.37.2: King [2]16 pages
Ch.37.3: King [3]15 pages
Ch.37.4: King [4]25 pages
Ch.37.5v3: King [5]11 pages
Ch.38: That Person23 pages
Ch.39: Outlaw16 pages
Ch.39.1: Outlaw [1]16 pages
Ch.39.2: Outlaw [2]9 pages
Ch.40: The Man Who Wants To Be a Monster10 pages
Ch.40.1: The Man Who Wants To Be a Monster [1]10 pages
Ch.40.2v2: The Man Who Wants To Be a Monster [2]16 pages
Ch.41: Blizzard Group19 pages
Ch.42v2: Don't Look Down On It!27 pages
Ch.42.532 pages
Ch.43: Accelerate15 pages
Ch.43.1: Accelerate [1]15 pages
Ch.43.2: Accelerate [2]12 pages
Ch.43.3: Accelerate [3]11 pages
Ch.44v2: Hero Name10 pages
Ch.44.2: Hero Name [2]6 pages
Ch.44.3v2: Hero Name [3]12 pages
Ch.44.5: Young Jump Special20 pages
Ch.45: Hero Hunt19 pages
Ch.46.1: Technique [1]15 pages
Ch.46.2: Technique [2]10 pages
Ch.47: Banana13 pages
Ch.48: I'm Bored Anyway13 pages
Ch.48.5: After the Online Poll - Misinterpretation & Misjudgement3 pages
Ch.49: Cover9 pages
Ch.49.216 pages
Ch.5017 pages
Ch.5110 pages
Ch.51.25 pages
Ch.529 pages
Ch.52.213 pages
Ch.52.312 pages
Ch.52.415 pages
Ch.52.532 pages
Ch.5314 pages
Ch.53.26 pages
Ch.548 pages
Ch.5515 pages
Ch.55.217 pages
Ch.5615 pages
Ch.56.213 pages
Ch.56.314 pages
Ch.56.49 pages
Ch.56.517 pages
Ch.5713 pages
Ch.57.214 pages
Ch.5826 pages
Ch.598 pages
Ch.59.210 pages
Ch.59.312 pages
Ch.59.531 pages
Ch.6010 pages
Ch.60.216 pages
Ch.6114 pages
Ch.61.226 pages
Ch.61.314 pages
Ch.61.422 pages
Ch.6512 pages
Ch.65.112 pages
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Please tell me when is an update
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If only I could sum up this epic manga with ''26 or less", it's impossible. I love One Punch Man! <3
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alfred the namely Sep 20, 2016 at 11:26 #336
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