Vol.5 Ch.45: New York's JoJo (Official color scans)11 pages
Vol.5 Ch.46: The Living Statue (Official color scans)9 pages
Vol.5 Ch.47: Painful News (Official Color Scans)10 pages
Vol.6 Ch.48: Straight's Ambition11 pages
Vol.6 Ch.49: The Game Master (Official Colored)9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.50: The Immortal Monster10 pages
Vol.6 Ch.51: Cold and Cruel, Straights (Official color scans)10 pages
Vol.6 Ch.52: Nazis and the Man in the Column19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.53: Man in the Column Resurrection Project19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.54: Man in the Column vs Man with the Stone Mask17 pages
Vol.6 Ch.55: The Tracker in the Desert20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.56: Santana's Vanishing18 pages
Vol.6 Ch.57: JoJo vs The Ultimate Being19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.58: The Ripple and the Ultimate Life-form19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.59: The Perfect Plan!!18 pages
Vol.7 Ch.60: Stroheim's Determination19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.61: The End of a Proud Man16 pages
Vol.7 Ch.62: The Spaghetti Battle18 pages
Vol.7 Ch.63: The Pigeon and the Girl17 pages
Vol.7 Ch.64: The Red Stone of Eija17 pages
Vol.7 Ch.65: The Truth that Hides in the Mouth of Truth18 pages
Vol.7 Ch.66: Ultimate Warrior Wham15 pages
Vol.7 Ch.67: Special Attack JoJo Crackers18 pages
Vol.8 Ch.68: The Blood Clock Battle20 pages
Vol.8 Ch.69: Qualification of a Hero19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.70: The Wedding Ring of Death16 pages
Vol.8 Ch.71: The Master of Venice19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.72: The Training of a Ripple Warrior18 pages
Vol.8 Ch.73: Profile of Joseph20 pages
Vol.8 Ch.74: Profile of Caesar18 pages
Vol.8 Ch.75: Ripple Master JoJo17 pages
Vol.8 Ch.76: The Final Trial18 pages
Vol.8 Ch.77: The Fruits of Harassment17 pages
Vol.9 Ch.78: The Disturbing ACDC19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.79: Laying Some Elaborate Traps19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.80: An Ensured Victory17 pages
Vol.9 Ch.81: The Insidious Demon!19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.82: The Stolen Body19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.83: Chasing the Red Stone to Switzerland17 pages
Vol.9 Ch.84: The Mysterious Nazi Officer17 pages
Vol.9 Ch.85: Cars, Light Mode19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.86: Rushing Towards the Cliff of Death18 pages
Vol.10 Ch.87: Fight to the Death For 175 Meters18 pages
Vol.10 Ch.88: Caesar - The Anger From the Past18 pages
Vol.10 Ch.89: Caesar’s Lonely Youth18 pages
Vol.10 Ch.90: The Horrifying Ghostly Man19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.91: The Fight Between Light and Wind!!19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.92: The Crimson Bubble19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.93: Caesar’s Final Ripple17 pages
Vol.10 Ch.94: Lisa Lisa and Her Silk Dance19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.95: The Hundred vs. Two Strategy16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.96: The Skeleton Heel Stone18 pages
Vol.11 Ch.97: Furious Struggle From Ancient Times17 pages
Vol.11 Ch.98: Moonlight Start!17 pages
Vol.11 Ch.99: The Pillar and the Hammer17 pages
Vol.11 Ch.100: A Trickery Genius17 pages
Vol.11 Ch.101: A True Warrior17 pages
Vol.11 Ch.102: Shoot Symmetrically!17 pages
Vol.11 Ch.103: The Final Mode of the Wind17 pages
Vol.11 Ch.104: The Warrior Returning to the Wind18 pages
Vol.12 Ch.105: Treachery at the Temple of Sacrifice19 pages
Vol.12 Ch.106: The Link Between Lisa Lisa and JoJo18 pages
Vol.12 Ch.107: JoJo’s Ultimate Ripple18 pages
Vol.12 Ch.108: The Tragedy of George Joestar17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.109: Birth of the Ultimate Being17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.110: JoJo’s Final Bet17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.111: The Man Who Became A God!17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.112: The Phenomenal Power of the Red Stone17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.113: The Comeback [End of Part 2]19 pages
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