Vol.1 Ch.1: There is no evil in those with a natural perm58 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: Owners should take care of their Pets until the End26 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: Be aware that Jump Magazine may come out on Saturdays25 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: One that looks good at First Sight is no good at all20 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Make Friends that will call Each Other by Nicknames forever20 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: If you guys have time to be Terrorists take Pero for a walk19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.7: Make a Promise, Keep It Until You Die!24 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: The Different Between Toughness and Vengeance is Paper Thin20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: A Good Fight Should Do24 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: When tired, Sour Things22 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: Crappy Dumplings aren't Dumplings at All20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.12: Kogyaru of Japan! Obey Your Curfew!20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.13: Only Dirty Things are Born in the Washroom20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.14: If you're going to Cosplay, put your heart into it!23 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1520 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1624 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1721 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1820 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1918 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2020 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2121 pages
Vol.3 Ch.2227 pages
Vol.4 Ch.23: Lesson 23 All You Gotta Do Is Wash Yer Armpits, Only Armpits23 pages
Vol.4 Ch.24: Lesson 24 Talk 30% More About The Martial Arts Legends Of The Olden21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.25: Lesson 25 You Probablly Think That You Are Cute. Being Cute All The21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.26: Lesson 26 When On A Trip, Even If You Forget The Pants, Sont Forget24 pages
Vol.4 Ch.27: Lesson 27 When You're Bothered, Smile, Just smile23 pages
Vol.4 Ch.28: Lesson 28 Yes, Our Family Is Really The Best21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.29: Lesson 29 Do You Really Think You Can Study For The Exam While List23 pages
Vol.4 Ch.30: Lesson 30 Troubles Aren't Caused By Bad People, They're Caused By O20 pages
Vol.4 Ch.31: Lesson 31 A Father And Son Are Similar Only In The Bad Things21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.32: Lesson 32 Why Is The Sea Water Salty, You Ask Probably Because You21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.33: Lesson 33 Be Careful Of Belt Conveyers22 pages
Vol.5 Ch.34: Lesson 34 Guys With Big Complexes Also Have Big Jobs To Do21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.35: Lesson 35 Don't Get Confused! There's Something Called 'Cooling Off21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.36: Lesson 36 Don't Be Embarassed And Raise Your Hands All At Once Whil22 pages
Vol.5 Ch.37: Lesson 37 I'm Done Being Reckless21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.38: Lesson 38 Okamas Are Keen To Both The Idiocy Of Men And The Unfairn26 pages
Vol.5 Ch.39: Lesson 39 Anyone Making A Cute Face Is Definitely Hiding Something!24 pages
Vol.5 Ch.40: Lesson 40 Misunderstandings Concerning Marriages Are Things That Co24 pages
Vol.6 Ch.41: Lesson 41 Is There Really Nothing As Delicious As Matsutake Everyo22 pages
Vol.6 Ch.42: Lesson 42 Grab Your Dreams With Your Fists21 pages
Vol.6 Ch.43: Lesson 43 All Men Are Romantic Idealists20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.44: Lesson 44 There Are Some Things That Even A Sword Can't Cut18 pages
Vol.6 Ch.45: Lesson 45 Why Won't Good Things Happen To Me, But Bad Things Contin21 pages
Vol.6 Ch.46: Lesson 46 The More Delicious Something Is, If You Get Poisoned By I21 pages
Vol.6 Ch.47: Lesson 47 You Must Watch Television And Read Newspapers Carefully21 pages
Vol.6 Ch.48: Lesson 48 People With A Lot Of Cuts On Their Calves Are Also Very T21 pages
Vol.6 Ch.49: Lesson 49 Once You've Used An Automatic Toilet, You Can't Get Used26 pages
Vol.7 Ch.50: Lesson 50 Unimportant Things Are The Hardest To Forget31 pages
Vol.7 Ch.51: Lesson 51 Life Moves Like A Conveyor Belt21 pages
Vol.7 Ch.52: Lesson 52 A Park Belongs To Kids21 pages
Vol.7 Ch.53: Lesson 53 Can Bells Get Rid Of All Your Troubles Best To Rely On Y21 pages
Vol.7 Ch.54: Lesson 54 It's Rude To Get People's Names Wrong21 pages
Vol.7 Ch.55: Lesson 55 A Ramen Shop With Too Much Variety On Its Menu Won't Have21 pages
Vol.7 Ch.56: Lesson 56 Eating Ice Cream In The Winter Is Pretty Good Too20 pages
Vol.7 Ch.57: Lesson 57 What's The Bonbon In Whiskey Bonbons23 pages
Vol.7 Ch.58: Lesson 58 You Have To Plan To Have Kids22 pages
Vol.8 Ch.59: Lesson 59 Knock Before Going To The Bathroom28 pages
Vol.8 Ch.60: Lesson 60 You Can't Get Anything From Just A Move Title21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.61: Lesson 61 If You Pee At A Worm, It'll Grow!21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.62: Lesson 62 At The Most, You'd Only Be Together For 20 Years, So As A21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.63: Lesson 63 Just Go And Beat Up Your Daughter's Boyfriend First23 pages
Vol.8 Ch.64: Lesson 64 Character Designs Should Be So Clear That Readers Will Kn21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.65: Lesson 65 You Shouldn't Judge People By Their Looks21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.66: Lesson 66 Will cherries Grow Up To Become Sakura Trees21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.67: Lesson 67 M Is For No More Enemies22 pages
Vol.9 Ch.68: Lesson 68 The Moon Knows Everything24 pages
Vol.9 Ch.69: Lesson 69 Because Mother's Still Busy, Stop Complaining About What'21 pages
Vol.9 Ch.70: Lesson 70 A Life Without Gambling Is Like Sushi Without Wasabi21 pages
Vol.9 Ch.71: Lesson 71 Stop Drinking Sake When You're Feeling Good21 pages
Vol.9 Ch.72: Lesson 72 Walk Your Dog At A Moderate Speed20 pages
Vol.9 Ch.73: Lesson 73 One Bark Is Worth A Million Songs22 pages
Vol.9 Ch.74: Lesson 74 Carabet Clubs Are For Ages 20 And Up21 pages
Vol.9 Ch.75: Lesson 75 Those Who Are Alike Will Fight21 pages
Vol.9 Ch.76: Lesson 76 Don't Lose At Anything You Do25 pages
Vol.10 Ch.78: The Housekeeping Lady was Watching after All22 pages
Vol.10 Ch.79: Apo Needed Before Meeting Someone21 pages
Vol.10 Ch.80: When It Comes to Dates, Be There at Least 30 Minutes Early21 pages
Vol.10 Ch.81: If You Turn On Your Fan While You Sleep, You'll Get Stomachaches, so19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.82: The Passing World Has Nothing But Ghosts21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.86: Lesson 86 You Don't Need A Guidebook For Love28 pages
Vol.11 Ch.87: Lesson 87 Life Is Constantly Moving20 pages
Vol.11 Ch.88: Lesson 88 My Ideal Girlfriend Is Minami-chan20 pages
Vol.11 Ch.89: Lesson 89 Crouqettes Are The Best Sellers At The Convenience Store20 pages
Vol.11 Ch.90: Lesson 90 Bad Things Happen In Threes20 pages
Vol.11 Ch.91: Lesson 91 Crazy People Come Out At Full Moon20 pages
Vol.11 Ch.92: Lesson 92 Don't Forget To Bring Your Umbrella20 pages
Vol.11 Ch.93: Lesson 93 Only Bad Guys And Retards Like Heights20 pages
Vol.11 Ch.94: Lesson 94 The Sun Will Always Rise Again20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.95: Lesson 95 Bugs That Live In Darkness Love The Light20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.96: Lesson 96 Polish A Sword With Patience20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.97: Lesson 97 Save Fore A Rainy Day20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.98: Lesson 98 To Decieve Another Is To Decieve Oneself20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.99: Lesson 99 The Person Who Insits On Saying Their Is No Such Th20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.100: Lesson 100 Nabemono Is A Reflection Of Life20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.101: Lesson 101 Be Careful Of The Captain For A Day. Frau Rottenmaier!20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.102: Lesson 102 Reading Because I Am Me20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.103: Lesson 103 Only Children Get Excited When They See The Snow22 pages
Vol.13 Ch.104: All Mothers Are The Same19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.105: Too Much Kaki-Pi Is Bad For You20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.106: When Eating He Doesn't Make A Crunching Sound19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.107: Flower Stores And Cake Stores Are The Weakness Of Men And Girls20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.108: Nmaibo Unexpectedly Makes You Full19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.109: Dango Over Flowers20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.110: All You Can Do Now Is Suffer Silently And Cook Red Bean Rice20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.111: Watch The Sakata Family Drama Over Dinner At 7PM, Tuesday Evenings21 pages
Vol.13 Ch.112: Yesterday's Enemy Is Somehow Today's Enemy As Well19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.113: Handle Breakable Items With Care20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.114: Either Blood Or Bandages... I'm Envious Of How Cool It Looks20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.115: Those Who Show A Strong Preference In Food Respond To People With Eq20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.116: You Shouldn't Pick Things Up Just Because You're Feeling Upset20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.117: Do It Before You've Done It20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.118: If There's Six People, It's A Lot Of Knowledge25 pages
Vol.14 Ch.119: Every Word Has Its Opposite20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.120: Everyone Makes Mistakes20 pages
Vol.14 Ch.121: When A Guy Who Wears Glasses Suddenly Removes Them, It Feels Like Pa19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.122: Everyone Cares About Someone26 pages
Vol.15 Ch.123: Woman's Best Makeup Is Her Smile20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.124: The Next Week's Preview In Jump Is Unreliable20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.125: Go With Might Driving20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.126: A Dog's Meatball Smells Quite Pleasant20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.127: If You Don't Set A Timer To Automatically Turn Off Your Air Conditio20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.128: Chance Has Nothing To Do With Rank21 pages
Vol.15 Ch.129: Sometimes We Are So Concentrated On Counting Sheeps That We Forget T21 pages
Vol.15 Ch.130: If You Only Eat Spicy Food, You Will Get Hemorrhoids22 pages
Vol.19 Ch.158: What's Happened Lately Has Various Uses For What Happens Next19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.159: Rules Are There To Be Broken20 pages
Vol.19 Ch.160: An Otaku Talks Too Much20 pages
Vol.19 Ch.161: To Have Three Passionate Hobbies20 pages
Vol.19 Ch.162: The Difference Between Strengths And Weaknesses Is Only A Thin Line20 pages
Vol.19 Ch.163: Twice The Number Of Uniforms19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.164: You Can't Play On The Railroad Tracks20 pages
Vol.19 Ch.165: The Schemer Is Caught In His Own Scheme20 pages
Vol.19 Ch.166: Important Things Are Hard To See18 pages
Vol.20 Ch.174: It's Before Summer Starts That's the Most Fun19 pages
Vol.20 Ch.175: Time Alone is Important too20 pages
Vol.21 Ch.176: The Older the Wiser21 pages
Vol.21 Ch.177: Age is the In Thing20 pages
Vol.21 Ch.178: Adults Also Get Excited about Kids' Summer Vacations20 pages
Vol.21 Ch.179: Beauty is Like a Summer Fruit20 pages
Vol.21 Ch.180: Be as Straight as your Back is Bent20 pages
Vol.21 Ch.181: Men can Gaze upon the Moon Alone If They're Drinking Sake23 pages
Vol.21 Ch.182: Flowers Grow on Dead Trees20 pages
Vol.22 Ch.187: Plates Taken the First Time can't be Returned21 pages
Vol.22 Ch.188: If You Make It a Point to Clean up the Urinals, You Make It a Point21 pages
Vol.22 Ch.189: Novice a Phillips and a Flathead are Equally as Splendid21 pages
Vol.22 Ch.190: The Power of Imagination Is Best Between Two People22 pages
Vol.22 Ch.192: Always, Be a Screwdriver in Your Heart20 pages
Vol.22 Ch.193: Gaolbreak 2, If You Have Broken Free of Gaol Before, It Is Not Gaolb20 pages
Vol.23 Ch.194: Everyone Is an Escapee of a Gaol Called Myself20 pages
Vol.23 Ch.195: Let's Have a Chat about the Past20 pages
Vol.23 Ch.196: Before Going on a Trip, There are Various Arguments20 pages
Vol.23 Ch.197: Silver and the Good for Nothing of His Highness19 pages
Vol.23 Ch.198: The Line under Your Briefs is Absolutely Inescapable19 pages
Vol.23 Ch.199: It Sure is Fun to Draw in the Deformed Style20 pages
Vol.23 Ch.200: Oh, It's Chapter 200 Now Don't Worry About It20 pages
Vol.23 Ch.201: Rest for a Ghost Is at Their Discretion20 pages
Vol.23 Ch.202: A Cigarette Box with only Two Cigarettes in It Smells a Lot Like a G20 pages
Vol.24 Ch.203: There Are Some Things Words Cannot Express20 pages
Vol.24 Ch.207: Be Careful of What You Pick Up and Eat20 pages
Vol.24 Ch.208: Cat Owners and Dog Owners Never See Eye to Eye20 pages
Vol.24 Ch.209: Need Energy Leave It to Booze20 pages
Vol.25 Ch.210: Don't Put Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket19 pages
Vol.25 Ch.211: Pretty Roses Can Come from the Thorniest of Bushes20 pages
Vol.25 Ch.212: Beware of Guys Who Use Umbrellas on Sunny Days20 pages
Vol.25 Ch.213: Using Two Page Spreads Is so Jump-Like19 pages
Vol.25 Ch.214: Business Transactions Come Before Struggles to the Death20 pages
Vol.25 Ch.216: There Are Plenty of Guys Who Think That Little Breasts A20 pages
Vol.25 Ch.217: Life's All about Choosing the Right Footing20 pages
Vol.25 Ch.218: Only Mommy Can Stop Siblings from Fighting21 pages
Vol.26 Ch.219: People Who Say I'm Really Getting Angry Are in Fact Not20 pages
Vol.26 Ch.220: It's the Supervillain Types Who Have the Best Smiles19 pages
Vol.26 Ch.221: There Is No Night Without Dawn20 pages
Vol.26 Ch.222: Standing Four Legged Is Beastlike, While Standing Two Legged in a21 pages
Vol.26 Ch.223: Don't Draw Confidence from Bedtime Stories20 pages
Vol.26 Ch.224: Women Who Turn Tricks Are Not to Be Trusted20 pages
Vol.26 Ch.225: Burning a Perm Doesn't Change It20 pages
Vol.26 Ch.226: Spread Your Arms Wide Enough and They'll Fade into the Distance19 pages
Vol.26 Ch.227: Various People Bring about Various Bonds21 pages
Vol.26 Ch.228: Booze Tastes a Bit Different During the Day20 pages
Vol.27 Ch.229: All Adults Are All Children's Instructors19 pages
Vol.27 Ch.230: You Gotta Get Up and Make Your Own Crib20 pages
Vol.27 Ch.231: Gossip Born in the Barbershop Is among the World’s Most Pointless20 pages
Vol.27 Ch.232: Heavenly Beings' Superiors Are the Ones Who Created Topknots20 pages
Vol.27 Ch.233: Zippers Should Be Undone with Care20 pages
Vol.27 Ch.234: Bad Guys Sleep More Often20 pages
Vol.27 Ch.235: When Your Half Eaten Popsicle Starts Sliding Down the Stick, That20 pages
Vol.27 Ch.236: Usually, Birthday Gatherings Turn into Unwanted Reunions20 pages
Vol.27 Ch.237: Don't Let Sleeping Children Lie20 pages
Vol.28 Ch.238: It Takes Subtle Amounts of Courage to Sneak into a Shopping Cart20 pages
Vol.28 Ch.239: Guys Need a Battlefield to Feel Complete20 pages
Vol.28 Ch.240: Be Sure to Take Your Infected Friends to a Hospital20 pages
Vol.28 Ch.241: When in a Cardboad Box One Bad Apple Ruins the Bunch20 pages
Vol.28 Ch.242: If It Looks Like a Foreigner It's a Foreigner, if It Looks Like a20 pages
Vol.28 Ch.243: Laputa's Still Good after Seeing It So Many Times20 pages
Vol.28 Ch.244: Love Often Become Cruelty19 pages
Vol.28 Ch.245: Even a Black Boat Looks Flashy When It Sinks20 pages
Vol.28 Ch.246: There's Loads of Dirt under the Willow Tree22 pages
Vol.29 Ch.247: Smooth Polygons Smooth Out a Human's Heart20 pages
Vol.29 Ch.248: A Person's Body Is a Microuniverse20 pages
Vol.29 Ch.249: There Are Always Two Guys in a Party of Warriors That Essentially20 pages
Vol.29 Ch.250: Idiots Lead Idiots20 pages
Vol.29 Ch.251: And then, Towards a Legend20 pages
Vol.29 Ch.252: A Dangerous Scent21 pages
Vol.29 Ch.253: A Tasty Situation Indeed!!19 pages
Vol.29 Ch.254: As There Is Light, There Is Radiance20 pages
Vol.29 Ch.255: Get Caught Up in the Spider's Web, and You'll Be Hard Pressed to20 pages
Vol.30 Ch.256: Beautiful People Get Boring after 3 Minutes, Ugly People You Can20 pages
Vol.30 Ch.257: A Single Thread Can Cause a Fire20 pages
Vol.30 Ch.258: Instead of Leaving Before Students, Teachers Should Leave Togethe20 pages
Vol.30 Ch.259: There's Hell to Pay When Someone Like an Irresponsible Guy Gets A19 pages
Vol.30 Ch.260: The Important Things Are Usually the Heaviest Burdens20 pages
Vol.30 Ch.261: When the Time Comes, Pay Back What You Owe20 pages
Vol.30 Ch.262: Be Warned, Drink and Women Don't Mix20 pages
Vol.30 Ch.263: No Matter How Old You Are, Going to the Dentist Is Hard20 pages
Vol.30 Ch.264: The Size of Someone's Areola and Their Height Are Always Proporti20 pages
Vol.31 Ch.265: Things Like Character Polls Should Fuck Off24 pages
Vol.31 Ch.266: Things Like Character Polls Should Be Burnt to Ash20 pages
Vol.31 Ch.267: Things Like Character Polls If Made into Tofu and Used to Hit Som20 pages
Vol.31 Ch.268: Things Like Character Polls20 pages
Vol.31 Ch.269: The Saying That Bee Stings Go Away When You Piss on Them Is Just20 pages
Vol.31 Ch.270: Watch Out for Death Flags20 pages
Vol.31 Ch.271: There Are Things That No Matter How Dirty They Are, Have to Be Ex20 pages
Vol.31 Ch.272: When the Flag Waves, It's Goodbye20 pages
Vol.31 Ch.273: Radio Physical Fitness Shows Are How Boys and Girls Build Stable20 pages
Vol.32 Ch.274: Stick with Your Observation Diaries Until the Very End20 pages
Vol.32 Ch.275: When Looking for Something, Search from Its Point of View20 pages
Vol.32 Ch.276: Shimura's Behind Yoooou!... Huh I Didn't Realise It Really Is20 pages
Vol.32 Ch.277: Freedom Isn't Living Without Rules, It's Just Living by Your Own20 pages
Vol.32 Ch.278: Pussies and Their Tails Have Some Sort of Use20 pages
Vol.32 Ch.279: Kabukich Stray Cat Blues20 pages
Vol.32 Ch.280: Cooking Is Willpower20 pages
Vol.32 Ch.282: Unbeaten by Rain21 pages
Vol.33 Ch.283: Expectations for a Movie Are Proportionate to the Height of the F23 pages
Vol.33 Ch.284: Unbeaten by Wind20 pages
Vol.33 Ch.285: Unbeaten by Storms20 pages
Vol.33 Ch.286: Unbeaten by Meteorites21 pages
Vol.33 Ch.287: Unbeaten by Demonic Heretics21 pages
Vol.33 Ch.288: Whose Smile Can Never Be Eradicated22 pages
Vol.33 Ch.289: I Want to Become Someone That Beautiful and Strong20 pages
Vol.33 Ch.290: The Red on Santa Is Probably Blood20 pages
Vol.33 Ch.291: What Santa Delivers Is Not Limited to Presents22 pages
Vol.34 Ch.292: All of Humanity Is Santa21 pages
Vol.34 Ch.293: Think about Balance in Your Meals20 pages
Vol.34 Ch.294: Do New Years Cards with Calligraphy Pens20 pages
Vol.34 Ch.295: Cocoa Before Hearts20 pages
Vol.34 Ch.296: The Poster Board Store's Poster Girl Has Enough Trouble with Two25 pages
Vol.34 Ch.297: Outrageous Cities Are Full of Gathering Places for Yahoo Type Guy21 pages
Vol.34 Ch.299: When Were Odagiri Joe's Hairdo and Shenmue's Continuation Sales D20 pages
Vol.34 Ch.300: Ghosts Aren't the only Ones Who Go Crazy in Graveyards20 pages
Vol.35 Ch.301: It's a Youngster's Responsibility to Watch Over the Elderly Until20 pages
Vol.35 Ch.302: The Chains of Men20 pages
Vol.35 Ch.303: Bonds That Can't Be Cut by 30 Volumes' Worth of Enemies21 pages
Vol.35 Ch.304: Town of Iron21 pages
Vol.35 Ch.305: When an Old Man and a Young Girl Get Together, All Kinds of Creat23 pages
Vol.35 Ch.306: Stubborn, Impudent, Determined and Inflexible21 pages
Vol.35 Ch.307: Battle of the Noble Monkeys21 pages
Vol.35 Ch.308: The Pipe and the Jitte20 pages
Vol.35 Ch.309: How Do You Do!!21 pages
Vol.36 Ch.310: This Wonderful World, Full of Villains30 pages
Vol.36 Ch.311: Odd or Even21 pages
Vol.36 Ch.312: Super Special Techniques That Are Too Hard to Command Don't Work21 pages
Vol.36 Ch.313: We Are All Soldiers In The War Against Fate21 pages
Vol.36 Ch.314: JUGEMU24 pages
Vol.36 Ch.315: Names And Natures Often Match21 pages
Vol.36 Ch.316: Going To A Funeral For The First Time And Being Surprised Everyone I21 pages
Vol.36 Ch.317: Take Two Looks At Ukon Tea21 pages
Vol.36 Ch.318: Glasses Are A Part Of The Soul24 pages
Vol.37 Ch.319: Z~~~~~30 pages
Vol.37 Ch.320: Annihilation Kill VS Certain Kill21 pages
Vol.37 Ch.321: There Are Thinks That You Can't See, Even With Glasses On21 pages
Vol.37 Ch.322: What Happens Twice Will Happen Thrice24 pages
Vol.37 Ch.323: If There's A Pool, There's Porori21 pages
Vol.37 Ch.324: Right After Summer Vacation Everyone Looks A Little More Adult21 pages
Vol.37 Ch.325: Everyone Seems So Grown Up After Winter Vacation21 pages
Vol.37 Ch.326: Right After Goldenweek Ends, If You Can See It, You Can See It21 pages
Vol.37 Ch.327: Candles Are a Bit Exciting Aren't They11 pages
Vol.37 Ch.328: Crab Claws are Pincers that Sever Bonds23 pages
Vol.38 Ch.329: An Old Guy's Home Situation Is Usually Pretty Tough30 pages
Vol.38 Ch.330: An Old Man's Heart Is Suprisingly Soft21 pages
Vol.38 Ch.331: Field Trips Are Often Learning Experiences Even for Adults24 pages
Vol.38 Ch.332: Honestly, Nobody Ever Remembers a Thing About Field Trips to Factories21 pages
Vol.38 Ch.333: People Commit the Crime of Borrowing Without Returning Behind Other20 pages
Vol.38 Ch.334: In Bath Houses, Your Hearts and Bodies are Totally Naked22 pages
Vol.38 Ch.334.5: Volume 38 Extra Bankara-san Ga Tooru63 pages
Vol.39 Ch.335: If Camilla Fans and Vidal Sasoon Fans and Timote Fans All Wash Each30 pages
Vol.39 Ch.336: Even at End of Year Parties, There are Things You Can't Forget21 pages
Vol.39 Ch.337: It'll be Okay21 pages
Vol.39 Ch.338: Beware of the Housewife Nextdoor21 pages
Vol.39 Ch.339: People are Able to Live by Forgetting Some Things21 pages
Vol.39 Ch.340: Sure Prison Break Season Two Still had Some Prison Breaking, but, th20 pages
Vol.39 Ch.341: Everyone Wears Pajamas25 pages
Vol.39 Ch.342: I'll Throw You Into Solitary21 pages
Vol.39 Ch.343: Blue and Red Ecstasy25 pages
Vol.40 Ch.344: I Daresay, May I Come Skiing With You30 pages
Vol.40 Ch.345: Even When One Puts the Utmost Effort into Creating Snow Domes, the N21 pages
Vol.40 Ch.346: We Can't Take a Company Vacation There!!21 pages
Vol.40 Ch.347: Love Has No Pluses or Minuses22 pages
Vol.40 Ch.348: Love is an Illusion21 pages
Vol.40 Ch.349: Love isn't Something to Take, but Something One Receives22 pages
Vol.40 Ch.350: The Wide World is Riddled with Love25 pages
Vol.40 Ch.351: Thinking of a Title for This Thing that Sounds like a Text Message S23 pages
Vol.40 Ch.352: Out of Range Messenger23 pages
Vol.41 Ch.353: Picture Story Show, Dream Story Show, I Don't Wanna Know29 pages
Vol.41 Ch.354: Forgettable Guys Show Up When They're Forgotten20 pages
Vol.41 Ch.355: Space Bururun Travel Diary23 pages
Vol.41 Ch.356: If You're a Man, Try the Cockpit at Least Once20 pages
Vol.41 Ch.357: A Senryoubako and a Box of Junk20 pages
Vol.41 Ch.358: Empty Star21 pages
Vol.41 Ch.359: Business is War21 pages
Vol.41 Ch.360: I Won't Let You Say SayonaLion20 pages
Vol.41 Ch.360.1: Special Lesson Remember There are Crossovers like Alien VS Predator27 pages
Vol.42 Ch.361: On the Canvas Called Manga, Draw With the Pen Called Life29 pages
Vol.42 Ch.362: Are You Into BomBom or CoroCoro, or Are You a One Park Fan19 pages
Vol.42 Ch.363: In All Caps We Are All Hosts20 pages
Vol.42 Ch.364: Girls Like Vegeta, Guys Like Piccolo19 pages
Vol.42 Ch.365: Check it Out!!21 pages
Vol.42 Ch.366: It May be Painful to Have an Unsuccessful Sibling, but Even if They21 pages
Vol.42 Ch.367: The Thorns Entwined in the Cogs21 pages
Vol.42 Ch.368: Baragaki (Thorn Brat) and Baragaki (Rose Brat)21 pages
Vol.42 Ch.369: Festival of the No-Good Brats20 pages
Vol.42 Ch.370: Letter From a Baragaki21 pages
Vol.43 Ch.371: Madaodog Millionaire30 pages
Vol.43 Ch.372: (v2) Nobody With a Straight Perm is a Bad Guy21 pages
Vol.43 Ch.373: (v2) Continuation - Nobody With a Straight Perm is a Bad Guy21 pages
Vol.43 Ch.374: (v2) GOLD OR SILVER21 pages
Vol.43 Ch.375: (v2) Kin-sans Kin20 pages
Vol.43 Ch.376: (v2) Writing 'Friend' and Reading it as 'Enemy'21 pages
Vol.43 Ch.377: (v2) Writing 'Enemy' and Reading it as 'Friend'21 pages
Vol.43 Ch.378: (v2) Steel Memories21 pages
Vol.43 Ch.379: (v2) A Protagonist Is21 pages
Vol.43 Ch.380: (v2) A Man's Sword25 pages
Vol.44 Ch.381: (v2) Presents Should be Gotten Early29 pages
Vol.44 Ch.382: (v2) Otoshidama are Outstandingly Compatible with Dirty Jokes22 pages
Vol.44 Ch.383: When You're Sleeping Under a Kotatsu, Be Careful You Don't Cook Your21 pages
Vol.44 Ch.384: Observational Love Begins with Observation21 pages
Vol.44 Ch.385: (v2) In the End, Parents Don't Like Anyone the Kid Brings Home21 pages
Vol.44 Ch.386: (v2) Keisei Gyakuten21 pages
Vol.44 Ch.387: (v2) Eww! Not You, Jiiya!!21 pages
Vol.44 Ch.388: (v2) In the Palace, I Daresay!!21 pages
Vol.44 Ch.389: (v2) Sleepovers are Where You Get Pranked by the Guys That Go to Sleep Fi25 pages
Vol.45 Ch.390: (v2) ''Country Seizing'' is Kinda More Exciting to Write than ''Country T29 pages
Vol.45 Ch.391: (v2) Five Fingers21 pages
Vol.45 Ch.392: (v2) The Sun and the Moon21 pages
Vol.45 Ch.393: (v2) Purge21 pages
Vol.45 Ch.394: (v2) Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat21 pages
Vol.45 Ch.395: (v2) Paradise and Hell21 pages
Vol.45 Ch.396: (v2) Lover's Fidelity21 pages
Vol.45 Ch.397: (v2) Samurai Country20 pages
Vol.45 Ch.398: (v2) Two Demons21 pages
Vol.45 Ch.399: (v2) Unsinking Moon25 pages
Vol.46 Ch.399: Unsinking Moon20 pages
Vol.46 Ch.400: One Editor is Enough20 pages
Vol.46 Ch.401: Dog Food Has Less Taste than it Appears to20 pages
Vol.46 Ch.402: Dog Food Makes for a Surprisingly Good Snack to go with Alchohol20 pages
Vol.46 Ch.403: The Sound of the Thing Called a Beam Shoots Through All People20 pages
Vol.46 Ch.404: A Laughing Gate Invites Misfortune20 pages
Vol.46 Ch.405: Two Aniki's20 pages
Vol.46 Ch.406: Each Person's Dignity20 pages
Vol.46 Ch.407: We Don't Want 'em, You Bastard20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.408: Shin-boy and Hajime-nii19 pages
Vol.47 Ch.409: Doctrine of the Beam Saber Style20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.410: Booze, Gasoline, Smiles, and Tears20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.411: A Begirama Summer20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.412: Amen20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.413: Jesus20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.414: Fool!20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.415: Being a Leader is Tough20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.416: Dudes with Huge Nostrils also Have Huge Imaginations20 pages
Vol.47 Ch.417: Rather than Memorizing Years, You Should Burn Human Beings into Your20 pages
Vol.48 Ch.418: Mirrors Show Both Beauty and Ugliness Exactly as They Are20 pages
Vol.48 Ch.419: Set the Heart Aflame18 pages
Vol.48 Ch.420: The Stairway of Adulthood Isn't Something You Only Go Up20 pages
Vol.48 Ch.421: Romantic Love and Paternal Affection20 pages
Vol.48 Ch.422: Bald Dad, Gray Haired Dad, and Four-Eyed Dad20 pages
Vol.48 Ch.423: No One is Interested in License Photos20 pages
Vol.48 Ch.424: 3000 Leagues in Search of Scabbard20 pages
Vol.48 Ch.425: Total Sadist VS Total Sadist20 pages
Vol.48 Ch.426: Fools and Katana Need Nice Handling20 pages
Vol.49 Ch.427: Realistically, Spiral Turds Have a Maximum of Two Full Twists20 pages
Vol.49 Ch.428: Most Powerful Sword VS Worst Dull Blade20 pages
Vol.49 Ch.429: Invisible Scabbard20 pages
Vol.49 Ch.430: The Difference Between Godly Games and Shitty Games is Paper Thin18 pages
Vol.49 Ch.431: A Bowl of Ramen20 pages
Vol.49 Ch.432: One Crust of Bread20 pages
Vol.49 Ch.433: One Family20 pages
Vol.49 Ch.434: Fashionable is Something that Disappears the Moment it is put Into W18 pages
Vol.49 Ch.435: All Answers are in the Field20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.436: New Sentai Sentais Seem to Start Out as Things You Could Never Appro20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.437: 9 + 1 = Yagyuu Jyuubee20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.438: I Believe I Can Both Be Beautiful and Make Manga20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.439: When You Forget About Calories is When They Come Back20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.440: Affection, Heartache, Manliness and Femininity20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.441: 10-1=20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.442: The G-Pen is a Capricious, the Maru-Pen is Stubborn20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.443: Mommy's Bentou are Always Too Cold and Somewhat Squashed20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.444: Sunglasses of Life and Death20 pages
Vol.50 Ch.445: Snot Diamond20 pages
Vol.51 Ch.446: Wash Your Hands Before Handshakes20 pages
Vol.51 Ch.447: Diamonds Cannot be Scratched20 pages
Vol.51 Ch.448: Chapters of the Chosen Bitches18 pages
Vol.51 Ch.449: Mettle of an Idol20 pages
Vol.51 Ch.450: Human Life Lasts only 50 years, Contrast Human Life with Life of Get20 pages
Vol.51 Ch.451: Human Life Lasts only 50 years, Contrast Human Life with Life of Get20 pages
Vol.51 Ch.452: It's Hard to Enter a Reunion Party When You Get There Late22 pages
Vol.51 Ch.453: At Reunions, Memories You Don't Want to Remember Reawaken, Too18 pages
Vol.51 Ch.454: A Reunion Party of Onis and Shadows18 pages
Vol.51 Ch.455: You Hide Erotic Books But You Don't Hide18 pages
Vol.52 Ch.456: The Phoenix Will Always Rise Again18 pages
Vol.52 Ch.457: Making Light of Early Plot Elements is Fatal18 pages
Vol.52 Ch.458: Feigned Illnesses are the Source of All Kinds of Diseases18 pages
Vol.52 Ch.459: Saying Goodbye is Easy18 pages
Vol.52 Ch.460: Love is a Roach Motel18 pages
Vol.52 Ch.461: Hide Your Face Without Hiding Your Heart20 pages
Vol.52 Ch.462: Not a Damn Thing Happened in Summer 201318 pages
Vol.52 Ch.463: Characters that Show Up Wearing All White Will End Up Dead, Covered18 pages
Vol.52 Ch.464: Morning and Night Shinigami18 pages
Vol.52 Ch.465: An Oni or a Human18 pages
Vol.53 Ch.466: Hijikata Disappeared at the End of the Mayonnaise Line20 pages
Vol.53 Ch.467: Okita Also Disappeared, at the End of the Total Sadist Line18 pages
Vol.53 Ch.468: Ikeda Yaemon18 pages
Vol.53 Ch.469: Farewell, Shinigami18 pages
Vol.53 Ch.470: I'm Mayoler and He's Sweet Tooth20 pages
Vol.53 Ch.471: I'll be V-Shape and He'll be Natural Perm18 pages
Vol.53 Ch.472: I'm the Right Ball and He's the Left Ball18 pages
Vol.53 Ch.473: I'm Unqualified to be a Leader and He's Also Unqualified to be a Lea20 pages
Vol.53 Ch.474: I'm Eyeglasses and He's Sunglasses19 pages
Vol.53 Ch.475: I'm a Leader and You're Also a Leader18 pages
Vol.53 Ch.476: I'm Yorozuya and He's Shinsengumi18 pages
Vol.54 Ch.477: Always Open Bags Like They Have 50 Million in Them18 pages
Vol.54 Ch.478: Stick a Barf Bag in your Handbag, Too20 pages
Vol.54 Ch.479: True Merchant18 pages
Vol.54 Ch.480: Always Open Bags as if They Have Rocks Inside18 pages
Vol.54 Ch.481: Essay Manga are Easy to Draw18 pages
Vol.54 Ch.482: The Kanji for Thief are Quite Evil20 pages
Vol.54 Ch.483: Two Monkeys18 pages
Vol.54 Ch.484: Pauses Never Happen at Good Times18 pages
Vol.54 Ch.485: There is Trash that Even a Matsuibou Cannot Get Rid of20 pages
Vol.54 Ch.486: There are Two Types of Humans in the World, Those that Shout Special18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.487: An ID Photo is Proof of the Harshness of Reality18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.488: Afros of Life and Death17 pages
Vol.55 Ch.489: Afros of Love and Hate18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.490: Afros of Justice and Betrayal20 pages
Vol.55 Ch.491: Afurou and Af-ro18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.492: Smoke Rises in Places Without Love18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.493: The Heavens Do Not Make Beautiful Women Better Than Ugly Women18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.494: Beast Trash18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.495: Eternal Flower18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.496: In Both Spring and Winter18 pages
Vol.55 Ch.497: Strike While the Iron and the Evil King are Hot18 pages
Vol.56 Ch.497: Strike While the Iron and the Evil King are Hot18 pages
Vol.56 Ch.498: Oil Rain18 pages
Vol.56 Ch.499: Glasses are Part of the Heart18 pages
Vol.56 Ch.500: Does Everyone Really See the Same World18 pages
Vol.56 Ch.501: Guardian Spirits are a Part of the Body, Too18 pages
Vol.56 Ch.502: Shoguns of Light and Shadow20 pages
Vol.56 Ch.503: A Horse From a Gourd18 pages
Vol.56 Ch.504: A Shogun's Duty and a Shinobi's Duty20 pages
Vol.56 Ch.505: Villains and Policemen20 pages
Vol.56 Ch.506: Shinobi Country20 pages
Vol.56 Ch.507: Steel Peashooter20 pages
Vol.57 Ch.507: Steel Peashooter20 pages
Vol.57 Ch.508: Soul of the Shinobi20 pages
Vol.57 Ch.509: Proof (Scar)20 pages
Vol.57 Ch.510: Samurai and Shinobi20 pages
Vol.57 Ch.511: The Last 5 People19 pages
Vol.57 Ch.512: Request21 pages
Vol.57 Ch.513: Place to Go Back To20 pages
Vol.57 Ch.514: Those That Protect All20 pages
Vol.57 Ch.515: Battle to Take a Country and Quarrel Between Siblings20 pages
Vol.57 Ch.516: Two Good-For-Nothings20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.516: Two Good-For-Nothings20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.517: Each One's Samurai20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.518: Fist20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.519: Enemy20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.520: Sakata Gintoki of Shouka Sonjuku20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.521: After the War, the Crow Caws20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.522: The Disciples of Shouyou20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.523: Resistance19 pages
Vol.58 Ch.524: Farewell, Pal20 pages
Vol.58 Ch.525: (v3) 3 Sake Cups21 pages
Vol.59 Ch.525: (v3) 3 Sake Cups21 pages
Vol.59 Ch.526: The Day the Demon Cried20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.527: New Ones and Old Ones20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.528: Heroes Show Up Late20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.529: Forgotten Thing20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.530: The Shogun and the Villains (Joui Patriots)20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.531: Jailbreak20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.532: Festival20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.533: Stray Dogs20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.534: Iron Rules of Surveillance20 pages
Vol.59 Ch.535: Shinsengumi Kyokuchuu Hatto Article 4719 pages
Vol.60 Ch.534: Iron Rules of Surveillance20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.535: Shinsengumi Kyokuchuu Hatto Article 4719 pages
Vol.60 Ch.536: Two Generals20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.537: 'That Name is...'20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.538: True Path20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.539: Undelivered Email20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.540: Villain20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.541: Star of Freedom20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.542: Shinigami20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.543: Signal Fire20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.544: Memories of the Sword20 pages
Vol.60 Ch.545: Karma20 pages
Vol.61 Ch.543: Signal Fire20 pages
Vol.61 Ch.544: Memories of the Sword20 pages
Vol.61 Ch.545: Karma20 pages
Vol.61 Ch.546: Last Address20 pages
Vol.61 Ch.547: Mistake20 pages
Vol.61 Ch.548: Something Forgotten19 pages
Vol.61 Ch.549: Nobume20 pages
Vol.61 Ch.550: Farewell Shinsengumi20 pages
Vol.61 Ch.551: Farewell Shinsengumi (Latter Part)20 pages
Vol.62 Ch.552: The Monster and the Monster's Child20 pages
Vol.62 Ch.553: The Kiheitai's Final Day18 pages
Vol.62 Ch.554: (v2) Ryuumyaku19 pages
Vol.62 Ch.555: Request for Leave of Absence18 pages
Vol.62 Ch.556: Worthless Thing18 pages
Vol.62 Ch.557: The No-Good Brats From That Era18 pages
Vol.62 Ch.558: Hometown18 pages
Vol.62 Ch.559: Scent20 pages
Vol.62 Ch.560: (v2) Final Blade20 pages
Vol.63 Ch.561: Warrior's Song20 pages
Vol.63 Ch.562: The Noble Youth of Madness18 pages
Vol.63 Ch.563: Runaway Kotarou20 pages
Vol.63 Ch.564: Zura18 pages
Vol.63 Ch.565: Toys18 pages
Vol.63 Ch.566: Two Fools18 pages
Vol.63 Ch.567: Peak18 pages
Vol.63 Ch.568: Sky Ship14 pages
Vol.63 Ch.569: The Swordsman's Moment18 pages
Vol.63 Ch.570: Pit of the Stomach (Abyss of the Innards)19 pages
Vol.64 Ch.571: Manjuus and Breakfast18 pages
Vol.64 Ch.572: Place of Death20 pages
Vol.64 Ch.573: 10 Years19 pages
Vol.64 Ch.574: Path20 pages
Vol.64 Ch.575: Old Friends and New Friends20 pages
Vol.64 Ch.576: Two Male Beasts20 pages
Vol.64 Ch.577: Crybaby20 pages
Vol.64 Ch.578: Frog in a Well20 pages
Vol.64 Ch.579: Kouan's Master20 pages
Vol.64 Ch.580: Wilted Flower20 pages
Vol.65 Ch.581: Lost Rabbit20 pages
Vol.65 Ch.582: Crystal20 pages
Vol.65 Ch.583: Right Arm19 pages
Vol.65 Ch.584: Strongest19 pages
Vol.65 Ch.585: Name20 pages
Vol.65 Ch.586: Bottom20 pages
Vol.65 Ch.587: Damn Idiot20 pages
Vol.65 Ch.588: Blue Planet20 pages
Vol.65 Ch.589: Siblings22 pages
Vol.66 Ch.590: First Disciple20 pages
Vol.66 Ch.591: Blood and Soul20 pages
Vol.66 Ch.592: Complaining20 pages
Vol.66 Ch.593: The Two Utsuros20 pages
Vol.66 Ch.594: Release21 pages
Vol.66 Ch.595: Hope20 pages
Vol.66 Ch.596: Even if a Natural Perm Gets Limp and Bent, It'll Eventually Spring B20 pages
Vol.66 Ch.597: Even if a Natural Perm Gets Limp and Bent, It'll Eventually Spring B19 pages
Vol.66 Ch.598: Everyone has a Terminal Between Their Legs20 pages
Vol.67 Ch.599: Don't go Overboard with Seasoning18 pages
Vol.67 Ch.600: Your Abs Won't be Ripped but Your Ass Will Be18 pages
Vol.67 Ch.601: If You Skip Reading Jump for One Week, Then Make Sure You Read Closely20 pages
Vol.67 Ch.602: Delinquent Kids Have Long Hair Going Down the Backs of Their Necks20 pages
Vol.67 Ch.603: Ninjas and Idiots like High Places18 pages
Vol.67 Ch.604: The Difference Between Tenacious and Obstinate is Paper Thin20 pages
Vol.67 Ch.605: When You Wear a Headband, You Look Ready to Take an Exam20 pages
Vol.67 Ch.606: People that Lecture Others About Not Smoking Can't Give it up Themse20 pages
Vol.67 Ch.607: The T in T-Shirt is the T in Tamashii (Soul)18 pages
Vol.68 Ch.608: Jump Comes Out on Monday, Magazine and Sunday Come Out on Wednesday18 pages
Vol.68 Ch.609: Old Men Etch Things They Can't Forget Into Their Wrinkles18 pages
Vol.68 Ch.610: A Machine That's Learned to be Useless is Called a Piece of Junk (Or21 pages
Vol.68 Ch.611: There's Nothing as Depressing as a Bossy Person that Likes Festivals18 pages
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