Ch.0: Oneshot42 pages
Ch.0: Oneshot42 pages
Ch.1: The First Miracle in Six Years33 pages
Ch.2v2: Wayside Grass is a Panacea26 pages
Ch.3: The National Bird Won't Stop Calling24 pages
Ch.4v2: How to Use a Familiar24 pages
Ch.5: A Visitor for the Witch23 pages
Ch.6: A Lesson in Magic24 pages
Ch.7: Dreams and Roadside Happiness24 pages
Ch.8: Diviner Among The Cherry Blossoms27 pages
Ch.9: Dogwitch and Sisterwitch28 pages
Ch.10v2: Chinatsu's Decision23 pages
Ch.11: Strange snack24 pages
Ch.12: Mountain in the Spring24 pages
Ch.13: Café Conclusio24 pages
Ch.14: The Sound of a Regular Customer24 pages
Ch.15: Tomorrow's Tomorrow is Now25 pages
Ch.16: Good Medicine Tastes Spicy23 pages
Ch.17: The Paperboy and the Whale23 pages
Ch.18: Of Frying Pans and Pancakes26 pages
Ch.18.5: Vol.3 Extra4 pages
Ch.19: Every Witch's Robe is Unique24 pages
Ch.20: Witches Have Almonds for Nails24 pages
Ch.21: Witches and Bees Don't Mix24 pages
Ch.22: The scent of tobacco, gasoline and coffee25 pages
Ch.23: Rabbit catching on a spring day24 pages
Ch.24: A Rabbit's Handstand24 pages
Ch.25: The paper walls have cats and butterflies22 pages
Ch.26: Bad mood on a rainy day26 pages
Ch.27: The Thai catches shrimps26 pages
Ch.28: v2 A mouthful makes the throat cry26 pages
Ch.29: The weather isn't always bad on a rainy day28 pages
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And by the way... The anime is pretty good too i enjoy watching it (^w ^)