Vol.1 Ch.1: Kaiman31 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: Hungry Bug27 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: The Guy From The Nightmare25 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: In The Bag25 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Silence At The Table26 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: The Magic User From The Next Town45 pages
Vol.2 Ch.7: The Night Of The Living Dead41 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: Bloody Fight29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: Lizards Can Dance Too29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: Roast Duck With Magic User Sauce29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: Competition Of The So-Called Underworld42 pages
Vol.3 Ch.12: Please Come In Your Best Evening Dress33 pages
Vol.3 Ch.13: The Coming And Going Year In The Hole29 pages
Vol.3 Ch.14: Kaiman In Magic Land24 pages
Vol.3 Ch.15: The Secret Story Of The Fire Toilet25 pages
Vol.3 Ch.16: The Girl Who Sells Smoke25 pages
Vol.3 Ch.17: Ripe Mushrooms En Masse44 pages
Vol.4 Ch.18: First Cast30 pages
Vol.4 Ch.19: Sewer Elegy26 pages
Vol.4 Ch.20: All Star Game - A Dream Match26 pages
Vol.4 Ch.21: All Star Game - Climax!!27 pages
Vol.4 Ch.22: Reptiles Spawn27 pages
Vol.4 Ch.23: A Good Day To Leave50 pages
Vol.5 Ch.24: Lalala Monsterman30 pages
Vol.5 Ch.25: Splendid & Exubertant26 pages
Vol.5 Ch.26: Blue Night Land27 pages
Vol.5 Ch.27: Ah, Flower Rush27 pages
Vol.5 Ch.28: Awesome Meatbag25 pages
Vol.5 Ch.29: A Macabre Mushroom Appears!25 pages
Vol.5 Ch.30: Welcome Mushroom-chan!33 pages
Vol.6 Ch.31: Lonely Kaiman29 pages
Vol.6 Ch.32: Odd Person In The Night25 pages
Vol.6 Ch.33: Before Nightmare25 pages
Vol.6 Ch.34: Manju Terror26 pages
Vol.6 Ch.35: Yakimo Rendezvouz27 pages
Vol.6 Ch.36: The Boss47 pages
Vol.7 Ch.37: Let's Meet At The Snack Bar32 pages
Vol.7 Ch.38: Meatbags Free For All26 pages
Vol.7 Ch.39: Battle.. Boy Meets Girl25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.40: Recycling26 pages
Vol.7 Ch.41: A Dinner in Good Company25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.42: Smoky Stroll24 pages
Vol.7 Ch.43: Terror At The Gory House, Mass Slaughter38 pages
Vol.8 Ch.44: Meoto Zenzai31 pages
Vol.8 Ch.45: Cross-Eye Doll29 pages
Vol.8 Ch.46: Mastema Sub Promenade25 pages
Vol.8 Ch.47: Crosseye Tragedy26 pages
Vol.8 Ch.48: Sweet Home24 pages
Vol.8 Ch.49: Sparkling Youth39 pages
Vol.9 Ch.50: Going Round And Roubd! Memories Return36 pages
Vol.9 Ch.51: Comeback Hole25 pages
Vol.9 Ch.52: Golden Beetles Are Rich25 pages
Vol.9 Ch.53: The Cute Butchery24 pages
Vol.9 Ch.54: The Door To The Past26 pages
Vol.9 Ch.55: The Final Fight - Two People45 pages
Vol.10 Ch.56: Chance Encounter - Rain28 pages
Vol.10 Ch.57: Good Company Is The Best Shortcut25 pages
Vol.10 Ch.58: Small Change Love25 pages
Vol.10 Ch.59: Mushroom Revival!25 pages
Vol.10 Ch.60: Farewell, Kaiman33 pages
Vol.10 Ch.61: Magic And Carpets46 pages
Vol.11 Ch.62: Hearts Ablaze31 pages
Vol.11 Ch.63: Memory Bubbles24 pages
Vol.11 Ch.64: Many Feelings - One True Motive26 pages
Vol.11 Ch.65: Cross-Dude-Expedition25 pages
Vol.11 Ch.66: Reunion Of The Freaks27 pages
Vol.11 Ch.67: Juncture Skill50 pages
Vol.12 Ch.68: Chaos Shock30 pages
Vol.12 Ch.69: Roving Chase25 pages
Vol.12 Ch.70: Black Box25 pages
Vol.12 Ch.71: Room 50126 pages
Vol.12 Ch.72: Mosh Pit32 pages
Vol.12 Ch.73: The Enbossing Process49 pages
Vol.12 Ch.74: Cross-News32 pages
Vol.13 Ch.75: Idea Drome24 pages
Vol.13 Ch.76: Lucky Jerk26 pages
Vol.13 Ch.77: Advanced Level Magic25 pages
Vol.13 Ch.78: Headbump-Ballad32 pages
Vol.13 Ch.79: Q&A53 pages
Vol.14 Ch.80: Eye Contact32 pages
Vol.14 Ch.81: A Demon's Dining Table28 pages
Vol.14 Ch.82: Headbanger's Journey28 pages
Vol.14 Ch.83: Ground Zero28 pages
Vol.14 Ch.84: Killing Field34 pages
Vol.14 Ch.85: Morphine46 pages
Vol.15 Ch.86: Placekicker35 pages
Vol.15 Ch.87: Splosh-Head26 pages
Vol.15 Ch.88: Strange Love25 pages
Vol.15 Ch.89: Zero Days Prior26 pages
Vol.15 Ch.90: Eye Witness27 pages
Vol.15 Ch.91: Magic Remodeling25 pages
Vol.15 Ch.92: Whole In One28 pages
Vol.15 Ch.93: Remaining Shots43 pages
Vol.16 Ch.94: Cross Replay38 pages
Vol.16 Ch.95: Ideological Competition30 pages
Vol.16 Ch.96: Rent-Free Hospital27 pages
Vol.16 Ch.97: Fujita's Big Adventure27 pages
Vol.16 Ch.98: Pervert27 pages
Vol.16 Ch.99: Leading Question28 pages
Vol.16 Ch.100: Anti-Invisibiliy26 pages
Vol.16 Ch.101: Achromatic Hero27 pages
Vol.16 Ch.101.1: Omake22 pages
Vol.16 Ch.101.2: Omake El Cuento Corto Del Diablo34 pages
Vol.17 Ch.102: Junction of Predictions34 pages
Vol.17 Ch.103: Buggy Harassment25 pages
Vol.17 Ch.104: Silent Reunion26 pages
Vol.17 Ch.105: Department Store Basement Full Course25 pages
Vol.17 Ch.106: Bog25 pages
Vol.17 Ch.107: Sludge Sacrifice26 pages
Vol.17 Ch.108: Mirage Landmark27 pages
Vol.17 Ch.109: Near-By Magicka27 pages
Vol.17 Ch.109.5: Bonus Chapter20 pages
Ch.110: Resurrection Bluff26 pages
Ch.111: The Building on the Lake27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.112: Deep House27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.113: Blundering in the Labyrinth27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.114: Zombie Puppets26 pages
Vol.18 Ch.115: Cracking Tube27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.116: Bara Bara Capture27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.117: Bara Bara Store27 pages
Vol.18 Ch.117.5: Bonus Curse19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.118: Chance Meeting27 pages
Vol.19 Ch.119: Devils' Excursion26 pages
Vol.19 Ch.120: Biological Renovation26 pages
Vol.19 Ch.121: Haru's Big Showdown26 pages
Vol.19 Ch.122: The Pit of the Stomach27 pages
Vol.19 Ch.123: Rolling Heads26 pages
Vol.19 Ch.124: Pit of the Devil's Stomach29 pages
Vol.19 Ch.125: Rare Cut25 pages
Vol.19 Ch.126: Independent Action26 pages
Vol.19 Ch.127: Reversal of Fate26 pages
Vol.19 Ch.127.5: Bonus Curse12 pages
Vol.19 Ch.128: Last Minute Resurrection28 pages
Vol.20 Ch.129: [v2] Impending Hole25 pages
Vol.20 Ch.130: [v2] Takeover Complete26 pages
Vol.20 Ch.131: Power Struggle26 pages
Vol.20 Ch.132: Scattered Lockout32 pages
Vol.20 Ch.133: The Dark City27 pages
Vol.20 Ch.134: Ruins and Oaths26 pages
Vol.20 Ch.135: Devil's Gyoza Craving26 pages
Vol.20 Ch.136: Crazy Comeback27 pages
Vol.20 Ch.137: Labyrinth Trek30 pages
Vol.21 Ch.138: Cozy Dystopia28 pages
Vol.21 Ch.139: Fusion Setup26 pages
Vol.21 Ch.140: Devil Gambling27 pages
Vol.21 Ch.141: Sacrificial Wish25 pages
Vol.21 Ch.142: Extreme Mushroom Critical26 pages
Vol.21 Ch.143: Birthday27 pages
Vol.21 Ch.144: Expansion Limit24 pages
Vol.21 Ch.145: The Source of Evil24 pages
Vol.21 Ch.146: Sayonara Full Swing30 pages
Vol.21 Ch.147: Long Desired Birthday33 pages
Vol.22 Ch.148: Infernal Friend27 pages
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