Ch.1: The High School Girl Who Is Like An Assassin46 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1: The High School Girl Who Is Like An Assassin48 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1v2: The High School Girl Who Is Like An Assassin50 pages
Ch.2: The Big Incident38 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: The Big Incident!38 pages
Ch.3: Defense For Now25 pages
Vol.1 Ch.324 pages
Ch.4: Hidden Meaning19 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: The Hidden Meaning20 pages
Ch.5: From Defense To Assault22 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Use Defense to Turn Into Offense!21 pages
Ch.6: Go To That Place19 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: To That Place!19 pages
Ch.7: Ryozanpaku Dojo24 pages
Vol.1 Ch.7: Ryozanpaku Dojo27 pages
Ch.8: He Becomes The Disciple27 pages
Ch.9: There's No Time!19 pages
Ch.10: The Face I Don't Wish To See19 pages
Ch.11: Sakaki Sensei18 pages
Ch.12: The First Blow25 pages
Ch.13: Weightless19 pages
Ch.14: The Fight's Inferno!19 pages
Ch.15: Honoka's Price18 pages
Ch.16: The Dream19 pages
Ch.17: Get Caught In The Neigborhood!23 pages
Ch.18: Are You Just Going To Leave23 pages
Ch.19: Small Seedling24 pages
Ch.20: Genius Of Weaponry26 pages
Ch.21: I Stand Corrected19 pages
Ch.22: Pink Coloured Muscles18 pages
Ch.23: Appachai's Training21 pages
Ch.24: Appachai's Training18 pages
Ch.25: Sakaki's Worry19 pages
Ch.26: Takeda's Scheme26 pages
Ch.27: In The Ring!28 pages
Ch.28: Takeda's Past22 pages
Ch.29: Consolation!21 pages
Ch.30: The Race Track And Families20 pages
Ch.31: The Fate Of Maskman19 pages
Ch.32: A New Opponent19 pages
Ch.33: Freedom19 pages
Ch.34: A New Killing Method21 pages
Ch.35: An Ally Appears!23 pages
Ch.36: Shady Plans23 pages
Ch.37: The Plans For My Disciple25 pages
Ch.38: Hot Springs23 pages
Ch.39: The Nosy Honoka19 pages
Ch.40: The Search21 pages
Ch.41: Rapid Fall In Ranking19 pages
Ch.42: Aim For The Blind Spot20 pages
Ch.43: Dojo Hunting20 pages
Ch.44: Best Disciple25 pages
Ch.45: To Horinji Island25 pages
Ch.46: Escape25 pages
Ch.47: Someone You Know21 pages
Ch.48: 8 Fist Heroes21 pages
Ch.49: Mophead Conclusion21 pages
Ch.50: Skills Training23 pages
Ch.51: Trace The Call!21 pages
Ch.52: Kisara's Skill18 pages
Ch.53: Niishira!!24 pages
Ch.54: The Rise Of Haruo23 pages
Ch.55: House Of Youkai20 pages
Ch.56: Juliet!21 pages
Ch.57: A Flash Of Melancholy21 pages
Ch.58: Found Out19 pages
Ch.59: Can't Pass Here!27 pages
Ch.60: Pierro21 pages
Ch.61: Hermit's True Appearance!20 pages
Ch.62: Fist Of Strength20 pages
Ch.63: Mountain Training Begins!25 pages
Ch.64: The Difference Is Tactics21 pages
Ch.65: The Talent Of Hard Work21 pages
Ch.66: Master Ba's Motive21 pages
Ch.67: The Chinatown Conspiracy21 pages
Ch.68: Blood Relative21 pages
Ch.69: Thanks19 pages
Ch.70: Shinpaku Rengou Formation28 pages
Ch.71: Battle Of Deception20 pages
Ch.72: Niijima Vs The Zombie20 pages
Ch.73: Because He's A Bad Friend20 pages
Ch.74: Night Of The Living Dead18 pages
Ch.75: Drink The Whole Thing19 pages
Ch.76: The Zero Beat Attack20 pages
Ch.77: Fierce Fight Home Visit! Part 120 pages
Ch.78: Fierce Fight Home Visit! Part 223 pages
Ch.79: Until Its Worn Out!!18 pages
Ch.80: The Face is Nice!!20 pages
Ch.81: Big Brother21 pages
Ch.82: Crash20 pages
Ch.83: Akisame's Wager19 pages
Ch.84: Hermit's Cross23 pages
Ch.85: The Fist18 pages
Ch.86: Kensei19 pages
Ch.87: Take Him!!20 pages
Ch.88: Bloody Battle of Exhaustion!!24 pages
Ch.89: Path of the Hermit23 pages
Ch.90: The Stray Novice20 pages
Ch.91: The Man From Ryozampaku21 pages
Ch.92: Lets Believe in Our Masters!!21 pages
Ch.93: My Finishing Move Is19 pages
Ch.94: Miu-chan, Upset21 pages
Ch.95: Fierce Fight - Triangle Relationship18 pages
Ch.96: Poolside Spirit20 pages
Ch.97: Fight Skillfully21 pages
Ch.98: Terror of the Sumo Ring28 pages
Ch.99: Pride of the Ring25 pages
Ch.100: Teacher vs Disciple24 pages
Ch.101: See You in the Alley18 pages
Ch.102: Two For One20 pages
Ch.103: Tag Me In20 pages
Ch.104: The Mouse's Fireworks!19 pages
Ch.105: The Owner of Yourself!19 pages
Ch.106: The Old Tale of the Elder20 pages
Ch.107: The Cherry Giving Giant!29 pages
Ch.108: Fierce Battle on the High Seas!23 pages
Ch.109: Secret Technique21 pages
Ch.110: Battle Plan H20 pages
Ch.111: A Visit from Father!20 pages
Ch.112: A Father's Punch19 pages
Ch.113: Days of Peace20 pages
Ch.114: Meeting Place20 pages
Ch.115: True Strength Revealed!20 pages
Ch.116: Seikuken22 pages
Ch.117: Elder in Action!25 pages
Ch.118: Hunger Strikes20 pages
Ch.119: Outdoor Survival at its Worst20 pages
Ch.12019 pages
Ch.121: The Limiter20 pages
Ch.122: Escape From Death20 pages
Ch.123: Party...Heaven and Earth20 pages
Ch.124: The Hunt for Shinpaku Begins24 pages
Ch.125: Run Away Niigima22 pages
Ch.126: Requiem26 pages
Ch.127: That Guy's Ideals!20 pages
Ch.128: Dance...Kisara!20 pages
Ch.129: Nijima's Will22 pages
Ch.130: Revolution24 pages
Ch.131: Quick Turn for the Worse20 pages
Ch.132: Battle Places!20 pages
Ch.133: Excitement and Stubbornness21 pages
Ch.134: Exterminating Evil27 pages
Ch.135: Battle of the Aces!25 pages
Ch.136: The one who deceives20 pages
Ch.137: Invisible Spear21 pages
Ch.138: Meeting21 pages
Ch.139: Nice Dodge, Kenichi!23 pages
Ch.140: Ryozanpaku's Rhythm21 pages
Ch.141: That Day21 pages
Ch.142: It's Time20 pages
Ch.143: Result of the Promise21 pages
Ch.144: One's Own Strength26 pages
Ch.145: Business23 pages
Ch.146: Assassin of Beauty20 pages
Ch.147: Master Train21 pages
Ch.148: Battle of the Twin Towers22 pages
Ch.149: Interesting Disciple20 pages
Ch.150: Well Then, Let's Do Our Best21 pages
Ch.151: Gentle Legend22 pages
Ch.152: Shigure's Reasons25 pages
Ch.153: Hitogiri Bouchou26 pages
Ch.154: He is Awkward21 pages
Ch.155: As a Father19 pages
Ch.156: Your Name Is22 pages
Ch.157: The Flower within Yami20 pages
Ch.158: Meeting Again21 pages
Ch.159: The Fight's Presence21 pages
Ch.160: The Assassin's Power20 pages
Ch.161: The Disciple's Arrival30 pages
Ch.162: Ghostly Attack27 pages
Ch.163: The Battle's Stance20 pages
Ch.164: The Flower Garden's Tears20 pages
Ch.165: The Master Missile20 pages
Ch.166: A Master and a Father19 pages
Ch.167: The Nine Shadow Fists22 pages
Ch.168: Worrying Youngsters21 pages
Ch.169: Step into the Darkness21 pages
Ch.170: A Special Day21 pages
Ch.171: Found Wings21 pages
Ch.172: Don't Go!!22 pages
Ch.173: God of Destruction Lives Under a Bridge22 pages
Ch.174: The Gong of a Battle21 pages
Ch.175: Soldier of Darkness21 pages
Ch.176: Perfect Mission20 pages
Ch.177: Master Trap21 pages
Ch.178: The Battlefield is Ryouzanpaku23 pages
Ch.179: Impossible Analysis24 pages
Ch.180: All Out War20 pages
Ch.181: The Lure on Top of the Snow21 pages
Ch.182: Desperate Fight on Snow22 pages
Ch.183: The King of the Snow Field21 pages
Ch.184: The Declaration in the Blizzard20 pages
Ch.185: Determination to Fight to the Death21 pages
Ch.186: The Night of Revolution21 pages
Ch.187: The Will of the King20 pages
Ch.188: Tragic Disciple26 pages
Ch.189: Who is Number 121 pages
Ch.190: Proof of Strength20 pages
Ch.191: Master Children19 pages
Ch.192: Everyone's Here21 pages
Ch.193: Things I Am Capable Of20 pages
Ch.194: Knifes Swords And My Fists19 pages
Ch.195: Diamond And Clay20 pages
Ch.196: Invitation Letter19 pages
Ch.197: Meaning Of An Adventure20 pages
Ch.198: Cross the Line19 pages
Ch.199: Paradise19 pages
Ch.200: Shinpaku Alliance Taking Control17 pages
Ch.201: Night of Determination21 pages
Ch.202: Continued Battle20 pages
Ch.203: The Will of Defeat20 pages
Ch.204: Takeda, Jump!18 pages
Ch.205: Fight to the Death21 pages
Ch.206: Fierce Butterfly19 pages
Ch.207: Lightning Lady18 pages
Ch.208: Courage Controlling Technique17 pages
Ch.209: I Am The Super Teenager!17 pages
Ch.210: The 3 Greatest Martial Arts18 pages
Ch.211: A Different Battle to the Death18 pages
Ch.212: The True Meaning of 2 vs 3!21 pages
Ch.213: The Power of Friendship21 pages
Ch.214: Fierce Taichi19 pages
Ch.215: Flowing Water Head Butt19 pages
Ch.216: Secret Move of Hatred20 pages
Ch.217: After Struggling Through18 pages
Ch.218: For the Sake of Getting Stronger19 pages
Ch.219: The Messenger from Yami18 pages
Ch.220: Violet Moon17 pages
Ch.221: The Man of Misfortune18 pages
Ch.222: Fallen Wings17 pages
Ch.223: A Fight During the Crucial Moment19 pages
Ch.224: Each of Their Attacks19 pages
Ch.225: Show Time18 pages
Ch.226: Showing Off19 pages
Ch.227: Bitter Memories22 pages
Ch.228: A New Deal20 pages
Ch.229: The Appropriate Martial Arts18 pages
Ch.230: The Mysterious... Hell18 pages
Ch.231: Garyu X 2 = !18 pages
Ch.232: Awakening from Beyond18 pages
Ch.233: Supreme Teachings17 pages
Ch.234: Result of the Sparring20 pages
Ch.235: Our Bond22 pages
Ch.236: Descend of Friendship19 pages
Ch.237: Plan Failed18 pages
Ch.238: Nirvana no Canon24 pages
Ch.239: Invincible Siegfried18 pages
Ch.240: Kisara's Will18 pages
Ch.241: Yomi - Asamiya Ryuuto19 pages
Ch.242: The Kuremisago18 pages
Ch.243: Source of Movements18 pages
Ch.244: Ray of Hope18 pages
Ch.245: Winner of the Brawl18 pages
Ch.246: Beginning of a Tragedy18 pages
Ch.247: Fists of Fury22 pages
Ch.248: The Great Raid25 pages
Ch.249: The Person I Made a Promise With17 pages
Ch.250: Direct Teaching19 pages
Ch.251: Fortuna's Counterattack15 pages
Ch.252: Dance with the Superhumans18 pages
Ch.253: Fortuna, Master Class18 pages
Ch.254: Concert of Friendship18 pages
Ch.255: Shinpaku Alliance Gathered18 pages
Ch.256: Combined Strength17 pages
Ch.257: Awakening23 pages
Ch.258: Ryusui Seikuken18 pages
Ch.259: Martial Arts Without Feelings19 pages
Ch.260: Test Subject17 pages
Ch.261: Ryusui Seikuken's True Meaning18 pages
Ch.262: Disciples Of 2 Masters17 pages
Ch.263: The Result of the Death Match17 pages
Ch.264: Flight Towards Freedom18 pages
Ch.265: Return of the Winners18 pages
Ch.266: Kajima Satomi18 pages
Ch.267: New Semester New Enemies15 pages
Ch.268: Enlightenment Of The Satsujin Ken19 pages
Ch.269: Yomi in High School18 pages
Ch.270: Fist of Destruction, Alexander Gaidar18 pages
Ch.271: Determination as a Martial Artist19 pages
Ch.272: Night of the Super Masters18 pages
Ch.273: Complete the Mission17 pages
Ch.274: Quality of a Disciple18 pages
Ch.275: Bond Between Master and Disciple17 pages
Ch.276: Capability Of A Disciple18 pages
Ch.277: United We Stand18 pages
Ch.278: In the Same Boat19 pages
Ch.279: Battle on the Horse19 pages
Ch.280: House of Battle19 pages
Ch.281: The Person Wo Knows About Weak Points19 pages
Ch.282: Terror! The Killing Fist18 pages
Ch.283: Seed of Terror18 pages
Ch.284: Rules Your World18 pages
Ch.285: Pick Up Your Sword!18 pages
Ch.286: The Man of Tsubanari18 pages
Ch.287: Armguards of Determination17 pages
Ch.288: Fear Detector18 pages
Ch.289: Blade of Condolence18 pages
Ch.290: The Unforgivable Person18 pages
Ch.291: Heart and Blade Become One17 pages
Ch.292: The Blade that Cannot be Broken19 pages
Ch.293: Return of the Soldiers!!18 pages
Ch.294: In the Same Boat19 pages
Ch.295: Mountain Unit17 pages
Ch.296: Begin the Operation17 pages
Ch.297: Forceful Breakthrough!!18 pages
Ch.298: Summoning Flute of the Demon14 pages
Ch.299: Undercover Man5 pages
Ch.300: Vs Mission21 pages
Ch.301: Ultimate Partnership18 pages
Ch.302: The Evolutionary Mankind18 pages
Ch.303: Determination of a Fight to Death19 pages
Ch.304: Decision of the Master and His Disciple16 pages
Ch.305: The Lingering Sound of Victory19 pages
Ch.306: Things the Eye Cannot See19 pages
Ch.307: Worst Mismatch19 pages
Ch.308: Fighting in My Own Way19 pages
Ch.309: A Catastrophic Premonition18 pages
Ch.310: A Hair's Breadth From a Crisis!17 pages
Ch.311: The Battle of the Shockwave's Orbits18 pages
Ch.312: The Underground Muay Tuai World's God of Death18 pages
Ch.313: The Right Person for the Right Time18 pages
Ch.314: Troublemaker22 pages
Ch.315: True Self19 pages
Ch.316: A Small Change18 pages
Ch.317: The Best Training19 pages
Ch.318: The Best Underground Boxing19 pages
Ch.319: The Biggest Weakness18 pages
Ch.320: Tenacity Towards Victory19 pages
Ch.321: Full Power16 pages
Ch.322: Moustaches and Bonds18 pages
Ch.323: Good Fortune Comes to Those Who Smile!19 pages
Ch.324: Their Respective Intentions18 pages
Ch.325: The Sinister Party19 pages
Ch.326: Things That Should be Protected18 pages
Ch.327: Master March16 pages
Ch.328: Full of Openings19 pages
Ch.329: Angry Masters14 pages
Ch.330: Timer Activated18 pages
Ch.331: Can't Hold Back17 pages
Ch.332: On Top of the Sea18 pages
Ch.333: Entertainer16 pages
Ch.334: Finale18 pages
Ch.335: Get Stronger!19 pages
Ch.336: Normal Girl18 pages
Ch.337: The Long Awaited Chance19 pages
Ch.338: Proposal19 pages
Ch.339: A Counter Strategy18 pages
Ch.340: The Theory Of Development19 pages
Ch.341: The Wall to Overcome18 pages
Ch.342: The Sprouts of Effort17 pages
Ch.343: The Strength of His Balance18 pages
Ch.344: The Day Before the Fight16 pages
Ch.345: Slow Starter16 pages
Ch.346: The Seeds of Fear18 pages
Ch.347: Trump Card17 pages
Ch.348: Korui Nuki16 pages
Ch.349: Commence the Break In18 pages
Ch.350: Rescue Mission19 pages
Ch.351: Goodbye17 pages
Ch.352: Tanimoto Natsu16 pages
Ch.353: True Form17 pages
Ch.354: Death Match16 pages
Ch.355: Yomi, The Decider16 pages
Ch.356: The Promise Made To Honoka18 pages
Ch.357: Kenichi's Choice20 pages
Ch.358: The Weapon User And The Unarmed Division18 pages
Ch.359: Red Feather Sword18 pages
Ch.360: The Struggle For Excellent Swords17 pages
Ch.361: Setsunamaru Vs Akabanetou20 pages
Ch.362: And A Hero Comes Along19 pages
Ch.363: Local Battle18 pages
Ch.364: The Real Masters18 pages
Ch.365: Kushinada's Juujutsu18 pages
Ch.366: Unfortunate Words17 pages
Ch.367: Power To Face It19 pages
Ch.368: Level-Up20 pages
Ch.369: Tanaka Tsutomu19 pages
Ch.370: Interdisciplinary Sparring Match18 pages
Ch.371: Two Similar Fighters20 pages
Ch.372: Anti-Weapon Battle20 pages
Ch.373: The United20 pages
Ch.374: Weapons, Face Off!!17 pages
Ch.375: All Out War19 pages
Ch.376: An Unexpected Obstacle18 pages
Ch.377: Cut Down19 pages
Ch.378: A Disciple of the Armed Division18 pages
Ch.379: Kugatchi Style Ju-Jutsu17 pages
Ch.38018 pages
Ch.380.5: Gaiden23 pages
Ch.381: Reaction20 pages
Ch.382: To Okinawa18 pages
Ch.383: Anxious Friends20 pages
Ch.384: Front-On Attack18 pages
Ch.385: Base Invasion18 pages
Ch.386: Battles On All Fronts18 pages
Ch.387: Shigure Vs The Lance of the West17 pages
Ch.388: Ma Vs Akisame19 pages
Ch.389: Akisame Vs The Spear Of The East18 pages
Ch.390: Ma Vs Kyoken no Izayoi18 pages
Ch.391: Sakaki Vs The Spear Of The Core18 pages
Ch.392: Start Of The Decisive Battle19 pages
Ch.393: Akisame Style Information Confrontation21 pages
Ch.394: A Meeting In The Underground Muay Thai World20 pages
Ch.395: Underground Muay Thai World19 pages
Ch.396: Muay Boran20 pages
Ch.397: Revenge19 pages
Ch.398: Spirit Of Disciple19 pages
Ch.399: Screams Of The Heart18 pages
Ch.400: The Grand Conclusion18 pages
Ch.401: Broken Soul17 pages
Ch.402: The Abyss of the Heart17 pages
Ch.403: The Ones That Stand Up16 pages
Ch.404: The Fundamental Technique16 pages
Ch.405: Even In Death17 pages
Ch.406: The Path of Strength16 pages
Ch.407: The Parting of the Shinigami18 pages
Ch.408: The End of the Fight19 pages
Ch.409: The Wanted Men18 pages
Ch.410: Young Detective Squad20 pages
Ch.411: Time to Fulfill That Promise18 pages
Ch.412: Priest Soldier20 pages
Ch.413: The Traitor19 pages
Ch.414: Tiger at the Front Gate, Wolf at the Back Gate20 pages
Ch.415: Battle For The Disc19 pages
Ch.416: Reinforcements Arrive!19 pages
Ch.417: The girl that is way too fast19 pages
Ch.418: Sense of the Sixth Virtue18 pages
Ch.419: Friendship's All Out War16 pages
Ch.420: The Location of the Data17 pages
Ch.421: Vs. Mastermind17 pages
Ch.422: Sakaki's Rage11 pages
Ch.423: Developments17 pages
Ch.424: Common People Observing Journal18 pages
Ch.425: I Want to Ask!18 pages
Ch.426: The Mystery of the Kuremisago18 pages
Ch.427: Unhabited Village16 pages
Ch.428: Revenge16 pages
Ch.429: Why is he dead18 pages
Ch.430: Saiga and Shizuha17 pages
Ch.431: An Approaching Life or Death Battle18 pages
Ch.432: The One Shadow Nine First's Scheme17 pages
Ch.433: The Two Rivals Start To Move18 pages
Ch.434: Yami's Chivalrous Order17 pages
Ch.435: The True Karate16 pages
Ch.436: The Battle of Shockwave's Orbit19 pages
Ch.437: The Three Men Of Valour17 pages
Ch.438: Diligent Study18 pages
Ch.439: Ambush19 pages
Ch.440: Suzuki Hajime's Dream17 pages
Ch.441: Man of Darkness17 pages
Ch.442: Death Match17 pages
Ch.443: Selfishness17 pages
Ch.444: Katsujin and Satsujin17 pages
Ch.445: Lump of Martial Arts19 pages
Ch.446: Miu's Fury19 pages
Ch.447: Fight for Miu19 pages
Ch.448: Miu's Whereabouts19 pages
Ch.449: A Village Deep In The Mountains19 pages
Ch.450: Tidat's Kingdom19 pages
Ch.451: To Tidat Kingdom18 pages
Ch.452: Follow the Lead18 pages
Ch.453: Successor to the Throne23 pages
Ch.454: Oath of the Queen19 pages
Ch.455: Clue19 pages
Ch.456: Bulu Indah17 pages
Ch.457: Common Front18 pages
Ch.458: Junazard's Ulterior Motive19 pages
Ch.459: A Heartless Opponent19 pages
Ch.460: A Fractured Heart18 pages
Ch.461: The Next Assassin17 pages
Ch.462: Pride and Faith18 pages
Ch.463: Things You Should Protect16 pages
Ch.464: Promise18 pages
Ch.476: Martial Arts for Beliefs’ Sake18 pages
Vol.58 Ch.557.5: Volume 58 Extra9 pages
Vol.59 Ch.567.5: Volume 59 Extra9 pages
Vol.60 Ch.576.5: Volume 60 Extra10 pages
Vol.61 Ch.583.5: Volume 61 Extra10 pages
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