Ch.1: Kiss For Salome50 pages
Ch.2: Living Dead48 pages
Ch.3: Gate Open44 pages
Ch.4: Fortress46 pages
Ch.5: Stay45 pages
Ch.6: Dead or alive47 pages
Ch.7: Heavenly Blue49 pages
Ch.8: v.2 Time goes by47 pages
Ch.9: Stigma46 pages
Ch.10: Lost Reason45 pages
Ch.11: Time will tell45 pages
Ch.12: Only today47 pages
Ch.13: Reincarnation46 pages
Ch.14v2: Strike back of PSYCO (1)47 pages
Ch.15: Strike back of PSYCO (2)45 pages
Ch.16: Droplet of dreams43 pages
Vol.5 Ch.17: Perfect Future29 pages
Vol.5 Ch.18: Crazy Jet27 pages
Vol.5 Ch.19: One way25 pages
Vol.5 Ch.20: Last Resort50 pages
Vol.6 Ch.21: Missing you45 pages
Vol.6 Ch.22: For the Next Gate49 pages
Vol.6 Ch.23: VS47 pages
Vol.6 Ch.24: Ninth48 pages
Vol.7 Ch.25: Shining Collection51 pages
Vol.7 Ch.26: Survive49 pages
Vol.7 Ch.27: Midnight Parade46 pages
Vol.7 Ch.28: War Zone46 pages
Vol.8 Ch.29: Dark Half50 pages
Vol.8 Ch.30: Hello, again49 pages
Vol.8 Ch.31: Future Harvest50 pages
Vol.8 Ch.31.5: Another Beginning39 pages
Vol.9 Ch.32: Prelude to Demise53 pages
Vol.9 Ch.33: Inevitable48 pages
Vol.9 Ch.34: Wriggling and Throbbing48 pages
Vol.9 Ch.35: The Seed of the Devil50 pages
Vol.10 Ch.36: End of the Self50 pages
Vol.10 Ch.37: The Strongest Powers45 pages
Vol.10 Ch.38: Stop Him46 pages
Vol.10 Ch.39: Afterwards51 pages
Vol.11 Ch.40: Awaken49 pages
Vol.11 Ch.41: Transfer of the Core49 pages
Vol.11 Ch.42: It Begins46 pages
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