Vol.0 Ch.0: Pilot44 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1: Mother's Memento53 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: Master!28 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: Library and Childhood Friend30 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: Library and Childhood Friend 231 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Curse29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.6: Arm Wrestling25 pages
Vol.2 Ch.6.1: (bonus pages) (Ver. 0)4 pages
Vol.2 Ch.7: Local Diety23 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: Divine Fury27 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: Watershed33 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: Intensive Training24 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: Spacing37 pages
Vol.3 Ch.12: Memories and Childhood Friends 126 pages
Vol.3 Ch.13: Memories and Childhood Friends 226 pages
Vol.3 Ch.14: Romero Special32 pages
Vol.4 Ch.15: Kaneyama-san31 pages
Vol.4 Ch.15.1: (bonus pages) (Ver. 0)3 pages
Vol.3 Ch.16: Letter, Pt. 122 pages
Vol.3 Ch.17: Letter, Pt. 223 pages
Vol.3 Ch.18: (v2) Letter, Pt. 338 pages
Vol.3 Ch.18.1: (bonus pages) (Ver. 0)3 pages
Vol.3 Ch.18.6: (bonus pages) (Ver. 0 v2)4 pages
Vol.4 Ch.19: One Day at the Kagami Home18 pages
Vol.4 Ch.19.1: (bonus pages) (Ver. 0)3 pages
Vol.4 Ch.20: Fist Pt. 116 pages
Vol.4 Ch.21: Fist Pt. 2 (Ver. α)31 pages
Vol.4 Ch.22: Nemesis (Ver. α)26 pages
Vol.4 Ch.23: Naked Blanket Roll (Ver. α2.1)24 pages
Vol.4 Ch.23.64: (bonus pages) (Ver. α)3 pages
Vol.4 Ch.23.99: Dangling Tsugumomo3 pages
Vol.5 Ch.24: Night Before the Confrontation (Ver. α)32 pages
Vol.5 Ch.24.1: (bonus pages) (Ver. α)3 pages
Vol.5 Ch.25: Into a Dream (Ver. α)15 pages
Vol.5 Ch.25.1: (bonus pages) (Ver. α)3 pages
Vol.5 Ch.26: Sunao vs Kazuya (ver. 0v2)24 pages
Vol.5 Ch.27: Sunao vs Kazuya 2 (ver. α)22 pages
Vol.5 Ch.28: Sunao vs Kazuya 3 (ver. α)23 pages
Vol.5 Ch.29: Sunao vs Kazuya 4 (ver. α)20 pages
Vol.5 Ch.29.1: (bonus pages) (Ver. αv2)6 pages
Vol.5 Ch.29.5: Popularity boosting perfume (bonus chapter) (Ver. α)24 pages
Vol.5 Ch.29.6+: (bonus pages + omake) (Ver. α)10 pages
Vol.6 Ch.30: Reward (ver. 0)34 pages
Vol.6 Ch.30.1: (bonus pages) (ver. 0)6 pages
Vol.6 Ch.31: Memory (ver. 0)30 pages
Vol.6 Ch.31.1: (bonus pages) (ver. 0)3 pages
Vol.6 Ch.32: Fake Marriage Part 1 (ver. 0)28 pages
Vol.6 Ch.32.1: (bonus pages) (ver. 0)7 pages
Vol.6 Ch.33: Fake Marriage Part 2 (ver. 0)33 pages
Vol.6 Ch.33.1: (bonus pages) (ver. 0)6 pages
Vol.6 Ch.34: Kazuya's Fist (ver. 0)27 pages
Vol.6 Ch.34.1: (bonus pages) (ver. 0)3 pages
Vol.6 Ch.34.2: MomoImo (bonus pages) (ver. 0)5 pages
Vol.7 Ch.35: Counselling Office 134 pages
Vol.7 Ch.35.1: (bonus pages) (ver. 0)6 pages
Vol.7 Ch.36: Counselling Office 235 pages
Vol.7 Ch.37: Rowdy Shirou-Kun 130 pages
Vol.7 Ch.38: Rowdy Shirou-Kun 231 pages
Vol.7 Ch.39: Rowdy Shirou-Kun 328 pages
Vol.8 Ch.40: Rowdy Shirou-Kun 447 pages
Vol.8 Ch.41: Breasts and Advisor27 pages
Vol.8 Ch.42: Reversal! 119 pages
Vol.8 Ch.43: Reversal! 229 pages
Vol.8 Ch.44: Reversal! 321 pages
Vol.8 Ch.44.1: (extra chapters)22 pages
Vol.9 Ch.45: Reversal! 443 pages
Vol.9 Ch.46: Reversal! 537 pages
Vol.9 Ch.46.1: (bonus pages) (ver. 0)7 pages
Vol.9 Ch.47: Kirio in Top Form17 pages
Vol.9 Ch.48: v2 Sunao and Kotetsu41 pages
Vol.9 Ch.48.1: Extra4 pages
Vol.9 Ch.48.2: Chapter 46 Extra Scenes17 pages
Vol.10 Ch.49: Red Bowl31 pages
Vol.10 Ch.50: Mayoiga22 pages
Vol.10 Ch.51: Stone Shard21 pages
Vol.10 Ch.52: Azami31 pages
Vol.10 Ch.53: Fight 129 pages
Vol.10 Ch.54: Fight 231 pages
Vol.10 Ch.54.1: (extra chapters)24 pages
Vol.11 Ch.54.2: The Tale of Fuu's Demons (Special #2)33 pages
Vol.11 Ch.54.3: Kakuen no Hinagiku Crossover47 pages
Vol.11 Ch.54.9: Kakuen no Hinagiku Crossover47 pages
Vol.11 Ch.55: Another Dream Encounter29 pages
Vol.11 Ch.56: Love Backgammon Quiz37 pages
Vol.11 Ch.57: New Club Members24 pages
Vol.12 Ch.58: Assassins 132 pages
Vol.12 Ch.59: Assassins 224 pages
Vol.12 Ch.60: Assassins 331 pages
Vol.12 Ch.61: Assassins 436 pages
Vol.12 Ch.62: Disturbance in Mayoiga43 pages
Vol.13 Ch.62.1: Kagami Kazuya's Daily Life38 pages
Vol.13 Ch.63: Reconciliation29 pages
Vol.13 Ch.64: Transfer Student33 pages
Vol.13 Ch.65: The Great Ship34 pages
Vol.13 Ch.66: Showdown at the Summit32 pages
Vol.11 Ch.67: Kanaka27 pages
Vol.14 Ch.67: Kanaka 131 pages
Vol.11 Ch.68: Kanaka 233 pages
Vol.14 Ch.68: Kanaka 234 pages
Vol.14 Ch.69: Kanaka 327 pages
Vol.14 Ch.70: Kanaka 429 pages
Vol.14 Ch.71: Kanaka 531 pages
Vol.14 Ch.71.1: Volume 14 Omakes12 pages
Vol.15 Ch.72: Kanaka and Kiriha 135 pages
Vol.15 Ch.73: Kanaka and Kiriha 231 pages
Vol.15 Ch.74: Kanaka and Kiriha 334 pages
Vol.15 Ch.75: Appointment to Kamioka 132 pages
Vol.15 Ch.76: Appointment to Kamioka 233 pages
Vol.15 Ch.77.1: Together with God 117 pages
Vol.15 Ch.77.2: Together with God 215 pages
Ch.7835 pages
Vol.16 Ch.78: Kanaka and Succession35 pages
Ch.7933 pages
Vol.16 Ch.79: Kazuya's Past33 pages
Vol.16 Ch.80: Kazuya And Azami31 pages
Vol.16 Ch.81: Kazuya And Azami 227 pages
Vol.17 Ch.82: Kazuya And Azami 327 pages
Vol.17 Ch.83: Kanaka's Death27 pages
Vol.17 Ch.84: Black Heart32 pages
Vol.17 Ch.85: Past Trivalities31 pages
Vol.17 Ch.86: Welcome to Tsuzura Temple31 pages
Vol.18 Ch.87: Kyouka31 pages
Vol.18 Ch.88: Kyouka 216 pages
Vol.18 Ch.89: Negotiation19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.90: Strategy Conference29 pages
Vol.18 Ch.91: Kazuya's Partner29 pages
Vol.19 Ch.92: Kazuya and Kyouka31 pages
Vol.19 Ch.93: Nine Masters Tournement31 pages
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