Vol.1 Ch.1-592 pages
Vol.2 Ch.6: Piercing through the Heart42 pages
Vol.2 Ch.7: 8 Out of 634 is Fine27 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: Monster School Building29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: Cloudy with ligh showers,with panties in soma regions29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: Sad Color Under The Moon27 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1130 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1229 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1329 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1427 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1552 pages
Vol.4 Ch.16: Warrior's Dream31 pages
Vol.4 Ch.1636 pages
Vol.4 Ch.1727 pages
Vol.4 Ch.1831 pages
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