Vol.1 Ch.0: (Prelude) Kanojo wa Kannou Shousetsuka [She's an Erotic Writer]33 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1: He's An Erotica Editor28 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: He's an S!16 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: She's an M!19 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: He's A Pushover19 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: She's Hard To Handle20 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: He's Cursed21 pages
Vol.1 Ch.7: He's Abominable21 pages
Vol.1 Ch.8: He's a Maid23 pages
Vol.1 Ch.9: He can't see the obvious22 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: She's Persistent25 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: She's Complicated19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.12: He Causes Problems20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.13: He wants to get trampled20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.14: He takes things seriously22 pages
Vol.2 Ch.15: He's someone who has a tough row to hoe20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.16: He's someone who is easy to deceive24 pages
Vol.2 Ch.17: He's a troubled person21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.18: He's a Thoughtless Person19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.19: He's A Pure Person20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.20: He's Sensitive to Stimulation!28 pages
Vol.3 Ch.20.5: Extra10 pages
Vol.3 Ch.21: He Burns with Aspiration26 pages
Vol.3 Ch.22: He's Abused20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.23: He can brush off arousal22 pages
Vol.3 Ch.24: He Can Endure Being Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.25: He holds a flower in each hand20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.26: He Can Withstand Unseen Stimulation20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.27: He Rewards The Faith Others Have In Him20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.28: She Hates Women19 pages
Vol.3 Ch.29: She Falls Into Traps22 pages
Vol.3 Ch.30: He's Someone Who Can Get To The Bottom Of Things26 pages
Vol.4 Ch.31: He Comes Up With Good Ideas28 pages
Vol.4 Ch.32: He's Someone Who Can Be Relied On17 pages
Vol.4 Ch.33: He's Someone Who Was Left Out19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.34: He's Someone Who Can Be Enchanted20 pages
Vol.4 Ch.35: He's Someone Whom She Cares About19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.36: She's Someone Who Is Highly Inquistive21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.37: She's Someone Who Overdoes It22 pages
Vol.4 Ch.38: She's Someone Who Gets Extremely Jealous21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.39: She's An Unlucky Person21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.40: She's A Tragic Person23 pages
Vol.5 Ch.41: She's Someone Who's Had a Tragic Past22 pages
Vol.5 Ch.42: She's a Pure Person22 pages
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