Ch.1: c01-09(HQ)182 pages
Ch.2: The Shrunken Detective28 pages
Ch.3: The Left Out Detective16 pages
Ch.4: The Sixth Chimney16 pages
Ch.5: One More Criminal16 pages
Ch.6: Confused Detective to Great Detective16 pages
Ch.7: The Bloody Idol17 pages
Ch.8: A Person Who Looks Like You16 pages
Ch.9: Unhappy Misunderstanding16 pages
Ch.10: A Lucrative Shadowing21 pages
Ch.11: The Perfect Alibi16 pages
Ch.12: The Photos Speak16 pages
Ch.13: The Missing Man16 pages
Ch.14: The Pitiful Girl18 pages
Ch.15: Chase the Giant!18 pages
Ch.16: The Devilish Woman19 pages
Ch.17: Mansion of Terror16 pages
Ch.18: The Vanishing Children16 pages
Ch.19: Nightmare in the Cellar22 pages
Ch.20: The Hatamoto Family23 pages
Ch.21: The Secret of the Impenetrable Room18 pages
Ch.22: The Location of the Inheritance16 pages
Ch.23: Family Obliteration18 pages
Ch.24: Trap-Springer in the Dark18 pages
Ch.25: The Dream that Will Not Come True18 pages
Ch.26: Curious Presents16 pages
Ch.27: The Same Person16 pages
Ch.28: The Mystery of August 3rd16 pages
Ch.29: Safe Before Your Eyes19 pages
Ch.30: The Armored Knight21 pages
Ch.31: Dying Message16 pages
Ch.32: The Pen That Cannot Write16 pages
Ch.33: Running into the Two17 pages
Ch.34: The Four in the Green Car18 pages
Ch.35: The Last 10 Seconds of Terror19 pages
Ch.36: Code Sheet Obtained!!19 pages
Ch.37: The ABC's of Deciphering the Code Sheet19 pages
Ch.38: An Answer and Another Answer18 pages
Ch.39: The Shining Fish's True Form16 pages
Ch.40: The Mysterious... and Bandaged Man22 pages
Ch.41: The First Victim!17 pages
Ch.42: Ran's in Trouble16 pages
Ch.43: The Attack in the Dark16 pages
Ch.44: The Identity of the Murderer!16 pages
Ch.45: The Karaoke Killer!16 pages
Ch.46: Suicide or Homicide16 pages
Ch.47: The Mystery Hidden in the Song17 pages
Ch.48: How Lives Cross18 pages
Ch.49: An Unfamiliar Visitor16 pages
Ch.50: Escape and Pursuit18 pages
Ch.51: The Truth Under the Mask21 pages
Ch.52: Three Visitors17 pages
Ch.53: Alibis of the Three18 pages
Ch.54: The Mystery of the Answering Machine16 pages
Ch.55: Words on the Chest15 pages
Ch.56: Formation! The Detective Boys18 pages
Ch.57: Mysterious Brothers16 pages
Ch.58: The Mystery of the Moving Corpse18 pages
Ch.59: Festival Night18 pages
Ch.60: A Perfect Alibi18 pages
Ch.61: The Photo Trap19 pages
Ch.62: An Invitation to Tsukikage Island18 pages
Ch.63: The Piano's Curse16 pages
Ch.64: Left-Behind Musical Score18 pages
Ch.65: The Hellfire Secret16 pages
Ch.66: Blood-Stained Button18 pages
Ch.67: The Secret of the Name!18 pages
Ch.68: Shinichi's Sweetheart18 pages
Ch.69: Meitantei Ran!17 pages
Ch.70: A Time Limit on Life!17 pages
Ch.71: I've Finally Found You!!21 pages
Ch.72: Night Baron18 pages
Vol.8 Ch.72: The Night Baron19 pages
Ch.73: The Virus of Fear18 pages
Vol.8 Ch.73: Virus of Terror19 pages
Ch.74: Under the Mask18 pages
Ch.75: Ran's Tears18 pages
Ch.76: Tricks of the Wind!18 pages
Ch.77: Secret of the Spot of the Fall18 pages
Ch.78: The Tragedy of the Bride18 pages
Ch.79: Forbidden Lemon Tea17 pages
Ch.80: A Reason for Killing18 pages
Ch.81: A Dangerous Game of Hide-and-Seek18 pages
Ch.82: Follow the Voice!!18 pages
Ch.83: What! Really!18 pages
Ch.84: Kogorou's Class Reunion18 pages
Ch.85: An Unexpected Hint18 pages
Ch.86: The Two Benkei Standing Death17 pages
Ch.87: Choosing a Groom18 pages
Ch.88: The Encroaching Shadow16 pages
Ch.89: Another Body16 pages
Ch.90: Random Murders!16 pages
Ch.91: The Water Time-Difference Trick21 pages
Ch.92: The Great Detective of the West18 pages
Ch.93: Double Reasoning16 pages
Ch.94: The Great Detective of the East...!16 pages
Ch.95: The Great Detective of the East Appears!19 pages
Ch.96: A Burning Body19 pages
Ch.97: A Psycopath Prowls19 pages
Ch.98: An Additional Person18 pages
Ch.99: Snowstorm Tragedy19 pages
Ch.100: The Last Words18 pages
Ch.101: A Talking Cloth19 pages
Ch.102: Death, Live on TV19 pages
Ch.103: An Imaginary Itinerary19 pages
Ch.104: Flash News18 pages
Ch.105: A Key Character19 pages
Ch.106: The Weapon of the Crime17 pages
Ch.107: Two Mysteries17 pages
Ch.108: The Fasting Room19 pages
Ch.109: Sakura Flowers and the Hole in the Wall17 pages
Ch.110: The Power of Levitation19 pages
Ch.111: The Professor's Treasure Chest21 pages
Ch.112: The Black Sun17 pages
Ch.113: What a Treasure19 pages
Ch.114: An Unexpected Meeting19 pages
Ch.115: The Bomb's Destination19 pages
Ch.116: Conan's Mistake20 pages
Ch.117: Reunion at Mycroft18 pages
Ch.118: A Woman that Knew too Much19 pages
Ch.119: A Mysterious Explosion17 pages
Ch.120: A Discovered Lie18 pages
Ch.121: The Revelation21 pages
Ch.122: The Witnesses Are19 pages
Ch.123: The Triplets17 pages
Ch.124: A Really Sad Brothership19 pages
Ch.125: The Falling Corpse18 pages
Ch.126: The Suspicious Suicide17 pages
Ch.127: A Flower & the Butterfly20 pages
Ch.128: The Runaway19 pages
Ch.129: The Tragedy of the Monster Gomera19 pages
Ch.130: A Silhouette Which Disappears19 pages
Ch.131: Photograph as Evidence19 pages
Ch.132: Numbers on the Telephone19 pages
Ch.133: Murder Will Happen Soon19 pages
Ch.134: Question in Dead Leaves18 pages
Ch.135: In the Mother's Chest19 pages
Ch.136: Conan Grin19 pages
Ch.137: Yukiko Grin17 pages
Ch.138: The Other19 pages
Ch.139: Unexpected Crew19 pages
Ch.140: The Last Guest19 pages
Ch.141: It's Not There!16 pages
Ch.142: The Lost Weapon!16 pages
Ch.143: ... Truth from Tears17 pages
Ch.144: .The Same Voice18 pages
Ch.145: What They Are After16 pages
Ch.146: Duet17 pages
Ch.147: Lick Your Thumb18 pages
Ch.148: A Magic Trick18 pages
Ch.149: The Call of Evil18 pages
Ch.150: The Blood-Stained Bandage18 pages
Ch.151: White Murderer17 pages
Ch.152: Truth of the Telephone18 pages
Ch.153: Bonds of Flame18 pages
Ch.154: Strange Wonders of the School18 pages
Ch.155: Is Someone There!18 pages
Ch.156: Chance Meeting18 pages
Ch.157: Anihilation16 pages
Ch.158: Presence16 pages
Ch.159: Finale18 pages
Ch.160: The Machination of the Potter18 pages
Ch.161: The Unmoving Evidence20 pages
Ch.162: Killed by a Sound!18 pages
Ch.163: Three Puzzled Tricks17 pages
Ch.164: Lost Weapon18 pages
Ch.165: How Could I Forget It18 pages
Ch.166: What Should We Do18 pages
Ch.167: The Cuckoo Clock16 pages
Ch.168: The Demon Appears18 pages
Ch.169: L.N.R18 pages
Ch.170: The Actors Gathered18 pages
Ch.171: c171-180(HQ)179 pages
Ch.172: Two Rooms18 pages
Ch.173: First Love18 pages
Ch.174: ... The Burning Truth18 pages
Ch.175: ... Unlock Your Heart18 pages
Ch.176: The New Student18 pages
Ch.177: The Lady in Black18 pages
Ch.178: Code Name Sherry16 pages
Ch.179: The Girl Made of Lies18 pages
Ch.180: Checkmate18 pages
Ch.181: c181-190(HQ)177 pages
Ch.182: The Writer that Disappeared18 pages
Ch.183: Climax of 1219 pages
Ch.184: In France19 pages
Ch.185: The Living City18 pages
Ch.186: The Fourth Wallet16 pages
Ch.187: In the Wallet16 pages
Ch.188: The Secret of the Driving License18 pages
Ch.189: The Endangered Ball18 pages
Ch.190: The 56 Thousand Hostages16 pages
Ch.191: c191-200(HQ)178 pages
Ch.192: Run Away18 pages
Ch.193: In the Middle of the Snow16 pages
Ch.194: Suspect Behaviors18 pages
Ch.195: Search18 pages
Ch.196: From Sky18 pages
Ch.197: Goodbye18 pages
Ch.198: Tangible Proof18 pages
Ch.199: Sisterly Love18 pages
Ch.200: Invitation to an Isolated Castle16 pages
Ch.201: c201-211(HQ)189 pages
Ch.202: Countdown16 pages
Ch.203: The Ivory Tower18 pages
Ch.204: The Initial Calling18 pages
Ch.205: Midair Sealed Chamber16 pages
Ch.206: The Last Trump Card16 pages
Ch.207: Hidden Within the Depth of the Heart18 pages
Ch.208: The Sakurada Gate18 pages
Ch.209: The Inspector Leads the Investigation16 pages
Ch.210: An Unexpected Rival18 pages
Ch.211: A Nice Day in Tokyo18 pages
Ch.212: c212-221(HQ)177 pages
Ch.213: The Evidence16 pages
Ch.214: The Last Laugh18 pages
Ch.215: The Northbound Train18 pages
Ch.216: Search the Train18 pages
Ch.217: ...To Be Continued18 pages
Ch.218: The Last Station18 pages
Ch.219: Go On, Sonoko!18 pages
Ch.220: The Sleeping Beauty18 pages
Ch.221: The Prince With A Kick18 pages
Ch.222: c222-231(HQ)177 pages
Ch.223: Truth In The Mirror16 pages
Ch.224: Dreamland18 pages
Ch.225: Gray Planner18 pages
Ch.226: The Motive Thickens16 pages
Ch.227: An Unintentional Target18 pages
Ch.228: Disappearing Among The Waves18 pages
Ch.229: This Is The Truth18 pages
Ch.230: The Witness Survived18 pages
Ch.231: Investigation Begins18 pages
Ch.232: c232-242(HQ)187 pages
Ch.233: Count Down18 pages
Ch.234: Another Half Year18 pages
Ch.235: In The Dark16 pages
Ch.236: The Unbelievable Link16 pages
Ch.237: From The Bottom Of Heart18 pages
Ch.238: The Street Corner Of Betrayal16 pages
Ch.239: The Black Burial Ranks16 pages
Ch.240: The Sudden Parting16 pages
Ch.241: The Bullet From The Past18 pages
Ch.242: A White World18 pages
Ch.243: c243-253(HQ)191 pages
Ch.244: The Victim Doesn't Talk16 pages
Ch.245: Experimental Words18 pages
Ch.246: The Spider Mansion18 pages
Ch.247: Seen Horror16 pages
Ch.248: Heiji's Cry16 pages
Ch.249: Heiji's Anger16 pages
Ch.250: Unable To Speak18 pages
Ch.251: The Mistaken Detectives18 pages
Ch.252: Enthusiastic Detectives18 pages
Ch.253: One's Trust18 pages
Ch.254: An Infatuated Heart18 pages
Ch.255: The Intruder's Sudden Arrival16 pages
Ch.256: Concealed Truth17 pages
Ch.257: Revival Under The Threat Of Death18 pages
Ch.258: The Momentary Rest18 pages
Ch.259: A Tranquil Time16 pages
Ch.260: The Memorable Location18 pages
Ch.261: Coming In Contact With Music Strings18 pages
Ch.262: The Vanishing Sound16 pages
Ch.263: Come Spring18 pages
Ch.264: c264-273(HQ)177 pages
Ch.265: An Important Witness16 pages
Ch.266: Firm Decision18 pages
Ch.267: The Man From 18 Years Ago18 pages
Ch.268: The Imprisoned Officer16 pages
Ch.269: Time Limit18 pages
Ch.270: Start Game18 pages
Ch.271: TTX16 pages
Ch.272: Game Over18 pages
Ch.273: Enemies On The Same Boat18 pages
Ch.274: c274-284(HQ)174 pages
Ch.275: The Real Intention Of Killing18 pages
Ch.276: A Person That Lies18 pages
Ch.277: The Evidence Held16 pages
Ch.278: The Horrifying Woman18 pages
Ch.279: The Mermaid's Curse18 pages
Ch.280: Elder's Prophecy16 pages
Ch.281: The Devil's Arrow16 pages
Ch.282: The Last Arrow16 pages
Ch.283: The Last Arrow18 pages
Ch.284: The Buried Secret18 pages
Ch.285: c285-295(HQ)166 pages
Ch.286: An Unexpected Motive18 pages
Ch.287: The Invisible Fear18 pages
Ch.288: Danger Signal16 pages
Ch.289: Concealed Beneath The Truth18 pages
Ch.290: The Dog Lovers18 pages
Ch.291: A Tiny Trace16 pages
Ch.292: The Disappeared Evidence18 pages
Ch.293: K318 pages
Ch.294: The Last Possibility16 pages
Ch.295: Red Card18 pages
Ch.296: c296-306(HQ)189 pages
Ch.297: The Opened Closed Area16 pages
Ch.298: The Time Trap18 pages
Ch.299: The Meeting18 pages
Ch.300: Tragedy16 pages
Ch.301: The Murder16 pages
Ch.302: Sting18 pages
Ch.303: Genta's Misfortune18 pages
Ch.304: Genta's Trap16 pages
Ch.305: On The Bottom18 pages
Ch.306: Surrounded By Hints16 pages
Ch.307: c307-317(HQ)186 pages
Ch.308: Imposter's Introduction18 pages
Ch.309: The Truth From The Imposter16 pages
Ch.310: The Time Of Lies18 pages
Ch.311: ...Warm Ocean18 pages
Ch.312: ...Who Got Caught In The Net16 pages
Ch.313: ...A Decision Made By Courage18 pages
Ch.314: The Knight Of Naniwa18 pages
Ch.315: Invisible Knight16 pages
Ch.316: Knight Of Justice18 pages
Ch.317: The Ruler's Palace18 pages
Ch.318: c318-328(HQ)187 pages
Ch.319: Back To The Past16 pages
Ch.320: Inside A Father's Heart16 pages
Ch.321: The Sad Tiger Scroll18 pages
Ch.322: A Long-Awaited Gathering16 pages
Ch.323: Secret Of The Idols16 pages
Ch.324: Idol's Regret18 pages
Ch.325: Something The Lion Dropped18 pages
Ch.326: P & A16 pages
Ch.327: A Stupid Plan18 pages
Ch.328: Satou's Marriage Arrangement18 pages
Ch.329: c329-339(HQ)188 pages
Ch.330: Satou's Feelings18 pages
Ch.331: Bloody Valentine16 pages
Ch.332: Bloody Valentine 216 pages
Ch.333: Bloody Valentine 316 pages
Ch.334: Bloody Valentine 418 pages
Ch.335: Memento Of Wife18 pages
Ch.336: Clean Scent16 pages
Ch.337: Life Of A Flower18 pages
Ch.338: Meaning Of An X18 pages
Ch.339: O X _\ =16 pages
Ch.340: c340-350(HQ)196 pages
Ch.341: The Hint That Was Against18 pages
Ch.342: The Strange Neighbour16 pages
Ch.343: Who Are You18 pages
Ch.344: The Storm Of Booing18 pages
Ch.345: The Suspicious Supporters16 pages
Ch.346: A Fake Supporter18 pages
Ch.347: Raining Deja-vu18 pages
Ch.348: The Misleading Washcloth16 pages
Ch.349: Cleared Memory18 pages
Ch.350: Golden Apple 118 pages
Ch.351: c351-361(HQ)187 pages
Ch.352: Golden Apple 316 pages
Ch.353: Golden Apple 416 pages
Ch.354: Golden Apple 518 pages
Ch.355: The Ghost House Mystery18 pages
Ch.356: The Ghost House Mystery 216 pages
Ch.357: The Ghost House Mystery 318 pages
Ch.358: The Disappearance Of Mitsuhiko18 pages
Ch.359: Mitsuhiko's Disappearance Part 216 pages
Ch.360: The Disappearance Of Mitsuhiko Part 318 pages
Ch.361: Death Island17 pages
Ch.362: c362-372(HQ)185 pages
Ch.363: Mysterious Words16 pages
Ch.364: The Servitor Of Goosoh16 pages
Ch.365: The Princess And The Dragon Palace18 pages
Ch.366: An Act of Evil Intent17 pages
Ch.367: Proof On The Video Tape16 pages
Ch.368: Bomber's Aim18 pages
Ch.369: An Officer Who Never Returned18 pages
Ch.370: Inerasable Memory16 pages
Ch.371: Red Trap16 pages
Ch.372: The Most In This World16 pages
Ch.373: c373-382(HQ)175 pages
Ch.374: Kogoro's Choice18 pages
Ch.375: Kogoro's Choice 216 pages
Ch.376: Kogoro's Choice 318 pages
Ch.377: The Footsteps Of Darkness18 pages
Ch.378: The Footsteps Of Darkness 216 pages
Ch.379: The Footsteps Of Darkness 318 pages
Ch.380: White Snow...Black Shadow19 pages
Ch.381: Precarious Encounter16 pages
Ch.382: Fellow Passengers16 pages
Ch.383: c383-392(HQ)175 pages
Ch.384: The Old Picture18 pages
Ch.385: Ayumi's Worry16 pages
Ch.386: Stairs In The Setting Sun18 pages
Ch.387: Disgraceful Hero18 pages
Ch.388: Wolf's Shadow16 pages
Ch.389: The Man Who Can Never Be A Wolf18 pages
Ch.390: Heiji And Kazuha In Grave Danger!18 pages
Ch.391: Heiji And Kazuha In Grave Danger! [2]16 pages
Ch.392: Heiji And Kazuha In Grave Danger! [3]18 pages
Ch.393: The Luring Red Horse18 pages
Ch.394: Shadow Of The Red Horse16 pages
Ch.395: The Owner Of The Red Horse16 pages
Ch.396: The Witness Of The Red Horse16 pages
Ch.397: Obtuse Imitation18 pages
Ch.398: Torn Friendship 118 pages
Ch.399: Torn Friendship 216 pages
Ch.400: Torn Friendship 318 pages
Ch.401: A Small Client18 pages
Ch.402: With A Mole16 pages
Ch.403: Red Mole...!18 pages
Ch.404: c404-413(HQ)175 pages
Ch.405: Misguided Massive Hunt16 pages
Ch.406: Misguided But Sucessful Arrest18 pages
Ch.407: Tennis Court Of Rememberance18 pages
Ch.408: Calias Of Doubt16 pages
Ch.409: My Voice Is Gone!18 pages
Ch.410: Agasa's First Love18 pages
Ch.411: The Place Of Memory16 pages
Ch.412: First Love - Reunion - Farewell18 pages
Ch.413: Miserable18 pages
Ch.414: 414-424(HQ)186 pages
Ch.415: A Strange Gunshot16 pages
Ch.416: The Night Baroness's Entry18 pages
Ch.417: Darkness Is A Death Trap18 pages
Ch.418: The Silent Murder In The Dark16 pages
Ch.419: Mystery Of The Black Light18 pages
Ch.420: The Approaching Surrounding Net18 pages
Ch.421: There Is Risk!16 pages
Ch.422: The Target That Can't Escape16 pages
Ch.423: The Mystery Left By A Visitor18 pages
Ch.424: The Mystery Left In A Closed Room15 pages
Ch.425: The Hidden Truth18 pages
Ch.426: Good-Bye Jodie18 pages
Ch.427: Ran's Deduction16 pages
Ch.428: The Unbelievable Conclusion18 pages
Ch.429: The Full Moon And The Trap At The Banquet18 pages
Ch.430: The Haunted Ship Painted With Blood16 pages
Ch.431: The Invisible Man Appears!16 pages
Ch.432: Shinichi Kudou To The Rescue!18 pages
Ch.433: The Truth Behind The Mask16 pages
Ch.434: Rotten Apple18 pages
Ch.435: Trace In The Rain18 pages
Ch.436: Search For The Mark16 pages
Ch.437: Ai Haibara's Resolution18 pages
Ch.438: The Forgotten Cell Phone18 pages
Ch.439: The Strange Address Book16 pages
Ch.440: Another Detective18 pages
Ch.441: Multiple Proposals16 pages
Ch.442: Six Masks Of A Message16 pages
Ch.443: Find The Meaning Of The Dying Message16 pages
Ch.444: The Made-up Message18 pages
Ch.445: One Evil Among 53,00018 pages
Ch.446: The Challenge Of The Evil Spirit Of Koshien16 pages
Ch.447: Solving The Code Of Three Numbers16 pages
Ch.448: No Hint!16 pages
Ch.449: The End Of The Game...!18 pages
Ch.450: From Heaven To Hell18 pages
Ch.451: Makes No Sense16 pages
Ch.452: There Is No Suspicion18 pages
Ch.453: Miracle17 pages
Ch.454: Shock16 pages
Ch.455: Panic16 pages
Ch.456: Escape18 pages
Ch.457: A Ghost Story At School18 pages
Ch.458: Where Are The Footprints16 pages
Ch.459: Truth Behind The Remaining Desk18 pages
Ch.460: Open Murder At Sea16 pages
Ch.461: Poison On The Bait16 pages
Ch.462: The Blessed Fishing Spot18 pages
Ch.463: Hideyoshi's Counterattack16 pages
Ch.464: A Strange Feeling16 pages
Ch.465: A Backstreet In The Sky18 pages
Ch.466: A Secret Letter From The Sky18 pages
Ch.467: Have You Seen The Star16 pages
Ch.468: A Wish To The Star16 pages
Ch.469: 469-479(HQ)190 pages
Ch.470: Prelude18 pages
Ch.471: Capriccio16 pages
Ch.472: Requiem16 pages
Ch.473: Impromptu16 pages
Ch.474: Fantasia18 pages
Ch.475: Seal16 pages
Ch.476: Trap16 pages
Ch.477: Magical Instument! Uncover The Mystery Of The Diamond!16 pages
Ch.478: Immortal! The Institution Is Solved!18 pages
Ch.479: The Suspicious Message18 pages
Ch.480: Doubted Deduction16 pages
Ch.481: The Alibi To The Suspicion16 pages
Ch.482: The Truth Of The Suspicion18 pages
Ch.483: Unlocking It!16 pages
Ch.484: From Him To Her16 pages
Ch.485: Suicide Turns To Homicide16 pages
Ch.486: Up To The Sky And Down To The Earth18 pages
Ch.487: Appearing Magic18 pages
Ch.488: The Forbidden Document16 pages
Ch.489: The Magician's Mansion16 pages
Ch.490: Disqualified Magician!18 pages
Ch.491: c491-500(HQ)184 pages
Ch.492: Lay Down and Wash Your Face16 pages
Ch.493: Perfect Deduction18 pages
Ch.494: Residence of the Evil Spirit18 pages
Ch.495: The Nightmare from 13 Years Ago9 pages
Ch.496: The Waken Demon9 pages
Ch.497: Ignored Evidence16 pages
Ch.498: The Impact of 13 Years10 pages
Ch.499: Ding Dong Dash18 pages
Ch.500: A New Woman-In-Black18 pages
Ch.501: Follow the Target!16 pages
Ch.502: The New Directive16 pages
Ch.503: Black Organization vs FBI 116 pages
Ch.504: Black Organization vs FBI 218 pages
Ch.505: A New Teacher16 pages
Ch.506: The Secret Path to School 116 pages
Ch.507: The Secret Path to School 218 pages
Ch.508: The Two Who Cannot Return18 pages
Ch.509: The Sealed Car16 pages
Ch.510: The Fake Love18 pages
Ch.511: The Uptight Party(with cover)17 pages
Ch.512: The Secret Visit16 pages
Ch.513: Boring Game16 pages
Ch.514: Big Win!18 pages
Ch.515: Exciting Interview18 pages
Ch.516: Message of the Real Murderer16 pages
Ch.517: Detective Boys18 pages
Ch.518: Heiji's Memories18 pages
Ch.519: Yukionna's Plan16 pages
Ch.520: Lift of Puzzle16 pages
Ch.521: Legend of the Snow Women's Silver Kimono16 pages
Ch.522: Vengeance in the Snowstorm18 pages
Ch.523: Fish Incident18 pages
Ch.524: Three Fish16 pages
Ch.525: Relaxing Shellfish Hunt16 pages
Ch.526: The Mystery of the Plastic Bottle16 pages
Ch.527: Mixture Trick18 pages
Ch.528: Russian Blue16 pages
Ch.529: Goro is Goro!16 pages
Ch.530: The Tightly Shut Window16 pages
Ch.531: The Set Up Locked Room16 pages
Ch.532: Demon's Cave18 pages
Ch.533: Suspicious Action18 pages
Ch.534: The Star Blade Connection16 pages
Ch.535: The Wedding Hall Panic16 pages
Ch.536: The Uninvited Guest16 pages
Ch.537: Wedding Battle18 pages
Ch.538: Out of Ordinary Room16 pages
Ch.539: Upside Down Mystery16 pages
Ch.540: The Thing He Wanted to Hide18 pages
Ch.541: Sonoko's Red Hankercheif16 pages
Ch.542: Name in Katakana16 pages
Ch.543: Superman18 pages
Ch.544: 544-553(HQ)182 pages
Ch.545: Konjiki17 pages
Ch.546: Seiran16 pages
Ch.547: Junbaku18 pages
Ch.548: The Mysterious 200-Faced Man16 pages
Ch.549: Grade 1 Class B Big Battle16 pages
Ch.550: The Only Eye-Witness16 pages
Ch.551: Nail and Snake16 pages
Ch.552: The Identity of the Hammer18 pages
Ch.553: Mysterious Job16 pages
Ch.554: Menu for Dinner16 pages
Ch.555: A Dreaming Star18 pages
Ch.556: The Detective Boys' Snowman16 pages
Ch.557: The Locus of the Fall16 pages
Ch.558: Catastrophe in the Snow-Covered Mountains16 pages
Ch.559: The Room Which Swallows People16 pages
Ch.560: The Phantom Corpse16 pages
Ch.561: Trick of the Bloodstain18 pages
Ch.562: The High School Detective of the East16 pages
Ch.563: Detective Koushien16 pages
Ch.564: Demonstration of the Locked Room16 pages
Ch.565: The Detectives' Great Deduction16 pages
Ch.566: Hot-Blooded Detective18 pages
Ch.567: Genta's Shoot16 pages
Ch.568: Genta and El16 pages
Ch.569: Mischievious Boy16 pages
Ch.570: Under the Moon16 pages
Ch.571: Dawn16 pages
Ch.572: Broad Daylight16 pages
Ch.573: The Setting Sun18 pages
Ch.574: Secret Kisaki Eri 116 pages
Ch.575: Secret Kisaki Eri 216 pages
Ch.576: Engagement Ring! 116 pages
Ch.577: Engagement Ring! 216 pages
Ch.578: Engagement Ring! 316 pages
Ch.579: The Onibaba Legend Murder Case 116 pages
Ch.580: The Onibaba Legend Murder Case 216 pages
Ch.581: The Onibaba Legend Murder Case 316 pages
Ch.582: A Clue from the West16 pages
Ch.583: Location of the Photograph16 pages
Ch.584: Company16 pages
Ch.585: Wrong Number!16 pages
Ch.586: The Truth Which Blood Tells16 pages
Ch.587: Deceased Mother's Momento16 pages
Ch.588: The One HandGlove Which Calls Death17 pages
Ch.589: The Murderer from Hades16 pages
Ch.590: Glove of Sadness18 pages
Ch.591: The Devil Comes16 pages
Ch.592: The Satanic Trick16 pages
Ch.593: The Devil's Tears16 pages
Ch.594: The Fugitive16 pages
Ch.595: Crow's Song16 pages
Ch.596: The Second Threat16 pages
Ch.597: The Fake Patient16 pages
Ch.598: 598-608(HQ)195 pages
Ch.599: Akai's Past (+ 600th chapter memorial)16 pages
Ch.600: All or Nothing16 pages
Ch.601: Camouflage16 pages
Ch.602: The Last Resort16 pages
Ch.603: The Mission16 pages
Ch.604: Older Sister and Younger Brother16 pages
Ch.605: The Unexpected Suspect16 pages
Ch.606: Friday the 13th16 pages
Ch.607: Camel's Past16 pages
Ch.608: Spell of Magic16 pages
Ch.609: Wedge of Steel16 pages
Ch.610: Sound16 pages
Ch.611: Flying Corpse16 pages
Ch.612: Mechanics and the Alibi16 pages
Ch.613: Centipede16 pages
Ch.614: Armored Warrior16 pages
Ch.615: Art of War16 pages
Ch.616: Fuurinkazan16 pages
Ch.617: War16 pages
Ch.618: Shadow and Thunder18 pages
Ch.619: Suspicious Eisuke16 pages
Ch.620: The Vanished Blunt Weapon16 pages
Ch.621: Eisuke's Confession16 pages
Ch.622: Red, White, and Yellow16 pages
Ch.623: Kuroshiro-kun16 pages
Ch.624: New Neighbor16 pages
Ch.625: Hammer Man16 pages
Ch.626: Delivered Malice16 pages
Ch.627: Hammer Man Identity16 pages
Ch.628: Coffee with Murderous Intent16 pages
Ch.629: The Impossible Crime16 pages
Ch.630: The Bitter Truth16 pages
Ch.631: Purple Nail16 pages
Ch.632: Instant Movement16 pages
Ch.633: The 3 Taboos16 pages
Ch.634: Zero16 pages
Ch.635: Burn16 pages
Ch.636: Cause of Fire16 pages
Ch.637: Crackle16 pages
Ch.638: Paper Plane16 pages
Ch.639: What's the Message Hidden in the Markings!16 pages
Ch.640: Rescue16 pages
Ch.641: Destruction16 pages
Ch.642: False Friendship16 pages
Ch.643: Wings of Icarus16 pages
Ch.644: Reversal Technique16 pages
Ch.645: Accidental Hit16 pages
Ch.646: Village of Animosity16 pages
Ch.647: The Lost Memory16 pages
Ch.648: Kudo Shinichi's Homicide16 pages
Ch.649: Shiragami-sama17 pages
Ch.650: Endless Tears16 pages
Ch.651: True Identity16 pages
Ch.652: What She Really Wants to Ask16 pages
Ch.653: 653-663(HQ)192 pages
Ch.654: Deduction Answer16 pages
Ch.655: Revolving Weapon16 pages
Ch.656: Sharpshooting17 pages
Ch.657: Whereabouts of the Poison16 pages
Ch.658: Boar, Deer, Butterfly16 pages
Ch.659: 801, Length of Eight, & First Class16 pages
Ch.660: True Purpose of the Contest16 pages
Ch.661: The Silver-White Witch16 pages
Ch.662: White FD16 pages
Ch.663: The True Identity of the Witch16 pages
Ch.664: 664-674(HQ)193 pages
Ch.665: Mackerel, Carp, Sea Bream, Flounder16 pages
Ch.666: Thirst for Blood16 pages
Ch.667: Scar16 pages
Ch.668: The Boy of Memory16 pages
Ch.669: Gari-kun16 pages
Ch.670: The One Who Whistles16 pages
Ch.671: The Connection16 pages
Ch.672: ESWN16 pages
Ch.673: The Common Pattern16 pages
Ch.674: Iron Tanuki16 pages
Ch.675: 675-685(HQ)180 pages
Ch.676: Unlocking16 pages
Ch.677: The Fated Individual15 pages
Ch.678: The Trap16 pages
Ch.679: Shaking Heart16 pages
Ch.680: Accompanying the Two Dangerous People16 pages
Ch.681: Half-Kill16 pages
Ch.682: The Red Wall16 pages
Ch.683: In the Hand16 pages
Ch.684: The Late Koumei16 pages
Ch.685: Make Friends Hurry16 pages
Ch.686: 686-696(HQ)190 pages
Ch.687: Memory16 pages
Ch.688: Sakura Falls16 pages
Ch.689: Blooming Sakura16 pages
Ch.690: Haunted Warehouse16 pages
Ch.691: Conan vs. Detective Boys16 pages
Ch.692: The Secret of the Warehouse16 pages
Ch.693: Charm Recovery Strategy16 pages
Ch.694: The Greatest Game16 pages
Ch.695: Ill-Tempered16 pages
Ch.696: Goth Loli16 pages
Ch.697: 697-707(HQ)190 pages
Ch.698: An Uncertain and Fragile Thing16 pages
Ch.699: Tomorrow is There16 pages
Ch.700: Dangerous Area16 pages
Ch.701: Hint of Red & 1316 pages
Ch.702: The Bomber's Aim16 pages
Ch.703: The Truth Amidst the Snow16 pages
Ch.704: Silent Clash16 pages
Ch.705: Kobayashi-sensei's Love16 pages
Ch.706: Kobayashi-sensei's Misunderstanding16 pages
Ch.707: The Sakura Girl is16 pages
Ch.708: 708-718(HQ)194 pages
Ch.709: Kisaki Eri's Misfortune16 pages
Ch.710: Raise & Then Lower16 pages
Ch.711: The Best Birthday16 pages
Ch.712: Azure Dragon16 pages
Ch.713: Vermilion Bird17 pages
Ch.714: White Tiger16 pages
Ch.715: Black Tortise16 pages
Ch.716: Rooster Festival16 pages
Ch.717: Monkey & Nine16 pages
Ch.718: Purity16 pages
Ch.719: 719-729(HQ)180 pages
Ch.720: The Kappa's Curse16 pages
Ch.721: The Kappa's True Form16 pages
Ch.722: Steam Murder16 pages
Ch.723: The Sealed Room Above the Lake16 pages
Ch.724: An Eye for an Eye16 pages
Ch.725: White Day Murder16 pages
Ch.726: The Miraculous Trick16 pages
Ch.727: Happy White Day16 pages
Ch.728: Air on the G String16 pages
Ch.729: Genius16 pages
Ch.730: 730-740(HQ)182 pages
Ch.731: Ryoma16 pages
Ch.732: Breakthrough16 pages
Ch.733: The Cleaning16 pages
Ch.734: Demon Dog16 pages
Ch.735: Avenging Ghost16 pages
Ch.736: The Inubushi Family16 pages
Ch.737: Sphere16 pages
Ch.738: Footprints15 pages
Ch.739: Princess16 pages
Ch.740: The Eight Virtues16 pages
Ch.741: VHS of Memories16 pages
Ch.742: Love Transcending 13 Years16 pages
Ch.743: Great Detective Holmes' Apprentice16 pages
Ch.744: Book of Revelation16 pages
Ch.745: Love is Zero16 pages
Ch.746: Ask Holmes16 pages
Ch.747: The Holmes Code16 pages
Ch.748: The Other A16 pages
Ch.749: A Message from the Queen16 pages
Ch.750: The Real Target16 pages
Ch.751: The Queen's True Worth16 pages
Ch.752: A Troublesome, Tough Case16 pages
Ch.753: A Person in Need of Rescue16 pages
Ch.754: A Dangerous Game of Hide-and-Seek16 pages
Ch.755: Communications Code16 pages
Ch.756: A Grotesque Manner of Death16 pages
Ch.757: The Moving Corpse16 pages
Ch.758: The Fabricated Feet16 pages
Ch.759: The Boy Who Cries Wolf16 pages
Ch.760: Horsehair Crab From Lake Suwa16 pages
Ch.761: Won't This Cold Go Away Soon16 pages
Ch.762: Watchmen of Time16 pages
Ch.763: The Ghost of Time16 pages
Ch.764: The Ruler of Time16 pages
Ch.765: Ramen is So Good. It's To Die For16 pages
Ch.766: Ramen and Poison16 pages
Ch.767: Truth That Goes Beyond The Eyeglasses16 pages
Ch.768: Jeet Kune Do16 pages
Ch.769: A Detective Just Like You, Little Boy16 pages
Ch.770: Sera's Careless Deduction16 pages
Ch.771: Lets Hear Your Brilliant Deduction!16 pages
Ch.772: Nickname Rules16 pages
Ch.773: Possible Sniping!16 pages
Ch.774: The Book With The Unturned Pages16 pages
Ch.775: Video Site16 pages
Ch.776: A Vase and A Cat16 pages
Ch.777: Traces of Ayumi16 pages
Ch.778: Which One is Great(er) Detective16 pages
Ch.779: Holmes's Apprentice16 pages
Ch.780: The Magical Food16 pages
Ch.781: Eye16 pages
Ch.782: Baumkuchen16 pages
Ch.783: Diamond Shapes16 pages
Ch.784: The Vow16 pages
Ch.785: The Mistress' Unwritten Confession16 pages
Ch.786: The Parent-Child Optical Illusion16 pages
Ch.787: Kogorou-San Is A Good Man16 pages
Ch.788: The Real Sleeping Kogorou16 pages
Ch.789: The Kogorou Imposter's Great Deduction17 pages
Ch.790: The Object of Detective Chiba's First Love17 pages
Ch.791: Do You Not Remember17 pages
Ch.792: Could You Possibly Be16 pages
Ch.793: Private Eye17 pages
Ch.794: Genome16 pages
Ch.795: Destined to Re-enter the Flames16 pages
Ch.796: The Meeting at Columbo16 pages
Ch.797: Intertwined Lies and Mysteries16 pages
Ch.798: Detectives' Nocturne16 pages
Ch.799: A Child's Curiosity and a Detective's Spirit of Inquiry16 pages
Ch.800: When Objects Collide16 pages
Ch.801: The Person Who Never Smiled16 pages
Ch.802: Don't Make That Kind of Face16 pages
Ch.803: A Miscontrued Conclusion16 pages
Ch.804: The Present from Detective Takagi16 pages
Ch.805: Wataru Brothers16 pages
Ch.806: The Inherited Shadow of the Dawn16 pages
Ch.807: The Strongest Senpai16 pages
Ch.808: The Late Grave Visit16 pages
Ch.809: Traces of Having Been in the Room16 pages
Ch.810: Froth, Steam and Smoke16 pages
Ch.811: Tools of the Trade16 pages
Ch.812: Kudou Yuusaku's Cold Case16 pages
Ch.813: Kinichi-kun16 pages
Ch.814: Conan-Kun, Right16 pages
Ch.815: One's Own Territory16 pages
Ch.816: Smoke Signals from a Dire Situation16 pages
Ch.817: A Lonely Figure in the Lamplight16 pages
Ch.818: Mystery Train [All Aboard!]16 pages
Ch.819: Mystery Train [Tunnel]16 pages
Ch.820: Mystery Train [First Class]16 pages
Ch.821: Mystery Train [Junction]16 pages
Ch.822: Mystery Train [Interception]16 pages
Ch.823: Mystery Train [Releasing Smoke]16 pages
Ch.824: Mystery Train [Final Destination]16 pages
Ch.825: Special Coach16 pages
Ch.826: The Missing Key of the Locked Room16 pages
Ch.827: The Key to Solving the Mystery16 pages
Ch.828: Foam16 pages
Ch.829: Mimicry16 pages
Ch.830: Shedding Skin16 pages
Ch.831: Locked Room Murder on the Surface16 pages
Ch.832: It Takes Two to Do the Job of One16 pages
Ch.833: Sensei's Trick16 pages
Ch.834: The Vampire's Mansion16 pages
Ch.835: Count Dracula16 pages
Ch.836: Ghost Photography16 pages
Ch.837: Foreign Torture Room16 pages
Ch.838: Half of the Bizzare Phenomenon16 pages
Ch.839: To Each Their Own Motive16 pages
Ch.840: The Serial Killer's Plan16 pages
Ch.841: Undelivered Goods16 pages
Ch.842: A Cat's Home Delivery Service17 pages
Ch.843: A Parcel for Kudou-Samakata16 pages
Ch.844: Today's Fruits16 pages
Ch.845: Our Territory16 pages
Ch.846: The Magic Lock16 pages
Ch.847: Until I Collect All Seven16 pages
Ch.848: A Well-Prepared Move16 pages
Ch.849: Taiko's Optimal Moves16 pages
Ch.850: Bourbon's Objective16 pages
Ch.851: Jodie Remembers16 pages
Ch.852: Information About Akai Shuuichi16 pages
Ch.853: A Detective Encounters a Case in a Bar16 pages
Ch.854: A Detective Deduces a Case in a Bar16 pages
Ch.855: A Detective Solves a Case in a Bar16 pages
Ch.856: Adultery Investigation17 pages
Ch.857: My Deduction16 pages
Ch.858: A Problematic Deduction16 pages
Ch.859: Jeet Kune Do vs. Karate16 pages
Ch.860: The Smell of Kerosene16 pages
Ch.861: Just like Magic16 pages
Ch.862: Iron Wall16 pages
Ch.863: Blackout16 pages
Ch.864: Girls and Boys16 pages
Ch.865: Taii the Calico Cat16 pages
Ch.866: A Cat hiding its Claws16 pages
Ch.867: Mischievous Child16 pages
Ch.868: Lucky Cat16 pages
Ch.869: It hasn't been there16 pages
Ch.870: When your Wish is granted16 pages
Ch.871: The Red Badge16 pages
Ch.872: The red Woman16 pages
Ch.873: The red Devil17 pages
Ch.874: The red Past16 pages
Ch.875: The red Tragedy16 pages
Ch.876: The Romance Novelist16 pages
Ch.877: The little Girl who looks like Sera16 pages
Ch.878: The Phone, the Sea and I16 pages
Ch.879: The Detective`s Teacher16 pages
Ch.880: Ebisu Bridge16 pages
Ch.881: The Drug Transaction Place16 pages
Ch.882: Light Blue Memories16 pages
Ch.883: A Detective in Scarlet16 pages
Ch.884: The Pink Resolution16 pages
Ch.885: The Kite Flying Competition16 pages
Ch.886: The Wiretapper16 pages
Ch.887: Voice of the Devil16 pages
Ch.888: The Tense Tea Party16 pages
Ch.889: Zero16 pages
Ch.890: High-Velocity Blood Splatters16 pages
Ch.891: The Last Piece16 pages
Ch.892: Out of My Japan16 pages
Ch.893: Bourbon's Pursuit - Scarlet Prologue17 pages
Ch.894: Scarlet Suspicion16 pages
Ch.895: Scarlet Interrogation16 pages
Ch.896: Scarlet Return17 pages
Ch.897: Scarlet Truth17 pages
Ch.898: Scarlet Epilogue17 pages
Ch.899: The Sealed Move16 pages
Ch.900: Check16 pages
Ch.901: Forbidden Move17 pages
Ch.902: Spectacular Move17 pages
Ch.903v2: The Corpse That Sinks in the Pool17 pages
Ch.903: The Corpse that Sinks in the Pool17 pages
Ch.904: The Sunken Shards of Glass17 pages
Ch.905: The Truth Rises to the Surface17 pages
Ch.906: A Kind Woman17 pages
Ch.907: Dubious Witnesses17 pages
Ch.908: Putting Her Life At Stake…17 pages
Ch.909: The Kamaitachi Is Coming17 pages
Ch.910: The Murderous Kamaitachi17 pages
Ch.911: The Kamaitachi's Approach Route18 pages
Ch.912: The Kamaitachi's Finale16 pages
Ch.913: Woodpecker17 pages
Ch.914: Footprints and the Woodpecker Association16 pages
Ch.915: Heading to Mt. Saijo...!16 pages
Ch.916: 916-926(HQ)192 pages
Ch.925: Birth of a Big Couple!16 pages
Ch.926: The Staff's Alibis Are16 pages
Ch.927: Illusion in the Back Room16 pages
Ch.928: The Ramen Restaurant's Curious Customers17 pages
Ch.929: A hose-swinging murderer!17 pages
Ch.930: Excessive Seasoning17 pages
Ch.931: Zombie Blade17 pages
Ch.932: Funeral Procession of the Departed17 pages
Ch.933: Man-Eating Zombies17 pages
Ch.934: The Missing Corpse16 pages
Ch.935: The Trees Hide The Forest16 pages
Ch.936: Formation of the Girl Band16 pages
Ch.937: The Missing Evidence17 pages
Ch.938: Crime In The Blind Spot16 pages
Ch.939: Lunch At The Department Store16 pages
Ch.940: Scattered Testimonies16 pages
Ch.941: The truth of the testimonies16 pages
Ch.942: Detective Chiba's difficult case16 pages
Ch.943: Unidentified Flying Object16 pages
Ch.944: Solar Balloon16 pages
Ch.945: Rude Old Man16 pages
Ch.946: The Real Couple16 pages
Ch.947: Favourite Motto16 pages
Ch.948: The Clenched Scissors16 pages
Ch.949: Sweet Scent16 pages
Ch.950: The Clipped Letters16 pages
Vol.90 Ch.951: Soul Detective16 pages
Vol.90 Ch.952: The Suspicious Adjacent Room17 pages
Vol.90 Ch.953: As If Encountering A Demon In The Darkness16 pages
Vol.90 Ch.954: Punishment Of Betrayal16 pages
Vol.90 Ch.955: Whereabouts Of Betrayal16 pages
Vol.90 Ch.956: Brunt Of Betrayal17 pages
Vol.90 Ch.957: Truth Of Betrayal16 pages
Vol.90 Ch.958: The Monster Of Yadori Village16 pages
Vol.90 Ch.959: Night Of The Screaming Nue17 pages
Vol.91 Ch.960: The Nue's Scars17 pages
Vol.91 Ch.961: The Fanged Nue16 pages
Vol.91 Ch.962: The Sad Nue Legend16 pages
Vol.91 Ch.963: Tree God17 pages
Vol.91 Ch.964: Approach16 pages
Vol.91 Ch.965: Diary17 pages
Vol.91 Ch.966: Scytale Cipher18 pages
Vol.91 Ch.967: Impossible To Decode!17 pages
Vol.91 Ch.968: Wakasa-Sensei's Secret17 pages
Vol.91 Ch.969: Swimsuits At The Dressing Room ?♡17 pages
Vol.91 Ch.970: The Message Left By The Fingers18 pages
Vol.92 Ch.971: Another Customer17 pages
Vol.92 Ch.972: Encounter Among The Ripples17 pages
Vol.92 Ch.973: Investigator Among The Ripples17 pages
Vol.92 Ch.974: Wizard Among The Ripples17 pages
Vol.92 Ch.975: A True Tokyoite Detective!19 pages
Vol.92 Ch.976: The Stolen 10,000 Yen Betting Ticket17 pages
Vol.92 Ch.977: Tokyo-Style Deduction Show18 pages
Vol.92 Ch.978: Wakasa-Sensei's Home18 pages
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