Vol.1 Ch.1: Miyakono Mystery32 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: Suzaku's Bow29 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: Nekogumo26 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: Remaining Lifespan28 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Seiryu's Spear25 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: Kagerou34 pages
Vol.2 Ch.734 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: Shadow29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: The Strange Old Man30 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: Ochigami Nishijima Yuna (Ochigami, Fallen GodDeity)29 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: Unagami and Ochigami37 pages
Vol.2 Ch.12: Another Comrade30 pages
Vol.3 Ch.13: Genbu vs Suzaku30 pages
Vol.3 Ch.14: Shark Demon29 pages
Vol.3 Ch.15: The Day When Peace Crumbles36 pages
Vol.3 Ch.16: An Unbelievable Crisis38 pages
Vol.3 Ch.17: Escape Plan33 pages
Vol.3 Ch.18: Shark Demon's End37 pages
Vol.4 Ch.19: Kappa31 pages
Vol.4 Ch.20: Kenji and Satoru27 pages
Vol.4 Ch.21: Awakening28 pages
Vol.4 Ch.22: Revenge28 pages
Vol.4 Ch.23: Toronushi's Power27 pages
Vol.4 Ch.24: Compensation of Power33 pages
Vol.4 Ch.25: Kenzoku Hunt26 pages
Vol.5 Ch.26: Tomo-kun ♥30 pages
Vol.5 Ch.27: Sesshou-hime27 pages
Vol.5 Ch.28: Pursuer28 pages
Vol.5 Ch.29: Only One Thought39 pages
Vol.5 Ch.30: Clumsy29 pages
Vol.5 Ch.31: Ringo and Bean Raccoon30 pages
Vol.6 Ch.32: All Four of Them33 pages
Vol.6 Ch.33: Madara-sama30 pages
Vol.6 Ch.34: Madara-sama vs the Police27 pages
Vol.6 Ch.35: Wrath of the Mountain God27 pages
Vol.6 Ch.36: Keep Up the Courage42 pages
Vol.6 Ch.37: The Emptiness of the Heart25 pages
Vol.7 Ch.38: Ability to See Ghosts34 pages
Vol.7 Ch.39: The Two at the Cross Roads29 pages
Vol.7 Ch.40: The Last Line of Defense39 pages
Vol.7 Ch.41: Dawn of the Star Festival28 pages
Vol.7 Ch.42: Dusk of the Star Festival28 pages
Vol.7 Ch.43: Byakko's Curse37 pages
Vol.8 Ch.44: Jingo Clan31 pages
Vol.8 Ch.45: Ezo vs. Touji28 pages
Vol.8 Ch.46: Battle28 pages
Vol.8 Ch.47: The Malevolent Tiger26 pages
Vol.8 Ch.48: Junko29 pages
Vol.8 Ch.49: The Madness of Jingo's Shuusaku39 pages
Vol.9 Ch.50: Yousuke vs. Shuusaku32 pages
Vol.9 Ch.51: Defending to the Last32 pages
Vol.9 Ch.52: Sky of Emptiness36 pages
Vol.9 Ch.53: Daimonji ~ Yama no Kami25 pages
Vol.9 Ch.54: Battle against Hidora28 pages
Vol.9 Ch.55: Two Against One33 pages
Vol.10 Ch.56: Gouda's Determination28 pages
Vol.10 Ch.57: Landing of Calamities28 pages
Vol.10 Ch.58: Irregular28 pages
Vol.10 Ch.59: Hidora's Last Moment30 pages
Vol.10 Ch.60: The Man Who Was Resurrected26 pages
Vol.10 Ch.61: Setting Sun30 pages
Vol.11 Ch.62: Night Strolling of a Hundred Ghosts31 pages
Vol.11 Ch.63: Third Contract30 pages
Vol.11 Ch.64: Seiryuu's Awakening30 pages
Vol.11 Ch.65: The Downfall of Seiryuu31 pages
Vol.11 Ch.66: Sacrifice29 pages
Vol.11 Ch.67: Decision31 pages
Vol.12 Ch.68: Resolution30 pages
Vol.12 Ch.69: (v2) Threat from Shigeomi32 pages
Vol.12 Ch.70: (v2) Hopeless27 pages
Vol.12 Ch.71: Turnaround36 pages
Vol.12 Ch.72: Settlement33 pages
Vol.12 Ch.73: God and Man [End]45 pages
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