Vol.1 Ch..1: Sekirei40 pages
Vol.1 Ch..2: Feathers of Light35 pages
Vol.1 Ch..3: Burning City35 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1: Girl Under the Moonlight29 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: The Door to a New House29 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: Musubi22 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: The Green Girl19 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Inside the Dream22 pages
Vol.2 Ch.6: A Charming Man30 pages
Vol.2 Ch.7: A Calling Sound21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: Unforeseen Encounter21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: Conclusion21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: Getting Wings21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: Sekirei Chat21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.12: Next to Me19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.13: A Sudden Visit21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.14: Complications of Each21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.15: Story of Izumo House22 pages
Vol.2 Ch.16: Angel in White20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.17: The Black Sekirei25 pages
Vol.3 Ch.18: Beginning Sky21 pages
Vol.3 Ch.19: Promise20 pages
Vol.3 Ch.20: The Water Sekirei24 pages
Vol.3 Ch.21: Gorgeous Tsukiumi21 pages
Vol.3 Ch.22: My Sekirei21 pages
Vol.3 Ch.23: Sekirei, I Wish You Well21 pages
Vol.3 Ch.24: Izumo Mansion Flower War21 pages
Vol.3 Ch.25: Extra Sahashi Sister's Circumstances21 pages
Vol.3 Ch.26: Extra Sahashi Sister's Circumstances 222 pages
Vol.3 Ch.27: Extra Sahashi Sister's Circumstances 326 pages
Vol.4 Ch.28: Sekirei Dance25 pages
Vol.4 Ch.29: The Shadow of Darkness22 pages
Vol.4 Ch.30: All that I Can Do for You18 pages
Vol.4 Ch.31: Sekirei No.9521 pages
Vol.4 Ch.32: Sekirei of the Wind25 pages
Vol.4 Ch.33: The Reason I Don't Fight22 pages
Vol.4 Ch.34: A Barricaded City19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.35: Veil and Wind21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.36: The Two on a Snowy Day21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.37: The State of the City21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.38: Sekirei Pattern, React24 pages
Vol.5 Ch.39: Night Before the Escape26 pages
Vol.5 Ch.40: Direction of Happiness21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.41: Disciplinary Squad17 pages
Vol.5 Ch.42: Red Sekirei, Blue Sekirei17 pages
Vol.5 Ch.43: Ebb and Flow!!17 pages
Vol.5 Ch.44: The Light of a Ritual Prayer21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.45: A Pure White Moon19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.46: Sekirei Sign, Disapperance20 pages
Vol.5 Ch.47: Restoration29 pages
Vol.5 Ch.47.5: Sekirei Hot Springs8 pages
Vol.6 Ch.48: The Sekirei of Destiny27 pages
Vol.6 Ch.49: The Winds Answer16 pages
Vol.6 Ch.50: Promise of Reopening19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.51: Secret in the River's Bank20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.52: A Man's Dignity20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.53: The Sky of the Oath20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.54: A Long Walk20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.55: The Devil's Flame20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.56: The Last One20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.56.5: Sekirei Bathing by the Sea9 pages
Vol.7 Ch.57: Spiral Reaction27 pages
Vol.7 Ch.58: Signs of Conflict20 pages
Vol.7 Ch.59: Confusion in the Imperial Capital20 pages
Vol.7 Ch.60: The Legal Wife's Approval19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.61: Obvious Feelings16 pages
Vol.7 Ch.62: Desired Presence19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.63: The Sekirei of Fire20 pages
Vol.7 Ch.64: Companions Voices15 pages
Vol.7 Ch.65: The Sound that can Melt a Broken Heart24 pages
Vol.7 Ch.65.5: Sekirei Diagnosis9 pages
Vol.8 Ch.66: The Shape of the Soul22 pages
Vol.8 Ch.67: The Word for Marriage21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.68: Your Ashikabi16 pages
Vol.8 Ch.69: A Far Away Story16 pages
Vol.8 Ch.70: Captive Ashikabi12 pages
Vol.8 Ch.71: An Ashikabi's Determination16 pages
Vol.8 Ch.72: Invasion of Kamikura Island16 pages
Vol.8 Ch.73: Game Master19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.74: The Third Stage16 pages
Vol.8 Ch.75: The Treasure of the Gods16 pages
Vol.8 Ch.75.1: Sekirei Halloween Parade11 pages
Vol.8 Ch.75.2: Sekirei Yukata Villa9 pages
Vol.9 Ch.76: Sanada of the West21 pages
Vol.9 Ch.77: Competition16 pages
Vol.9 Ch.78: End of the 1st Match21 pages
Vol.9 Ch.79: Memories from Ancient Times15 pages
Vol.9 Ch.80: The Second Match16 pages
Vol.9 Ch.81: The Torturing Sky, the Meaning of Happiness16 pages
Vol.9 Ch.82: My Thoughts for You are Somewhere Far Away16 pages
Vol.9 Ch.83: The Ashikabi of the North16 pages
Vol.9 Ch.84: Call16 pages
Vol.9 Ch.85: The Participants15 pages
Vol.9 Ch.86: Start of the Third Match16 pages
Vol.9 Ch.86.5: The Hair-Raising Tuner13 pages
Vol.10 Ch.87: Water and Fire22 pages
Vol.10 Ch.88: The Flame's Norito21 pages
Vol.10 Ch.89: The Whereabouts of the Pledge16 pages
Vol.10 Ch.90: The Ashikabi of the Vortex16 pages
Vol.10 Ch.91: Vs. the Disciplinary Squad16 pages
Vol.10 Ch.92: Battle of Offence and Defence17 pages
Vol.10 Ch.93: The Black Shadow20 pages
Vol.10 Ch.94: The Water's Norito15 pages
Vol.10 Ch.95: The Second Jinki16 pages
Vol.10 Ch.96: Scenery in the Distance23 pages
Vol.10 Ch.96.5: Sekirei Hot Springs Two - Startling Chapter in the Open Air Bath8 pages
Vol.11 Ch.97: Ashikabi of the North makes his Move22 pages
Vol.11 Ch.98: The Cloaked Ashikabi16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.99: Two Pairs of Wings16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.100: The Owner of Antiquity17 pages
Vol.11 Ch.101: Light of Hope16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.102: The Reminiscing Demon16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.103: The Flag of the Counterattack16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.104: A Friend's Voice16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.105: A Beloved Friend of my Beloved Person16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.106: Welcome Home16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.107: A Place you'll Come Back to Someday16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.107.5: Kusano's Tiny Party18 pages
Vol.12 Ch.108: The Devil's Choice17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.109: The Light on the Other Side11 pages
Vol.12 Ch.109.5: The Tale Of The Kuro's World7 pages
Vol.12 Ch.110: Their Return17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.111: White Winged Pledge17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.112: The Original Ashikabi15 pages
Vol.12 Ch.113: The Ancient Blood17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.114: Whereabouts of the Kushimitama17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.115: Wings of Determination11 pages
Vol.12 Ch.116: Resumption16 pages
Vol.12 Ch.117: Three Ashikabi17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.118: The 4th Match17 pages
Vol.12 Ch.119: Footsteps of Chaos15 pages
Vol.15 Ch.144: Bloodstainded Wings17 pages
Vol.17 Ch.170: Toyoashihara Island18 pages
Vol.17 Ch.171v3: Rippling Light20 pages
Vol.17 Ch.172: In the vacant land, a bond is created22 pages
Vol.17 Ch.173: Wings of the Grim Reaper13 pages
Vol.17 Ch.174: To the Side of my Pride17 pages
Vol.17 Ch.175: Maidens Flash of Light19 pages
Vol.17 Ch.176: Jinki Rampage (rev.2)29 pages
Vol.18 Ch.177: Decision of Sahashi Minato23 pages
Vol.18 Ch.178: Bet on a wish21 pages
Vol.18 Ch.179: To Kouten!18 pages
Vol.18 Ch.180: The last person and bird20 pages
Vol.18 Ch.181: The Final Battle in Kouten23 pages
Vol.18 Ch.182: The Last Wish28 pages
Vol.18 Ch.183: Anthem (Part 1)15 pages
Vol.18 Ch.184: Anthem (Part 2)23 pages
Vol.18 Ch.185: Anthem (Part 3)20 pages
Vol.18 Ch.186: Anthem (Part 4)18 pages
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