Ch.1: I Started Teaching63 pages
Ch.2: The Rules of Society39 pages
Ch.3: The Scheme of the Extremely Beautiful Chairman25 pages
Ch.3v.2: The Scheme of the Extremely Beautiful Chairman25 pages
Ch.4: The Best Student Council President18 pages
Ch.5: The Prestige of a Maid19 pages
Ch.6: The Maid of Maids19 pages
Ch.6v.2: The Maid of Maids19 pages
Ch.7: Ichou Academy's Monster19 pages
Ch.8: The Day the Alien is Born22 pages
Ch.9: The Game Showdown20 pages
Ch.10: Player Nanami Seijuurou19 pages
Ch.11: An Interesting Sight20 pages
Ch.12: The Secret of a Perfect Beauty20 pages
Ch.13: The Troubles of a Perfect Beauty19 pages
Ch.14: You and I Are Both19 pages
Ch.15: A Normal Voice18 pages
Ch.16: Toaru Maid No20 pages
Ch.17: Self-proclaimed Number 1 Girl20 pages
Ch.18: Truant Student Tenjouin Kisaki20 pages
Ch.19: Kisaki-sensei's Surveillance Materials19 pages
Ch.20: Kisaki's Office19 pages
Ch.21: The Reunion20 pages
Ch.22: Fun Times19 pages
Ch.23: The Mysterious One-Day Intern Student20 pages
Ch.24: Interesting Is20 pages
Ch.25: My Motto19 pages
Ch.26: Routine Buster18 pages
Ch.27: The Auditing Girl20 pages
Ch.28: What Kuramochi Madoka Wants to Do20 pages
Ch.29: A Real Price Tag19 pages
Ch.29v.2: A Real Price Tag19 pages
Ch.30: My Fiance is a King20 pages
Ch.31: The World Ruler vs. The Hall of Famer19 pages
Ch.32: The Location of the Ultimate Decision20 pages
Ch.33: A Special Person18 pages
Ch.34: Luce of the Game Kingdom19 pages
Ch.35: Araki Koutarou the Truant19 pages
Ch.36: Partner19 pages
Ch.37: Confession20 pages
Ch.38: The Outside World20 pages
Ch.39: Surprise Guest20 pages
Ch.40: Don't Disgrace Yourself19 pages
Ch.41: Brother's Day Off20 pages
Ch.42: SCARY19 pages
Ch.43: The Ghost Girl Reads Manga!19 pages
Ch.44: The Ghost Girl's True Wish20 pages
Ch.45: The Effects of His First Day of School19 pages
Ch.46: It's a Secret20 pages
Ch.47: The Teacher Killer's True Identity19 pages
Ch.48: Kagamin-Channel20 pages
Ch.49: Virtual Makina19 pages
Ch.50: Case x Kagami Junichirou19 pages
Ch.51: Test in Akiba19 pages
Ch.52: The Aspiration of Being a Miko20 pages
Ch.53: An ADW Teacher's Summer Vacation Plans20 pages
Ch.54: Street Girl20 pages
Ch.55: Another Girl19 pages
Ch.56: A Sister's Feelings20 pages
Ch.57: My Stage20 pages
Ch.58: The Twins' Secret20 pages
Ch.59: Audition20 pages
Ch.60: The Heroes of Justice20 pages
Ch.61: The Heroes' Punishment19 pages
Ch.62: Limit - Our Starting Point22 pages
Ch.63: Kagami's Lifeline20 pages
Ch.64: Audition19 pages
Ch.65: Option's Special Training Camp19 pages
Ch.66: Recapture20 pages
Ch.67: The Summer Sea and a Girl's Love20 pages
Ch.68: Just an Ordinary24 pages
Ch.69: Having Something You Want to Do20 pages
Ch.70: Bonus Stage19 pages
Ch.71: The Long-Awaited Comiket20 pages
Ch.72: The Mysteries of Hiiragy Academy18 pages
Ch.73: The Assassin from the Main Branch19 pages
Ch.74: Hiiragi Arisu's Method of Teaching19 pages
Ch.75: Kagami's Gamble20 pages
Ch.76: Mukyou Reiko Ver. 220 pages
Ch.77: Victor19 pages
Ch.78: Remake18 pages
Ch.79: The Mysterious KS Girl20 pages
Ch.80: The Strongest Character20 pages
Ch.81: Election Battle20 pages
Ch.82: The Godly Five Final Election20 pages
Ch.83: Group War... Outbreak!18 pages
Ch.84: First Match...!18 pages
Ch.85: High School Student Debut19 pages
Ch.86: The Rookie20 pages
Ch.87: Be My Child19 pages
Ch.88: Ichou's Dormitory!19 pages
Ch.89: Farm Work Again22 pages
Ch.90: A Slow Person24 pages
Ch.91: My Life's Resilience20 pages
Ch.92: The Real Fun19 pages
Ch.93: The Secret Basement Room20 pages
Ch.94: The Guy Who's too Trashy19 pages
Ch.95: A Dry Run on Seduction20 pages
Ch.96: Man of Victory20 pages
Ch.97: The Best Co-Star19 pages
Ch.98: Another Pair of Siblings19 pages
Ch.99: The Strongest Pair of Siblings21 pages
Ch.100: A Battle Among the Leader Pairs22 pages
Ch.101: Your Own Will19 pages
Ch.102: The Red Shooting Star22 pages
Ch.103: A Kingdom for the Two of Us18 pages
Ch.104: Draw20 pages
Ch.105: Scout19 pages
Ch.106: A Magical Girl's Love19 pages
Ch.107: The Desired Magical Girl17 pages
Ch.108: How to Release Special Magic18 pages
Ch.109: I'll Make You Become My Ideal Form20 pages
Ch.110: The Utopia for Both of Them17 pages
Ch.111: My Only19 pages
Ch.112: Put an End18 pages
Ch.113: Real Wish19 pages
Ch.114: Just Lines19 pages
Ch.115: The Day Brother Fell19 pages
Ch.116: Leaders' Conference Commences19 pages
Ch.117: Black Core's Leader, Tokisaka19 pages
Ch.118: Tokisaka's Determination17 pages
Ch.119: Aizawa Kaito's Pride19 pages
Ch.120: The Final Battle...Begins19 pages
Ch.121: Conscious of Sin21 pages
Ch.122: Aizawa's Method19 pages
Ch.123: Electric Dragon King19 pages
Ch.124: The Way to Play Shougi19 pages
Ch.125: Traitor18 pages
Ch.126: A Full-Force Battle19 pages
Ch.127: Official Scene19 pages
Ch.128: The Best Opponent19 pages
Ch.129: The End of the War19 pages
Ch.130: Game Clear18 pages
Vol.14 Ch.131: Messenger19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.132: The Bad Ending Route of Life18 pages
Vol.14 Ch.133: Boss Character23 pages
Vol.14 Ch.134: A Simple Game21 pages
Vol.14 Ch.135: Defense is the Greatest19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.136: Even If You Say You Hate It19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.136.5: Rank Classification The Battle of Hidden Skills9 pages
Vol.15 Ch.137: YD Students!23 pages
Vol.15 Ch.138: Something Equal to Life19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.139: Close Combat20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.140: Every Bet20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.141: The Right Answer20 pages
Vol.15 Ch.142: Why Are We Here19 pages
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