Ch.0: [Oneshot] Koishite! Kami-sama!! (Make Love! GOD!!)49 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1: FLAG.001 - Love Makes the World Go 'Round66 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: FLAG.002 - A Devil of a Sister35 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: FLAG.003 - Baby You're a Rich Girl24 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: FLAG.004 - Drive My Car19 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: FLAG.005 - I Don't Want To Spoil The Party20 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: FLAG.006 - Greater Than God,Less Than Human21 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6.5: Omakes9 pages
Vol.2 Ch.7: FLAG.007 - IDOL BOMB!!19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.8: FLAG.008 - UP TO BOY19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.9: FLAG.009 - I'm a Commoner19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: FLAG.010 - Shining Star (Single Star)20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: FLAG.011 - Elsee SO SWEET21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.12: FLAG.012 - CouplingWith20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.13: FLAG.013 - The Inside And The Outside of a Big Wall20 pages
Vol.2 Ch.14: FLAG.014 - Inside of Me21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.15: FLAG.015 - Open the Door19 pages
Vol.2 Ch.16: FLAG.016 - The Last Day21 pages
Vol.2 Ch.16.5: Omakes8 pages
Ch.17: FLAG.017 - A Drawing That Must Happen20 pages
Ch.18: FLAG.018 - Overflowing Household20 pages
Ch.19: FLAG.019 - Within A Divided Heart19 pages
Ch.20: FLAG.020 - A Victory and a Crushing Defeat19 pages
Ch.21: FLAG.021 - Settled with One Glance19 pages
Ch.22: FLAG.022 - The District Chief Comes!20 pages
Ch.23: FLAG.023 - To Threaten the District Chief19 pages
Ch.24: FLAG.024 - District Chief, Narration of Hell19 pages
Ch.25: FLAG.025 - District Chief, To Borrow Something17 pages
Ch.26: FLAG.026 - District Chief, Regain Your Pride21 pages
Ch.26.5: Omakes5 pages
Vol.4 Ch.27: FLAG.027 - Tea for 319 pages
Vol.4 Ch.28: FLAG.028 - Rainy Days and Mondays19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.29: FLAG.029 - If You Find Your Ways, it Always Rains19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.30: FLAG.030 - If the Rain Stopped19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.31: FLAG.031 - 10% Expected Rain Fall19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.32: FLAG.032 - Singing in the Rain19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.33: FLAG.033 - First☆Errand (Kami-sama's Dynamic Shopping)21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.34: FLAG.034 - Brick☆Destruction19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.35: FLAG.035 - ☆ The Dawn of Something19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.36: FLAG.036 - 24-bit Eyes19 pages
Vol.4 Ch.36.5: Omakes10 pages
Vol.5 Ch.37: FLAG.037 - Nagase Sensei of 2nd year Class B19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.38: FLAG.038 - School☆Wars19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.39: FLAG.039 - Eager Times19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.40: FLAG.040 - Scrapped Teacher21 pages
Vol.5 Ch.41: FLAG.041 - In The Heart, The Sun Will Always19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.42: FLAG.042 - A Demon that's Tiny the Little Devil19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.43: FLAG.043 - Moon Child19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.44: FLAG.044 - Half Moon of Love (The Half-Moon Is The Color Of Love)19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.45: FLAG.045 - The Moon And A Glove19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.46: FLAG.046 - Mister MoonLight19 pages
Vol.5 Ch.46.5: Omakes7 pages
Vol.6 Ch.47: FLAG.047 - The Girl's ''Her''19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.48: FLAG.048 - Kano-Kano19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.49: FLAG.049 - Kano X Kano X Kare19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.50: FLAG.050 - H2O19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.51: FLAG.051 - Touch19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.52: FLAG.052 - Slow Step20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.53: FLAG.053 - Mostly Sunny19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.54: FLAG.054 - Four Girls And An Idol20 pages
Vol.6 Ch.55: FLAG.055 - Help!19 pages
Vol.6 Ch.56: FLAG.056 - Re ''Clean'' Ion18 pages
Vol.6 Ch.56.5: Omakes9 pages
Vol.7 Ch.57: FLAG.057 - Rendezvous19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.58: FLAG.058 - Metamorphosis19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.59: FLAG.059 - The Danger19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.60: FLAG.060 - The Result Of Karma19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.61: FLAG.061 - The Two Of Us20 pages
Vol.7 Ch.62: FLAG.062 - Coincidental Meeting I19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.63: FLAG.063 - Coincidental Meeting II19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.64: FLAG.064 - Turnabout19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.65: FLAG.065 - Girls Next Door19 pages
Vol.7 Ch.66: FLAG.066 - Nights in White Satin20 pages
Vol.7 Ch.66.5: Omakes7 pages
Vol.8 Ch.67: FLAG.067 - Ride My See-Saw19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.68: FLAG.068 - Every Good Girl Deserves Favour19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.69: FLAG.069 - Chashu of Uneasiness20 pages
Vol.8 Ch.70: FLAG.070 - Selfish Meat Ball20 pages
Vol.8 Ch.71: FLAG.071 - Through Hard Work19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.72: FLAG.072 - The Ramen Called Youth19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.73: FLAG.073 - Escape From The Harem19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.74: FLAG.074 - Magic Flute21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.75: FLAG.075 - Summer Wars21 pages
Vol.8 Ch.76: FLAG.076 - The Escaping Prey of the Knight19 pages
Vol.8 Ch.76.5: Omakes11 pages
Vol.9 Ch.77: FLAG.077 - Without Getting Close To The King20 pages
Vol.9 Ch.78: FLAG.078 - A Lousy Endgame Move21 pages
Vol.9 Ch.79: FLAG.079 - With Three Knights There Must Be a Mate20 pages
Vol.9 Ch.80: FLAG.080 - An Intrusion in Pajamas19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.81: FLAG.081 - Young Girl, Young Boy19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.82: FLAG.082 - She and My Eye×Eye19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.83: FLAG.083 - If Only I Could Exchange Them19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.84: FLAG.084 - Pretty Face19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.85: FLAG.085 - ♂Twinkle²♀Trick Star19 pages
Vol.9 Ch.86: FLAG.086 - I'm That Guy and the Heroine is Inside Me23 pages
Vol.9 Ch.86.5: Omakes12 pages
Vol.10 Ch.87: FLAG.087 - Princess Doubt19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.88: FLAG.088 - Body Jack19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.89: FLAG.089 - Turn A19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.90: FLAG.090 - SISTER GENIUS19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.91: FLAG.091 - SISTER GLAMOROUS19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.92: FLAG.092 - SISTER SCHEME (SISTERS SCHEME)19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.93: FLAG.093 - SISTER GIANT19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.94: FLAG.094 - Teach Us!! Kami-nii~sama!!20 pages
Vol.10 Ch.95: FLAG.095 - SISTER SECRET (SISTER NAKED)19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.96: FLAG.096 - SISTER NAKED (SISTER GIANT)19 pages
Vol.10 Ch.96.5: Omakes10 pages
Vol.10 Ch.96.6: Special Omake - Anime Anguish Monologue5 pages
Vol.11 Ch.97: FLAG.097 - SISTER PANIC18 pages
Vol.11 Ch.98: FLAG.098 - SISTER PANIC 218 pages
Vol.11 Ch.99: FLAG.099 - SISTER SISTER19 pages
Vol.11 Ch.100: FLAG.100 - SISTER SISTER 219 pages
Vol.11 Ch.101: FLAG.101 - SISTER STANDING21 pages
Vol.11 Ch.102: FLAG.102 - Devil May Cry19 pages
Vol.11 Ch.103: FLAG.103 - Devil May Try19 pages
Vol.11 Ch.104: FLAG.104 - First of All a Triage19 pages
Vol.11 Ch.105: FLAG.105 - Triangle Love Letter19 pages
Vol.11 Ch.106: FLAG.106 - Three of A Perfect Pair19 pages
Vol.11 Ch.106.5: Omakes10 pages
Vol.12 Ch.107: FLAG.107 - RUN RUN RUN19 pages
Vol.12 Ch.108: FLAG.108 - Venus in Furs19 pages
Vol.12 Ch.109: FLAG.109 - Miss Robot21 pages
Vol.12 Ch.110: FLAG.110 - Do Androids Dream of Chicken Cutlets20 pages
Vol.12 Ch.111: FLAG.111 - Mannequin19 pages
Vol.12 Ch.112: FLAG.112 - Absolute Girlfriend19 pages
Vol.12 Ch.113: FLAG.113 - A•I19 pages
Vol.12 Ch.114: FLAG.114 - Apollo18 pages
Vol.12 Ch.115: FLAG.115 - Debris of the Sun19 pages
Vol.12 Ch.116: FLAG.116 - When the Sun Goes Down22 pages
Vol.12 Ch.116.5: Omakes9 pages
Vol.13 Ch.117: FLAG.117 - CUE19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.118: FLAG.118 - Scramble Formation19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.119: FLAG.119 - Look Back in Anger19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.120: FLAG.120 - PEACE19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.121: FLAG.121 - Cast Off19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.122: FLAG.122 - Confession 2519 pages
Vol.13 Ch.122.5: FLAG.122b - The World a Lil' Devil Only Knows11 pages
Vol.13 Ch.123: FLAG.123 - Project A19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.124: FLAG.124 - Loverary19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.125: FLAG.125 - An Autumn Tale of 6 Boys and Girls20 pages
Vol.13 Ch.126: FLAG.126 - 5 HOME19 pages
Vol.13 Ch.126.5: Omakes9 pages
Vol.14 Ch.127: FLAG.127 - Twin Booking19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.128: FLAG.128 - Collaboration19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.129: FLAG.129 - Close to the Edge19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.130: FLAG.130 - Cheap Trick19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.131: FLAG.131 - Multiple Simultaneous Developments19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.132: FLAG.132 - Doll Roll Hall18 pages
Vol.14 Ch.133: FLAG.133 - Canon Doll19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.134: FLAG.134 - Strike Witches21 pages
Vol.14 Ch.135: FLAG.135 - Mission Incomplete18 pages
Vol.14 Ch.136: FLAG.136 - War by Proxy19 pages
Vol.14 Ch.136.5: Omakes10 pages
Vol.14 Ch.136.6: Special Omake - OVA Anguish Monologue5 pages
Vol.15 Ch.137: FLAG.137 - Capture19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.137.5: FLAG.137b - The World the Lil' Devil Only Knows II11 pages
Vol.15 Ch.138: FLAG.138 - One Dificulty After Another19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.139: FLAG.139 - Case by Case by Case19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.140: FLAG.140 - Perfect Heroine19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.141: FLAG.141 - Mr. Lady Ms. Gentleman19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.142: FLAG.142 - Punch DE Date19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.143: FLAG.143 - Knight in Night19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.144: FLAG.144 - Passing Away Get-Together19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.145: FLAG.145 - The Third Way to Approach a Romantic Encounter19 pages
Vol.15 Ch.146: FLAG.146 - Text Adventure21 pages
Vol.15 Ch.146.5: Omakes10 pages
Vol.16 Ch.147: FLAG.147 - Elopement21 pages
Vol.16 Ch.148: FLAG.148 - The Long Confinement19 pages
Vol.16 Ch.149: FLAG.149 - About Me22 pages
Vol.16 Ch.150: FLAG.150 - Welcome to Hell19 pages
Vol.16 Ch.151: FLAG.151 - Arrested Development20 pages
Vol.16 Ch.152: FLAG.152 - Brand New Guests19 pages
Vol.16 Ch.153: FLAG.153 - I, Me, ''My''ne21 pages
Vol.16 Ch.154: FLAG.154 - PLAY THE GAME20 pages
Vol.16 Ch.155: FLAG.155 - Silhouette Romance21 pages
Vol.16 Ch.156: FLAG.156 - I Heard You19 pages
Vol.16 Ch.156.5: Omakes12 pages
Vol.17 Ch.157: FLAG.157 - Flag ∞ Propagation19 pages
Vol.17 Ch.158: FLAG.158 - Goddess Mix18 pages
Vol.17 Ch.159: FLAG.159 - Aqua Lung25 pages
Vol.17 Ch.160: FLAG.160 - Drop Out22 pages
Vol.17 Ch.161: FLAG.161 - Break-out20 pages
Vol.17 Ch.162: FLAG.162 - The Eve21 pages
Vol.17 Ch.163: FLAG.163 - Scramble Crossing21 pages
Vol.17 Ch.164: FLAG.164 - It's Alright19 pages
Vol.17 Ch.165: FLAG.165 - Rooftop19 pages
Vol.17 Ch.166: FLAG.166 - Absent Lovers19 pages
Vol.17 Ch.167: FLAG.167 - WHAM19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.168: FLAG.168 - Bath Stop19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.169: FLAG.169 - Abyss19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.170: FLAG.170 - Holes18 pages
Vol.18 Ch.171: FLAG.171 - For a Few Lovers More19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.172: FLAG.172 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.173: FLAG.173 - Punish Vanish19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.174: FLAG.174 - Labyrinth19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.175: FLAG.175 - RIOT18 pages
Vol.18 Ch.176: FLAG.176 - Wicked Genius19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.177: FLAG.177 - Evil Flowers19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.178: FLAG.178 - Unique Spot19 pages
Vol.18 Ch.178.2: FLAG.178-2 - Once Upon a Time in Maijima11 pages
Vol.19 Ch.179: FLAG.179 - One Night Gigolo22 pages
Vol.19 Ch.180: FLAG.180 - Dirty Works19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.181: FLAG.181 - Cheers19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.182: FLAG.182 - True Love18 pages
Vol.19 Ch.183: FLAG.183 - Embracing TONIGHT19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.184: FLAG.184 - Show Me19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.185: FLAG.185 - Shadow City19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.186: FLAG.186 - ff19 pages
Vol.19 Ch.187: FLAG.187 - Wedding Bells21 pages
Vol.19 Ch.188: FLAG.188 - It’s All Right20 pages
Vol.19 Ch.189: FLAG.189 - The Memory of My First Love20 pages
Vol.19 Ch.189.5: Volume 19 Omake5 pages
Vol.20 Ch.190: FLAG.190 - Distant Thunder10 pages
Vol.20 Ch.191: FLAG.191 - A Girl19 pages
Vol.20 Ch.192: FLAG.192 - Hi-Ordinary19 pages
Vol.20 Ch.193: FLAG.193 - KEY19 pages
Vol.20 Ch.194: FLAG.194 - Worry Bomb18 pages
Vol.20 Ch.195: FLAG.195 - Beyond the FLAG18 pages
Vol.20 Ch.196: FLAG.196 - Child in Time19 pages
Vol.20 Ch.197: FLAG.197 - Steering Wheel19 pages
Vol.20 Ch.198: FLAG.198 - Fallen Devil19 pages
Vol.20 Ch.199: FLAG.199 - STOP IT19 pages
Vol.20 Ch.200: FLAG.200 - New Order21 pages
Vol.20 Ch.200.5: Volume 20 Omake15 pages
Vol.21 Ch.201: FLAG 201 - A New Career in a New Flag19 pages
Vol.21 Ch.202: FLAG 202 - Summer Sister19 pages
Vol.21 Ch.203: FLAG 203 - There is a will…19 pages
Vol.21 Ch.204: FLAG 204 - A Caged Little Bird18 pages
Vol.21 Ch.205: FLAG 205 - Trick and Treat22 pages
Vol.21 Ch.206: FLAG 206 - Adult’s Prescription19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.207: FLAG 207 - Sorry to Disturb You Every Time19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.208: FLAG 208 - A Game That Doesn't Want to be Prohibited19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.209: FLAG 209 - The Shiratori Household19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.210: FLAG 210 - The Present Time Kanon - Part 111 pages
Vol.22 Ch.211: FLAG 211 - The Present Time Kanon - Part 211 pages
Vol.21 Ch.211.5: Volume 21 Omake2 pages
Vol.22 Ch.212: FLAG 212 - FLASHPOINT20 pages
Vol.22 Ch.213: FLAG 213 - Alarm a la mode19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.214: FLAG 214 - Until Today and Since Yesterday19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.215: FLAG 215 - Turbulent Laws of Cause and Effect19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.216: FLAG 216 - E.T19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.217: FLAG 217 - Space is Big Trouble19 pages
Vol.22 Ch.218: FLAG 218 - The Ghost19 pages
Ch.219: FLAG 219 - Ooh La La19 pages
Ch.220: FLAG 220 - The Present Time 'YUI'11 pages
Ch.221: FLAG 221 - The Pleasure Land19 pages
Ch.222: FLAG 222 - Owner of A LONELY HEART23 pages
Ch.222.1: MagiKano Note 1+2 Idol on Stage & Unpleasant Present14 pages
Ch.222.2: MagiKano Note 3+4 Black Singing Rival! & Ultimate Battle13 pages
Ch.222.3: MagiKano Final Note Little Idol's Raison d'etre11 pages
Vol.22 Ch.222.5: Volume 22 Omake3 pages
Ch.223: FLAG 223 - Boy Meets Chief19 pages
Ch.224: FLAG 224 - Twice in a Lifetime19 pages
Ch.225: FLAG 225 - Cooperation19 pages
Ch.226: FLAG 226 - No Man's Land19 pages
Ch.227: FLAG 227 – The Legend of A Hero Without a Cause19 pages
Ch.228: FLAG 228 – On-Air Queen Battle19 pages
Ch.229: FLAG 229 – You Are More Beautiful Than A Rose19 pages
Ch.230: FLAG 230 – Close to You19 pages
Ch.231: FLAG 231 – Evil Angel20 pages
Ch.232: FLAG 232 – The Present Time “Shiori & Tsukiyo”11 pages
Ch.233: FLAG 233 – Raising The Curtain21 pages
Vol.23 Ch.233.5: Volume 23 Omake3 pages
Ch.234: FLAG 234 – Noise At The Top19 pages
Ch.235: FLAG 235 – Girl Talk19 pages
Ch.236: FLAG 236 – Love is a Smoke19 pages
Ch.237: FLAG 237 – Romeo’s Cloudy Skies19 pages
Ch.238: FLAG 238 – Smiles and Villains19 pages
Ch.239: FLAG 239 – Not to be19 pages
Ch.240: FLAG 240 – The Present Time Tsukiyo & Shiori11 pages
Ch.241: FLAG 241 – Love’s Labour’s Lost19 pages
Ch.242: FLAG 242 – Tempest18 pages
Ch.243: FLAG 243 – Love's not Time's Fool21 pages
Ch.244: FLAG 244 – Much Ado About “Something”19 pages
Ch.245: FLAG 245 – As You Like19 pages
Ch.246: FLAG 246 – Nicely Tangled Threads, Badly Tangled Threads19 pages
Ch.247: FLAG 247 – The Taming of The Shrew19 pages
Ch.248: FLAG 248 – The Better for My Enemy19 pages
Ch.249: FLAG 249 – A Settlement18 pages
Ch.250: FLAG 250 – A Settlement 221 pages
Ch.251: FLAG 251 – A Settlement 319 pages
Ch.252: FLAG 252 – The Present Time Ayumi19 pages
Ch.253: FLAG 253 – All Together Flag18 pages
Ch.254: FLAG 254 – To The Destiny20 pages
Ch.255: FLAG 255 – A Settlement 419 pages
Ch.256: FLAG 256 – From Beyond19 pages
Ch.257: FLAG 257 – Under Cover of the Night19 pages
Ch.258: FLAG 258 – Let’s Spend the Night Together19 pages
Ch.259: FLAG 259 – Shattered19 pages
Ch.260: FLAG 260 – Paint It Blank17 pages
Ch.260.5: MagiKano Note 5+6+711 pages
Ch.261: FLAG 261 - No Expectations19 pages
Ch.262: FLAG 262 - Heart of Stone19 pages
Ch.263: FLAG 263 – You Can’t Always Get What You Want19 pages
Ch.264: FLAG 264 – Shine a Light20 pages
Ch.265: FLAG 265 – World Fortune17 pages
Ch.266: FLAG 266 – Romantic ☆ 2Night19 pages
Ch.267: FLAG 267 – A Token of Love20 pages
Ch.268: FLAG 268 – Door to Tomorrow [End]27 pages
Vol.26 Ch.268.1: FLAG 268 - Door to Tomorrow31 pages
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