Ch.1: My Body Has Been Attached to a Goddess38 pages
Ch.2: Can I Punch You35 pages
Ch.3: The Thing About Kissing33 pages
Ch.4: Too Closely Attached31 pages
Ch.5: Please Separate36 pages
Ch.6: We'll Never Separate Again30 pages
Ch.7: Want to Take a Bath30 pages
Ch.8: For Yasuke-san35 pages
Ch.9: I Want You to Gaze Upon Me37 pages
Ch.1035 pages
Ch.11: It's Finally My Turn32 pages
Ch.12: I Can Do This Because I Like You38 pages
Ch.13: Please also hold my hand34 pages
Ch.14: Can't Be Helped to be Exposed33 pages
Ch.15: Because of Yasuke-san38 pages
Ch.16: I Want to be by Orihime's Side39 pages
Ch.17: There're So Many Soft Things!!39 pages
Ch.18: I Want to Fall in Love39 pages
Ch.19: I Also Want to Be Beside You37 pages
Ch.20: Ugh...I Can't Hold Back Anymore36 pages
Ch.21: I Will Also Work37 pages
Ch.22: Because It Won't Do If I'm Not There38 pages
Ch.23: Ask For More!39 pages
Ch.24: Do You Like Panties30 pages
Ch.25: Seeing things as they really are33 pages
Ch.26: Indulge me28 pages
Ch.27: I'll say it to you properly34 pages
Ch.28: Please, ask me for anything23 pages
Ch.28.515 pages
Ch.29: Definitely don't look26 pages
Ch.30: He's a baby26 pages
Ch.31: I want to become the heroine30 pages
Ch.32: It's a Make-Up Exam30 pages
Ch.33: In the unusual atmosphere26 pages
Ch.34: Having become quite beautiful28 pages
Ch.35: Forced to live as a girl32 pages
Ch.36: Can we go on a date29 pages
Ch.37: It must have been since that moment31 pages
Ch.38: I'm Izanagi27 pages
Ch.39: May I ask you something30 pages
Ch.40: I want to be with you32 pages
Ch.41: I am a god27 pages
Ch.41.5: It's a secret!23 pages
Ch.41.6: Side Story Yasuke’s World24 pages
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