Ch.1: Hori-san and Miyamura-kun37 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1v2: Page 141 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: Page 228 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: Page 326 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: Page 429 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Page 527 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6+Extra: Page 6 + Omake Manga Myamura33 pages
Vol.2 Ch.7: Page 731 pages
Vol.2 Ch.829 pages
Vol.2 Ch.925 pages
Vol.2 Ch.10: Page 1028 pages
Vol.2 Ch.11: Page 1131 pages
Vol.2 Ch.1220 pages
Vol.2 Ch.13.5: Extras12 pages
Vol.3 Ch.20.5: Extras8 pages
Vol.4 Ch.21: SOS32 pages
Vol.4 Ch.22: Retreat30 pages
Vol.4 Ch.23: Grey Man30 pages
Vol.4 Ch.25: Can't Say28 pages
Vol.4 Ch.26: Midsummer's Day28 pages
Vol.4 Ch.26.5: Extras6 pages
Vol.4 Ch.27: Flavor21 pages
Vol.4 Ch.28: Full (1)29 pages
Vol.5 Ch.28: A full stomach26 pages
Ch.29: Mole under the Eye24 pages
Vol.5 Ch.30: Younger sister27 pages
Ch.30: Younger Sister28 pages
Ch.32: A Day in the Life Of17 pages
Vol.5 Ch.32: Their Everyday Lives17 pages
Ch.33: Fetish11 pages
Ch.34: Five Days23 pages
Vol.5 Ch.34.5: Extras11 pages
Ch.35: Cherry Colored Cookies25 pages
Ch.36: High Hopes24 pages
Ch.37: Cold Rain32 pages
Ch.38: Demon22 pages
Ch.39v2: A Weak Strength11 pages
Ch.40: Pool20 pages
Ch.41: Nosebleed16 pages
Ch.42: Perfect Weather for a Storm17 pages
Vol.6 Ch.42.5: Extras10 pages
Ch.43v2: A Nice Guy28 pages
Ch.43: A Nice Guy28 pages
Ch.44: High Quality Ingredient26 pages
Ch.45: A Puzzle and Its Pieces13 pages
Ch.46: Gap12 pages
Ch.47: Gap Part Two23 pages
Ch.48: Going But Never Reaching20 pages
Ch.49: Murderous Desires28 pages
Ch.50: Cooking Class18 pages
Vol.7 Ch.50.5: Extras10 pages
Ch.51: Sports Festival ①25 pages
Ch.52: Sports Festival ②23 pages
Ch.53: Sports Festival ③27 pages
Ch.54: Impossible For You24 pages
Ch.55: Sins of Youth28 pages
Ch.56: We Should Break Up25 pages
Vol.8 Ch.56.5: Extras13 pages
Ch.57: Kotatsu Shenanigans31 pages
Ch.58: Playing at Being Lovers25 pages
Ch.59: The Reason Spring Comes23 pages
Ch.60: His Quirk24 pages
Ch.61: First Snow10 pages
Ch.62: Secrets11 pages
Ch.63v2: Path42 pages
Vol.9 Ch.63.5: Extras7 pages
Ch.64: (Homework for You) + ?α32 pages
Ch.65: They Just Don't Make Any Sense13 pages
Ch.66: Wax12 pages
Ch.67: Big Brother's Scarf25 pages
Ch.68: Sepia17 pages
Ch.69: Panic10 pages
Ch.70: The Day Before the World Ends29 pages
Ch.71: D24 pages
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