Vol.1 Ch.1: All the Way from a Future World19 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: Prophecy of Doraemon14 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: Transforming Biscuit8 pages
Vol.1 Ch.4: Operation - Secret Spy15 pages
Vol.1 Ch.5: Kobe Abe10 pages
Vol.1 Ch.6: Antique Competition16 pages
Vol.1 Ch.7: Peko Peko Grasshopper15 pages
Vol.1 Ch.8: Chin Up to the Ancestors17 pages
Vol.1 Ch.9: Hunting Shades12 pages
Vol.1 Ch.10: Flattering Lipstick8 pages
Vol.1 Ch.11: Full Points for Once in a Life Time10 pages
Vol.1 Ch.12: Operation - Propose13 pages
Vol.1 Ch.13: OO Will ^^ With XX10 pages
Vol.1 Ch.14: Hot Hot in the Snow10 pages
Vol.1 Ch.15: A Ghost of the Lamp's Smoke12 pages
Vol.1 Ch.16: Run Run Bamboo Horse10 pages
Vol.1 Ch.16.5: The 3 Dimensional Loop7 pages
Vol.2 Ch.17: Test Memorizing Toast10 pages
Vol.2 Ch.18: I Love Roboko!12 pages
Vol.2 Ch.19: Horror Story Lamp10 pages
Vol.2 Ch.20: Dream Bell12 pages
Vol.2 Ch.22: Truth Doll10 pages
Vol.2 Ch.23: Robe of Feather9 pages
Vol.2 Ch.24: Liar's Mirror11 pages
Vol.2 Ch.25: Time Cloth16 pages
Vol.2 Ch.26: One Hundred Percent Accurate Palm Reading Set10 pages
Vol.2 Ch.27: Wolf's Home11 pages
Vol.2 Ch.28: NS Crest11 pages
Vol.2 Ch.29: Building a Subway11 pages
Vol.2 Ch.30: Tatami Paddy Field9 pages
Vol.2 Ch.31: I Will Transfer My Cold to You9 pages
Vol.2 Ch.32: Avalanche in the Study Room13 pages
Vol.2 Ch.33: Dinosaur Hunter17 pages
Vol.2 Ch.34: How to get a Reply, Without Sending a Letter11 pages
Vol.3 Ch.35: Ayaushi!! Lion Mask16 pages
Vol.3 Ch.36: Changeable Date Calendar10 pages
Vol.3 Ch.37: Switching Moms11 pages
Vol.3 Ch.38: Sherlock Holmes' Tools16 pages
Vol.3 Ch.39: Scheduler Clock8 pages
Vol.3 Ch.40: Lying Machine6 pages
Vol.3 Ch.4110 pages
Vol.3 Ch.42: 1024 Times Bonus8 pages
Vol.3 Ch.43: Consultation Doll13 pages
Vol.3 Ch.44: Miracle Pen5 pages
Vol.3 Ch.45: Projection Camera8 pages
Vol.3 Ch.46: Friendship Arrow14 pages
Vol.3 Ch.47: Miniature City9 pages
Vol.3 Ch.48: Delusion Pill14 pages
Vol.3 Ch.49: Me, Myself and Home Tutor9 pages
Vol.3 Ch.50: The Girl from Memory!16 pages
Vol.3 Ch.51: Role Playing Stories!9 pages
Vol.3 Ch.52: Saving Perrot!11 pages
Vol.4 Ch.53: Voodoo Camera18 pages
Vol.4 Ch.54: From Lies to Reality9 pages
Vol.4 Ch.55: Toy Soldiers8 pages
Vol.4 Ch.56: The Power of Reversal8 pages
Vol.4 Ch.57: Underwater Hiking16 pages
Vol.4 Ch.58: Sound of Insects Under Moonlight7 pages
Vol.4 Ch.59: To Identify A Visitor7 pages
Vol.4 Ch.60: How To Make Money9 pages
Vol.4 Ch.61: Friendship Capsule9 pages
Vol.4 Ch.62: World Is Goning Down!10 pages
Vol.4 Ch.63: Bypass Spyglass7 pages
Vol.4 Ch.64: Melody Gas7 pages
Vol.4 Ch.65: Nobizaemon's Secret13 pages
Vol.4 Ch.66: Mysterious Person From The Future9 pages
Vol.4 Ch.67: Kettle Recorder7 pages
Vol.4 Ch.68: Pebble Hat9 pages
Vol.4 Ch.69: Lucky Gun9 pages
Vol.4 Ch.70: Memories of Grandma16 pages
Vol.5 Ch.71: Too Fast, Too Slow20 pages
Vol.5 Ch.72: Gravity Paint9 pages
Vol.5 Ch.73: The Earth Creation Kit18 pages
Vol.5 Ch.74: Nobita in the mirror9 pages
Vol.5 Ch.75: Memory Hammer16 pages
Vol.5 Ch.76: The Super Money Can10 pages
Vol.5 Ch.77: The Five Doraemons17 pages
Vol.5 Ch.78: The 4th Dimension Tricycle1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.79: The Underground Adventure1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.80: The Cape of Evasion1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.81: Let's Make Badges1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.82: Let's Swim in the Pacific Ocean!1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.83: Continuing Perfume1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.84: The Reality Pillow1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.85: Black Belt Nobita!1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.86: The Winning Lottery Ticket1 pages
Vol.5 Ch.88: Uncle and His Elephant1 pages
Vol.6 Ch.89: The Emperor of the Night1 pages
Vol.6 Ch.90: The Fashion Virus1 pages
Vol.6 Ch.91: The Dream Holiday9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.92: The Model Snow Mountain9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.93: The Replica Encyclopedia2 pages
Vol.6 Ch.94: The 6 Million Yen Painting11 pages
Vol.6 Ch.95: Koinobori5 pages
Vol.6 Ch.96: Representative Gum9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.97: Anywhere Cannon5 pages
Vol.6 Ch.98: The Girl with the Red Shoes11 pages
Vol.6 Ch.99v2: Ace Cap5 pages
Vol.6 Ch.100: The Coward Adventurer9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.101: The Adventure by Submarine9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.102: The Loch Ness Monster17 pages
Vol.6 Ch.103: Typhoon Fuuku9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.104: Jekyll and Hyde9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.105: Nobita's Bride9 pages
Vol.6 Ch.106: Adieu, Doraemon1 pages
Vol.6 Ch.107: Return of Doraemon1 pages
Vol.6 Ch.108: Tiny Robot1 pages
Vol.6 Ch.109: Let's fight against Gian's1 pages
Vol.7 Ch.110: Flying Fishes1 pages
Vol.7 Ch.111: I Loved a Cat2 pages
Vol.7 Ch.112: Unravel the World8 pages
Vol.7 Ch.113: Stealing Mother's Diamond11 pages
Vol.7 Ch.114: Catastrophe7 pages
Vol.7 Ch.115: Mouse and Bomb7 pages
Vol.7 Ch.116: Gift Log from the Future11 pages
Vol.7 Ch.117: Return to the Stone Age16 pages
Vol.7 Ch.118: The Magnify Bad Habits Gas9 pages
Vol.7 Ch.119: The Fusion Machine8 pages
Vol.7 Ch.120: Super Power Cap20 pages
Vol.7 Ch.121: Robot Tester8 pages
Vol.7 Ch.122: Leopard Cat Machine12 pages
Vol.7 Ch.123: Seven Limbs, Three Eyes17 pages
Vol.7 Ch.124: Doraemon9 pages
Vol.7 Ch.125: The Mysterious Case of the Village in the Mountains20 pages
Vol.8 Ch.126: Reflection-delay dustcloth12 pages
Vol.8 Ch.127: Lighter Play11 pages
Vol.8 Ch.128: Mad Watch11 pages
Vol.8 Ch.129: Graph don't lie6 pages
Vol.8 Ch.130: Becoming a Singer Sucking Candy11 pages
Vol.8 Ch.131: Human Manufacturing Machine12 pages
Vol.8 Ch.132: Bad luck diamond13 pages
Vol.8 Ch.133: Live with a laugh6 pages
Vol.8 Ch.134: Invisibility Eye Drops13 pages
Vol.8 Ch.135: Likable10 pages
Vol.8 Ch.136: The Mallet of Good Luck6 pages
Vol.8 Ch.137: Hard Working Money Bees7 pages
Vol.8 Ch.138: Human Engine8 pages
Vol.8 Ch.139: Evolution-Devolution Radiation Source10 pages
Vol.8 Ch.140: Little Match Doraemon6 pages
Vol.8 Ch.141: Pretty People Camera5 pages
Vol.8 Ch.142: The Eye-Witness Scope12 pages
Vol.8 Ch.143: Boygirl8 pages
Vol.8 Ch.14410 pages
Vol.8 Ch.14517 pages
Ch.146: If You're Praised By The Robot9 pages
Vol.8 Ch.146: If you are praised by the robot9 pages
Vol.8 Ch.14711 pages
Vol.9 Ch.148: (v2) Ching and Impressive Talk16 pages
Vol.9 Ch.14911 pages
Vol.9 Ch.15010 pages
Vol.9 Ch.15112 pages
Vol.9 Ch.1527 pages
Vol.9 Ch.1536 pages
Vol.9 Ch.15411 pages
Vol.9 Ch.15511 pages
Vol.9 Ch.156: Urashima Candy17 pages
Vol.9 Ch.157: How To Make An Unpopulated Island15 pages
Vol.9 Ch.158: Move The Map8 pages
Vol.9 Ch.159: Mood Meter6 pages
Vol.9 Ch.160: The World is Full of Lies11 pages
Vol.9 Ch.161: Nobita's Nobita10 pages
Vol.9 Ch.162: Tracer Badge10 pages
Vol.9 Ch.163: A Snail House is Comfortable10 pages
Vol.9 Ch.164: The Telephone Ghost5 pages
Vol.9 Ch.165: Hi, I'm Momotaro39 pages
Vol.10 Ch.166: Later Candy12 pages
Vol.10 Ch.167: Human Cutter11 pages
Vol.10 Ch.168: Apartment Tree11 pages
Vol.10 Ch.169: Yoro Otsumami5 pages
Vol.10 Ch.170: Invisible Eye Drops9 pages
Vol.10 Ch.171: Anytime Diary9 pages
Vol.10 Ch.172: The 100 Years Later Appendix10 pages
Vol.10 Ch.173: Selling the Night5 pages
Vol.10 Ch.174: XYZ Camera6 pages
Vol.10 Ch.175: Fake Alien11 pages
Vol.10 Ch.176: Weather Box8 pages
Vol.10 Ch.177: Invisible Shower9 pages
Vol.10 Ch.178: Thousand Needles Trout10 pages
Vol.10 Ch.179: Playing With Dolls8 pages
Vol.10 Ch.180: (v2) Make a Little Brother!8 pages
Vol.10 Ch.181: Running Away Like Animals7 pages
Vol.10 Ch.182: (v2) Inside the Stomach, Inside the Water9 pages
Vol.10 Ch.183: Wishing Star10 pages
Vol.10 Ch.184: Human Radio Control9 pages
Vol.10 Ch.185: Speed Clock8 pages
Vol.10 Ch.186: Nobita's Dinosaur28 pages
Vol.11 Ch.187: The What if Phone Booth15 pages
Vol.11 Ch.188: Robot Paper8 pages
Vol.11 Ch.189: Politely Kick Out the Unwanted Guest10 pages
Vol.11 Ch.190: Walking on Clouds10 pages
Vol.11 Ch.191: Werewolf Cream10 pages
Vol.11 Ch.192: Crank Up the Speed!8 pages
Vol.11 Ch.193: The Legendary Sword Lightning Bolt16 pages
Vol.11 Ch.194: Disaster Training Machine8 pages
Vol.11 Ch.195: The Sharing Gum8 pages
Vol.11 Ch.196: The Hypnosis Glasses7 pages
Vol.11 Ch.197: The Making of a Television Channel7 pages
Vol.11 Ch.198: Plan Y10 pages
Vol.11 Ch.199: Antenna of Prediction10 pages
Vol.11 Ch.200: The Bag of Taking Things9 pages
Vol.11 Ch.201: Swapping Body Parts10 pages
Vol.11 Ch.202: Machine That Sells Things Through Time11 pages
Vol.11 Ch.203: Discovery of Great Antiques13 pages
Vol.11 Ch.204: Jaian's Close Friend9 pages
Vol.11 Ch.205: Doraemon's Secret16 pages
Vol.12 Ch.206: The Seeking Missile14 pages
Vol.12 Ch.207: Fortune Telling Through Tongue Reading12 pages
Vol.12 Ch.208: The Plaster of Truth9 pages
Vol.12 Ch.209: Reminder Bird6 pages
Vol.12 Ch.210: Premonition Bug11 pages
Vol.12 Ch.211: Aerial Warfare13 pages
Vol.12 Ch.212: The Snack That Will Make You Resemble Its Owner8 pages
Vol.12 Ch.213: The Hero of Justice The Masked Warrior!11 pages
Vol.12 Ch.214: Lightning Cloud6 pages
Vol.12 Ch.215: Weather Chart11 pages
Vol.12 Ch.216: Dried Ghost9 pages
Vol.12 Ch.217: Swimming Powder10 pages
Vol.12 Ch.218: Body Pump9 pages
Vol.12 Ch.219: Umbrella of Love8 pages
Vol.12 Ch.220: Indoor Fishing Pond10 pages
Vol.12 Ch.221: The Strongest Marksman12 pages
Vol.12 Ch.222: All-In-One Rein9 pages
Vol.12 Ch.223: Sound Solidifying Medicine10 pages
Vol.12 Ch.224: Memory Camera9 pages
Vol.12 Ch.225: Buying a Castle at Germany33 pages
Vol.13 Ch.226: Exaggerating Sweater13 pages
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