Ch.117 pages
Ch.216 pages
Ch.3: G-Maru Goes To School! Volume17 pages
Ch.4: Aruto Goes To Tamazawa-san's House! Volume17 pages
Ch.5: Aruto Works As an Assistant! Volume27 pages
Ch.6: Let's Make a Manga Club! Volume18 pages
Ch.7: Tried Going to Comiket! Volume17 pages
Ch.8: The Future Snack is Amanojako! Volume34 pages
Ch.9: Zipper to There! Volume19 pages
Ch.10: Space-time Police Appear! Volume33 pages
Ch.11: Future Girl Pentab Appears! Volume33 pages
Ch.12: Home Tutor Robo-T's Ambition! Volume18 pages
Ch.13: Aruto Speaks of Her Memories! Volume18 pages
Ch.14: Aruto Wakes Up to Supokon! Volume34 pages
Ch.15: Aruto and Everyone Go to the Future Volume34 pages
Ch.16: Good-bye, G-Maru...! Volume [End]34 pages
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