Vol.1 Ch.156 pages
Vol.1 Ch.251 pages
Vol.1 Ch.372 pages
Vol.2 Ch.447 pages
Vol.2 Ch.531 pages
Vol.2 Ch.632 pages
Vol.2 Ch.779 pages
Vol.3 Ch.836 pages
Vol.3 Ch.932 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1032 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1132 pages
Vol.3 Ch.1258 pages
Vol.4 Ch.1337 pages
Vol.4 Ch.1433 pages
Vol.4 Ch.1536 pages
Vol.4 Ch.1681 pages
Vol.5 Ch.1735 pages
Vol.5 Ch.1835 pages
Vol.5 Ch.1933 pages
Vol.5 Ch.2033 pages
Vol.5 Ch.2140 pages
Vol.6 Ch.2234 pages
Vol.6 Ch.2332 pages
Vol.6 Ch.2430 pages
Vol.6 Ch.2532 pages
Vol.6 Ch.2630 pages
Vol.6 Ch.2734 pages
Vol.7 Ch.2836 pages
Vol.7 Ch.2933 pages
Vol.7 Ch.3034 pages
Vol.7 Ch.31103 pages
Vol.8 Ch.3240 pages
Vol.8 Ch.3333 pages
Vol.8 Ch.3434 pages
Vol.8 Ch.3534 pages
Vol.8 Ch.3647 pages
Vol.9 Ch.3736 pages
Vol.9 Ch.3835 pages
Vol.9 Ch.3932 pages
Vol.9 Ch.4032 pages
Vol.10 Ch.4135 pages
Vol.10 Ch.4232 pages
Vol.10 Ch.4332 pages
Vol.10 Ch.4431 pages
Vol.10 Ch.4532 pages
Vol.10 Ch.4639 pages
Vol.11 Ch.4731 pages
Vol.11 Ch.4832 pages
Vol.11 Ch.4931 pages
Vol.11 Ch.5032 pages
Vol.11 Ch.5142 pages
Vol.12 Ch.5238 pages
Vol.12 Ch.5334 pages
Vol.12 Ch.5433 pages
Vol.12 Ch.5534 pages
Vol.12 Ch.5634 pages
Vol.13 Ch.5736 pages
Vol.13 Ch.5834 pages
Vol.13 Ch.5937 pages
Vol.13 Ch.6033 pages
Vol.13 Ch.6156 pages
Vol.14 Ch.6238 pages
Vol.14 Ch.6331 pages
Vol.14 Ch.6436 pages
Vol.14 Ch.6539 pages
Vol.14 Ch.6645 pages
Vol.15 Ch.6742 pages
Vol.15 Ch.6839 pages
Vol.15 Ch.6935 pages
Vol.15 Ch.7035 pages
Vol.15 Ch.7141 pages
Vol.16 Ch.7244 pages
Vol.16 Ch.7338 pages
Vol.16 Ch.7434 pages
Vol.16 Ch.7577 pages
Vol.17 Ch.7642 pages
Vol.17 Ch.7736 pages
Vol.17 Ch.7839 pages
Vol.17 Ch.7935 pages
Vol.17 Ch.8047 pages
Vol.18 Ch.8162 pages
Vol.18 Ch.8247 pages
Vol.18 Ch.83: Final131 pages
lemorange Mar 12, 2016 at 06:56 #210
Love this manga.
imogenyuki129 May 31, 2016 at 05:06 #264
every time I read this I wish my life was like this
LoveMusicFaith Jun 4, 2016 at 06:20 #265
Don't Read it if you don't want to cry!
SphinX Jun 7, 2016 at 22:35 #271
I loved the manga and the anime! Although I actually thought Tamaki was gay in the first episode. . .
OuranHC Oct 9, 2017 at 00:14 #380
Probably my favorite series of all time.