Ch.1: Urban Myth65 pages
Ch.2: Paradise27 pages
Ch.3: Danger Zone24 pages
Ch.4: The Forbidden Human, Alfred21 pages
Ch.5: Spectacle23 pages
Ch.6: The Will to Live21 pages
Ch.7: Payback23 pages
Ch.8: The Arrival21 pages
Ch.9: His and Her Circumstances21 pages
Ch.10: Matsuri's Story21 pages
Ch.11: Beginner's Circle21 pages
Ch.12: Her Room21 pages
Ch.13: Question [Q]21 pages
Ch.14: Summoned Once Again19 pages
Ch.15: The Gathering20 pages
Ch.16: The Ravenous Worm21 pages
Ch.17: Tatsuo29 pages
Ch.18: My Turn20 pages
Ch.19: A Shattered Mind25 pages
Ch.20: Battle Plan21 pages
Ch.21: Decoy21 pages
Ch.22: Dragon21 pages
Ch.23: Destruction20 pages
Ch.24: Recovery24 pages
Ch.25: I'll Make It Home21 pages
Ch.26: Moving On21 pages
Ch.27: Rise21 pages
Ch.28: Melchsee's Door19 pages
Ch.29: The Children of Elmore Wood21 pages
Ch.30: Captivating Child's Play21 pages
Ch.31: Training Camp22 pages
Ch.32: The Third Trip26 pages
Ch.33: Shelter24 pages
Ch.34: News22 pages
Ch.35: Seed of Destruction19 pages
Ch.36: The Will to Fight19 pages
Ch.37: W.I.S.E20 pages
Ch.38: Escape19 pages
Ch.39: Trance20 pages
Ch.40: Experiment21 pages
Ch.41: Visions19 pages
Ch.42: Program18 pages
Ch.43: Melchsee vs. Explosia18 pages
Ch.44: Star Commander20 pages
Ch.45: Summer Skies20 pages
Ch.46: Gag Order20 pages
Ch.47: Q21 pages
Ch.48: Three-man Team21 pages
Ch.49: Writing on the Wall21 pages
Ch.50: Flame20 pages
Ch.51: Pyro Queen19 pages
Ch.52: Mind's Eye20 pages
Ch.53: Pain20 pages
Ch.54: Brothers19 pages
Ch.55: Miroku19 pages
Ch.56: In the Hospital20 pages
Ch.57: Revised - 12218 pages
Ch.58: Revised - 122 (2)20 pages
Ch.59: Vanish21 pages
Ch.60: Letting Go19 pages
Ch.61: Invitation19 pages
Ch.62: Compensation20 pages
Ch.63: Hopeless18 pages
Ch.64: Light20 pages
Ch.65: Elmore Wood20 pages
Ch.66: The Warriors23 pages
Ch.67: Root20 pages
Ch.68: The Day of Rebirth (1)19 pages
Ch.69: The Day of Rebirth (2)21 pages
Ch.70: The Day of Rebirth (3)20 pages
Ch.71: SOS24 pages
Ch.72: Mukurojima20 pages
Ch.73: Fabricated Empire19 pages
Ch.74: Brain Beasts20 pages
Ch.75: The Vibrant Island19 pages
Ch.76: Home19 pages
Ch.77: Disc20 pages
Ch.78: Cage21 pages
Ch.79: Left Hand19 pages
Ch.80: Smile20 pages
Ch.81: Meeting20 pages
Ch.82: Memory20 pages
Ch.83: Apathy20 pages
Ch.84: Hiryu20 pages
Ch.85: Runaway20 pages
Ch.86: Each Sky20 pages
Ch.87: Family20 pages
Ch.88: Father and Child19 pages
Ch.89: Amamiya22 pages
Ch.90: Harukaze Academy20 pages
Ch.91: Riko20 pages
Ch.92: Demon20 pages
Ch.93: Friend #120 pages
Ch.94: The Two Test Subjects19 pages
Ch.95: The Sun20 pages
Ch.96: The King Of Life20 pages
Ch.97: The Uroboros Asteroid20 pages
Ch.98: Grigori's Survivor20 pages
Ch.99: Regret20 pages
Ch.100: To the Research Laboratory20 pages
Ch.101: Virus20 pages
Ch.102: Poison Moths20 pages
Ch.103: Pincer Maneuver23 pages
Ch.104: Switch20 pages
Ch.105: Abyss21 pages
Ch.106: Blood and Perseverance20 pages
Ch.107: Death21 pages
Ch.108: The Witching Hour21 pages
Ch.109: Doki Doki21 pages
Ch.110: Trio20 pages
Ch.111: Massive20 pages
Ch.112: Survival20 pages
Ch.113: Inflitration42 pages
Ch.114: Killing Machine20 pages
Ch.115: Diver22 pages
Ch.116: Scourge20 pages
Ch.117: The Burning Up20 pages
Ch.118: The Roar19 pages
Ch.119: Retribution18 pages
Ch.120: Descending19 pages
Ch.121: The God Sword20 pages
Ch.122: Nova20 pages
Ch.123: Sun20 pages
Ch.124: The Sky Tree21 pages
Ch.125: The Night Before the Decisive War20 pages
Ch.126: Hand Held21 pages
Ch.127: Life's Meaning21 pages
Ch.128: The Siren21 pages
Ch.129: The Last Sun21 pages
Ch.130: Fusion21 pages
Ch.131: Time to Switch21 pages
Ch.132: Other Half20 pages
Ch.133: Sorry I Kept You Waiting22 pages
Ch.134: Requiem21 pages
Ch.135: Sheep Wolves20 pages
Ch.136: Siblings20 pages
Ch.137: Sun and Moon21 pages
Ch.138: Reverse17 pages
Ch.139: Collapse20 pages
Ch.140: Release19 pages
Ch.141: The Promised Tears20 pages
Ch.142: The Crown21 pages
Ch.143: The Path19 pages
Ch.144: Live19 pages
Ch.145: Last Call [End]21 pages
Ch.146.1: Omake Psyren Bangaihen5 pages
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