Ch.0: [Oneshot]62 pages
Ch.1v3: Ishida Shouya56 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1: (HQ tank) Ishida Shouya61 pages
Ch.1.59 pages
Vol.1 Ch.1.5: (HQ tank) Seven Months Ago9 pages
Ch.2: One of those things47 pages
Vol.1 Ch.2: (HQ tank) It Can't Be Helped47 pages
Ch.3: Hahahahaha35 pages
Vol.1 Ch.3: (HQ Tank) Hahahahaha35 pages
Ch.4: That Nishimiya bitch26 pages
Ch.5: A Rejected Man19 pages
Ch.6: Why20 pages
Ch.7: I'd Given Up Once, But25 pages
Ch.8: A Friend20 pages
Ch.9: The Right to See Her20 pages
Ch.10: I'm Happy for Her20 pages
Ch.11: That Expression20 pages
Ch.12v2: Big Sister20 pages
Ch.12: (v2) Big Sister20 pages
Ch.13v2: How Hard You Try20 pages
Ch.13: (v2) How Hard You Try20 pages
Ch.14v0: Nishimiya Yuzuru30 pages
Ch.14: (v0) Nishimiya Yuzuru30 pages
Ch.15v0: Something Even Happier24 pages
Ch.15: (v0) Something Even Happier24 pages
Ch.16v2: The Things I Took Away21 pages
Ch.16: (v2) The Things I Took Away21 pages
Ch.17v2: Meaningful Company20 pages
Ch.17: A Meaningful Existence20 pages
Ch.18: I don't give a damn!21 pages
Ch.20: (v3) Reason23 pages
Ch.21: (v2) Playing Friends27 pages
Ch.22: (v2) I want to know20 pages
Ch.23: (v2) Moon20 pages
Ch.24: (v2) Change22 pages
Ch.2519 pages
Ch.28: Reply20 pages
Ch.29: Grandma20 pages
Ch.30: Support22 pages
Ch.30.57 pages
Ch.31: Letter20 pages
Ch.44: Scourge18 pages
Ch.62.521 pages
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