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Keep track of what you read

Mangasaurus remembers exactly where you left off in your own library and which manga you finish. Update and organize them anyway you like it. It's your library, so we give you the room to control and change it as you see fit.

Read anywhere, even on mobile

Read on your computer, continue on your tablet and flip the last pages on your phone. It doesn't matter where you left off, you'll pick right up and continue reading, anywhere, at any time.
Mangasaurus works great on all mobile devices.

Modern, super-fast online reader

Use our advanced online reader to read your manga just like a native app. With plenty of settings you can customize your reading experience exactly how you like it. Want full-screen pages? Fit them exactly to your screen? Keyboard navigation? Or even two pages at once? No problem.

Tons of manga in an organized library

Find what you want to read in an easy to browse and search online library. Make use of suggestions and recommendations from other users to discover new manga.

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